Have you been thinking about getting a WeBoost cellular booster, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Well right NOW might be the time. For some time now, WeBoost has offered a 10% discount to RVgeeks viewers on the purchase of a cellular booster.


But that’s about to change. WeBoost has tightened their belts, and made the decision that they can no longer handle discounting as much as they have been. As of  July 12, 2019, they are reducing ALL discount codes to 5%. That includes the “RVGEEKS” discount code that so many of you have taken advantage of.

WeBoost still makes the best cellular boosters we’re aware of, and they’re still worth owning. And if there’s a sliver of good news in this, it’s that they’ve provided some advance notice, rather than simply reducing the discount without warning.

SO…. if you’ve been thinking about picking up one of those cellular boosters that you’ve been longing for, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, you have until this coming Thursday (July 11, 2019) to get the same 10% discount that we’ve always been able to offer.

Visit WeBoost.com for complete product details, and to select and order your cellular booster today, of course using the RVGEEKS discount code to save 10%.

To see our original WeBoost Drive 4G-X installation video, click here. Since then, the new WeBoost Drive Reach has gotten great reviews, and is the unit we’d buy for ourselves if we were in the market for a cellular booster today.

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  1. Question about the Weboost antenna install: why build the small aluminum platform, couldn’t one use an aluminum junction box or similar?

    1. Hi Caroline! This was just the option we chose to use… there are a LOT of ways to solve this problem, though. And using a junction box that you mount to the roof, and then attach the WeBoost antenna to it, is another good one!

  2. I pull a 5th wheel, and I’d like to have a booster that I can install in my truck. Would this booster have the range to also work in my camper when I’m parked, assuming the truck is close by? Or would I need a separate unit for the camper?

    1. Hi Ken. Unfortunately no booster (that we know of) will have the range to cover two separate vehicles at the same time. The issue is that the interior antennas aren’t designed to broadcast far and wide… they create a small “bubble” of boosted signal for your device(s). If they were more powerful, you’d end up having a problem with the outdoor antenna picking up the signal from the indoor antenna… a situation termed “oscillation”, which is the cellular equivalent of feedback between a microphone & speaker (when they’re placed too close together).

      Aside from actually purchasing two boosters, one for your truck and one for the fifth, you could purchase one booster kit and then replicate antennas for the other vehicle… then just move the actual booster itself between them as needed. Or, depending on your needs (data vs voice), you COULD install the booster in the fifth and leave a MiFi or other cellular-to-WiFi device in the fifth… and connect your phone to it via WiFi (which is longer range and more likely to reach from the fifth to the truck, especially if you install the equipment in the front of the fifth). Depending on your phone and cell plan, you could activate calls over WiFi, so even the phone would work. (sorry if this part’s confusing).

      Sorry there’s not a better answer… but hope this helps.

  3. We are two women who camp in an area where there is little to no cell signal and this sounds like what we need but we have a 38′ motorcoach and I am wondering if this weBoost Drive Reach 470154 would work for that or is there something else we should consider?

    1. Hi Lucille! Yes, the Drive Reach would be the most-powerful, mobile unit you can get right about now (i.e. with an omnidirectional antenna that receives signal from all directions, so can keep you connected when parked AND when driving). There is the Connect RV 65 unit that is actually more powerful… but it has a directional antenna and is designed to only be used when you’re parked. So it doesn’t provide any signal boosting when you are rolling down the road.

      Of course… it’s possible that the place you spend time in is remote enough that no amount of boosting will create a workable signal for you. But if you’re able to get ANY signal, a booster will definitely improve things.

    1. Hi Maryse! Yes, it is. Since it’s just boosting frequencies, it covers the spectrum for pretty much all 4G/LTE carriers. Rogers, Bell, and Telus are included (we’re actually in BC right now and are using our Drive 4G-X with Telus and it works great).

    1. That’s great to hear, Roger, but not actually a surprise. Our WeBoost has made it possible for us to camp in much more remote places and still stay connected. That’s essential for us, so it’s really been a game changer. So happy to hear you’re having the same improvement!

        1. Hi Dell! The reason we stick with WeBoost is partly because our experience has been so good with it. While SureCall surely has its benefits, and we hope that you have a great experience with it, the article you linked to is from 2016, which in tech terms is a very long time, as things can change so rapidly.

          1. Good point! 2 years really is a long time in Tech. I have no affiliation with SureBoost, and can’t even say whether it works or not at this point! But for $400 less in price and reviews like this 2019 https://thedroidguy.com/2019/05/weboost-vs-surecall-best-home-signal-booster-2019-1085229 I was willing to give it a shot. I’ll try to remember to let you know what my experience is, maybe they have an affiliate program also.

            My main goal was to get an antenna outside the RV! Time will tell if that is enough!

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