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If you saw our video about installing a cellular booster earlier this year, you know how much we value the ability to stay connected as we travel. Since mobile internet access is a huge topic on so many RV forums and blogs, we know we’re not the only ones who want to be able to stay online anywhere we go.

UPDATE: The contest ended Sunday, November 5, 2017… and Larry H. from Cedar Creek, Texas was the winner!

For us working-age RVers who require internet (and/or phone) access to do our jobs, connectivity isn’t a luxury. One way we’ve built a successful website design business is due to our (hard-earned) reputation for responsiveness, regardless of our location. Even if your internet use goes no further than personal e-mail, online banking and keeping up with grandkids on Facebook, the ability to get online is a key part of all our lives these days.

While we love to give away great RV gear ourselves, WeBoost products are so popular that we wanted to make you aware of a different giveaway that you might want to enter. You may recall that we appeared on The RV Entrepreneur Podcast last year, which is hosted by our friend Heath Padgett. We spent a wonderful hour with Heath that day, and got to enjoy an afternoon with him when he visited Vancouver, BC last month while we were staying in an RV park nearby.

If you missed our podcast appearance, you can listen to it here.

Heath and his wife Alyssa are some of the hardest-working working-age full-time RVers we know. They made a documentary film called Hourly America about working hourly jobs in all 50 states as they traveled the country in their RV… immediately following their wedding!

Besides their documentary and The RV Entrepreneur Podcast (which recently aired its 100th episode!), Heath & Alyssa work their butts off, creating their own success at supporting themselves in a nomadic lifestyle, while helping & inspiring others to do the same. They started the popular Make Money & RV group on Facebook, they host the annual RV Entrepreneur Summit, and they even wrote a book about it! Heath is also working to create better options for fellow RVers to make campsite reservations, with a new campground booking system he’s spearheading. We’re tired just thinking about all they do! LOL

The reason we’re mentioning all this is not only because we love Heath & Alyssa and what they’re doing for the RVing community (and we do), but because they’re giving away a WeBoost system (the latest RV model: Drive 4G-X RV) and we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to enter their giveaway! There’s only four days left to enter, so don’t wait!

Enter Heath & Alyssa’s WeBoost GiveAway!

By the way, if it looks as though there are so many entries that you don’t stand a chance (more than 86,000 as of this writing!) don’t get discouraged. As you’ll see, you can get more than 100 entries of your own by doing simple things such as visiting their Facebook page. Someone will win this great prize, and you might as well be in the running, too!

To shop for WeBoost systems, visit their website (plus you can get 10% off your entire order using Discount Code RVGEEKS at checkout!).

Also, don’t forget that we’ll be (re-) appearing live on Alan Warren’s great syndicated radio program, The RV Show USA tonight at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific. We’ll be discussing our most recent video about diagnosing and repairing a plumbing leak on our RV, and this time we’ll be on for the whole first hour of the show!

We’ll also be taking your calls live on the air during the second half of our appearance. If you’d like to call in and ask us a question about the video, or any video (or just say “Hi!”), we’ve included all the details below about how to listen and call in. If you missed our last appearance on the show, you can check it out here.

We’ll be answering your questions live on the air on The RV Show USA tonight – November 1st! That’s right… we’ll once again be joining our friend Alan Warren “The RV Guy” on his nationally syndicated radio show – the only one about RVing in the country. Our main topic of discussion will be this video and the tips and tricks we use to diagnose and repair things on our own RV.

CALL US LIVE ON THE AIR on The RV Show USA on Wednesday, 11/1/17 — (855) 296-7469. The show starts at 7 pm Central Time, and Alan will be opening up the phones for you to call in right after the 7:30 pm break (we’ll be on for the full hour). We’d love to hear your comments or questions!

Visit The RV Show USA website to find out if your local station carries the show. You can also watch the live Facebook feed, broadcast from the show’s studios in Texas (or view it later on).

If you miss the live show, you can still hear the archived version at any of the following locations:

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