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One of the most common questions we get is how do we safely drink from our RV’s fresh water tank. Some RVers avoid the question by using bottled water, but we’re big proponents of avoiding the cost, hassle, and waste of doing that. And besides, isn’t it an awful shame to have a vehicle with a large fresh water supply and not even use it?

Making sure the water onboard your RV is safe to drink usually involves chemicals (typically chlorine) to sanitize the fresh water holding tank. But for the past several years, we’ve been using an Acuva Eco UV-LED water purification system at our kitchen sink.

We haven’t sanitized our fresh water system in over two years, but our Eco has allowed us to safely drink directly from the tank the entire time. Now that we’ve upgraded to the latest Eco NX-Silver, we’ve got a higher flow rate, at a lower price, with the peace of mind of NSF/ANSI certification.

Complete Installation Video

Laboratory Testing

Before installing our Acuva, we would typically sanitize our fresh water tank about every 6-12 months… which took time AND used quite a bit of water. Since installing the Acuva, we’ve gotten quite lax… and realized it’s been over 2 years since we last sanitized. And nobody’s gotten sick yet!

Since some people are sensitive to even small amounts of chlorine, not adding any into the fresh water system can be an additional benefit.

The new Eco NX-Silver offers several improvements:

  1. It has a higher flow rate. Not that our original Eco was bad (about 0.9 liters/minute), but being able to fill your glass faster (now 1.2 liters/min) is a bonus.
  2. The Eco NX-Silver is flow-triggered, instead of faucet-triggered. With the old Eco, you HAD to use Acuva’s Smart Faucet… because the faucet itself contained the on/off switch that activated the UV-LEDs. With the new NX-Silver, it’s triggered by the water beginning to flow… which means you can now use the system with ANY countertop faucet.
  3. The flow trigger brings another way to save money… you can buy the NX-Silver WITHOUT the Smart Faucet. If you already have a separate water dispenser at your kitchen sink, you can use it with the Eco NX. The only feature you’ll lose out on is the blue LED indicator light built into the Smart Faucet… which is a cool visual, but not required.
  4. Another advantage of the unit being activated by flow is that it can supply purified water to multiple locations. If your floorplan allows it, you can plumb a single Eco NX-Silver to your kitchen faucet, refrigerator (for the ice maker and/or through-the-door water dispenser), and/or a stand-alone ice maker. Just be aware that the system won’t dispense water faster than 1.2L/min… but since those items aren’t likely to be running all at the same time, you should be OK with a single Eco NX supplying them all. Whenever one of them starts the flow of water, the Acuva will activate automatically.
  5. This new model has passed rigorous testing and meets NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ (for the supplemental bacterial treatment of disinfected public drinking water) and NSF/ANSI 372 (for the determination and verification of product compliance to minimize lead contaminants) standards.

So if, like us, you’d rather not have to deal with bottled water and want to feel safe drinking out of your RV’s fresh tank, consider installing the new Acuva Eco NX-Silver… using the discount code below, you can even save $100!

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  1. We love our new Acuva Eco NX-Silver water filter! It has been installed for about a month now and has worked flawlessly. The Acuva is so easy to use, has a small form factor, and is very esthetically pleasing. Your review and installation videos made the decision and installation straightforward. Our water has no taste regardless of where we fill our tanks and the flow rate is just perfect. In addition, it was very securely packaged and the drawstring pouch around the fixture was a nice touch. Traveling through Glacier, Yellowstone, and now the Grand Tetons we have consumed quite a bit of water hiking, kayaking, and biking and it always tastes good. Your reviews, installation videos, and discounts on products is like having our own concierge buying service. Keep up the great work, stay safe, and hope you will be able to winter in a warmer climate.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Larry! To say you just made our day would be a big understatement. It’s always great to hear that we’ve been helpful, and your comment means so much to us. Thanks very much for taking the time.

  2. We have purchased the Acuva Eco Silver for our new Northern Lite camper. We live in Northern BC and the camper sits all winter. The Acuva instructions say to follow the RV manufacturer’s directions to winterize. Is it just that simple? Or will the filters be damaged?

    1. Post

      Hi Glen… congratulations on your new camper! Hope you have many fun adventures in it!

      As far as winterizing the Acuva, we’d recommend turning off the shut-off valve (the one installed as part of the Acuva installation), removing the water filter, draining it (mostly, at least), and storing it somewhere warm so it doesn’t freeze and crack. Then, we’d drain the remaining lines as completely was we could… and unclip the Acuva so we could rotate it a couple of times to get all the water out of it, too. That should do it. If you wanted to be extra careful, you could re-connect the input line from the Acuva to the shutoff valve (the push-to-fit connections can be released so you could insert the line pretty easily) then run antifreeze through the system, or blow out the lines, (including through the Acuva to the countertop faucet) so it was fully protected. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much for the update video! We also drink water exclusively from our motorhome fresh water tank and utilize reusable water bottles instead of contributing to the large number of single use water bottles going to the landfills. The flow rate of the first Acuva model you reviewed was a little low since we use about 1-2 gallons per day. A Travel Berkey had been our method for filtering drinking water, but it has a large foot print on the counter top and more than once it took a spill when a nylon strap that holds it in place while traveling was inadvertently left off.

    We were so excited when your video came out on a new Acuva model with a higher flow rate, advanced filter availability, and $100 off to boot.

    The order was placed today and we look forward to an easy install following your initial video’s instructions.

    Thank you both for all you do for the RV community!

    1. Post

      That’s great, Larry! So glad we could share the news about the update… and hope you like your Eco NX as much as we love ours (honestly, I (John) get a bit weird about drinking water that HASN’T gone through an Acuva, LOL!).

  4. When you put out the first video about the Acuva system I went out and got the slightly larger unit that came with flow-activation as I wanted for my ice maker as well. It is the single best aftermarket item I have installed in our coach. Thank you again for doing that first video.

    If you can run a line to your fridge/icemaker you will be forever happy that you did.

    Take care, John

    1. Post

      Having an Arrow on an RV is big time! That’s the model that Nikki & Jason have in their catamaran. So glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the upgrade, John!

      By the way… we just cracked open that awesome port you so kindly gave us. Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful videos and specific information. So often your insight has helped us resolve issues and improve our coach. We just used your discount code to buy the ACUVA system. Looking forward to no more bottled water runs!
    Safe and Healthy Travels to you!

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