Our RV’s on-demand water pump has served us well for over 14 years. But now that it’s finally failed, we’ll show you how we replaced it, as well as the details on why we chose the replacement pump we did.

While you might think “More Water = Better!” we talk about the reasons why a lower flow capacity might actually be a better choice. That may sound counterintuitive, but check out the video to see why that reasoning worked perfectly for us.

Whenever we’ve included bloopers at the end of a video, we’ve gotten lots of positive comments about them. We thought this one was especially funny, and hope you do, too.

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  1. Thank you. Another well done video.
    While watching this video I learned that there is such a thing called a latching controller. My motorhome only came with one location to activate the water pump. Always wanted to add a switch by the pump and another in the bathroom. This seems the way to go. My problem now is to find the right switches. A friend of mine told me that this requires a momentary switch that activates the controller. Do you know if this is accurate and do you know what the type of switches you have and if possible the manufacturer.
    Larry Fuchs

    1. Hi Larry. Yes… the latching controller needs momentary switches that are used to toggle the state of the pump on/off. As far as we know, the switches Newmar used are from Carling Technologies. Your best bet may be to give Newmar Customer Service a call at 800-731-8300 and see what they can tell you about the water pump switch they sell (you can ask about the ones from a 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher if you want the same switches we have). We’d get you the part numbers from Newmar… but trying to access their parts store right now and it shows that it’s down for maintenance. ????

      1. Thank you. Appreciate your quick response and always so helpful. I’ll give the parts department a call and see what they might have.

      2. Just got off the phone with Newmar parts. They also are very helpful. Was able to order 3 momentary switches for the latching controller. Thanks again.

  2. WOW can just imagine all that happening but it normally is with us and our rig…LOL
    Just flushed our hot water tank again and thanks for the video. Hope all is well
    Pat and Rita

  3. Another DIY project that you’ve made easier.

    I replaced my pump (with identical one) two summers ago and the big take-a-way was that my pump had quick-disconnect fittings. All you have to do is reach up and click them off, unscrew the pump and no lines are disturbed.

    Have to admit that I found out that ONLY AFTER I spent quite some time with a wrench in a tight spot.

    Love the booper part. I do not recall having that much water come out the lines I disconnected. A bit different from you: I used the faucet in the water bay to release pressure. So perhaps all the water was held in the upstairs lines by vacuum.

    Twist to the story: I thought my pump was leaking but it turned out that my 4-way valve was the problem. I now carry a spare water pump and, last summer, ALMOST gave it to a fellow RV’er who needed a new water pump. As I was digging it out of basement storage the repair guy showed up and the neighbour decided to go with a new (bigger?) pump.

    1. Hi John. Our pump had the quick-disconnect fittings, too. But since we wanted to replace them as well as the pump, unscrewing them was just as easy (for us). Sounds like yours was definitely more of a tight fit. Glad to hear you didn’t have the “Niagara Falls” event we did! ????

  4. If I have a water pump failure, I’m using my portable air compressor to blow out all the water lines. Thanks for showing the bloopers and showing us the big picture. I also have a flow restrictor on my kitchen sink to help save water when boondocking.

  5. Floor mounted pump and Peters unexpected bath…… YESTERDAY!!!! Changed my 14 year old Surflo pump in travel trailer.!!! Does not matter if you use low point drain and open faucet. Your gonna get a half gallon of water. I had 2 solo cups which filled plus a beach towel. No room for bucket as lines are attached an inch off the floor. Beach towel was soaked and wife stepped away. Could ot reach up to dump solo cup in sink as wife loaded it with junk from under the sink. I may have used same foul word that Peter did!!! A trustworthy assistant nearby is always a plus!!

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