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Our RV is now 16 years old, and we’ve been full-timing in it for its entire life. It doesn’t look absolutely like new, but when people see it they can’t believe how old it is. We take meticulous care of it, sometimes including the professional services of great places like National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC).

As longtime RVers, we know how important the meticulous upkeep of a home-on-wheels is. That’s why we’ve created today’s post all about what you can expect from the NIRVC detailing service and how your RV will benefit from that kind of TLC, both now and over time.

NIRVC is an important piece of our tool kit and we want to explain why.

We’ve owned our current Class A diesel pusher since it was new, and it still looks great for its age. While we do the regular upkeep ourselves, sometimes our rolling home requires professional attention, especially as it gets older. It’s not a lot different from taking good care of our teeth every day… but still requiring a professional cleaning every once in a while.

For most of our RV’s life, we’ve made an annual ritual out of washing and waxing it ourselves, usually each spring. But as its paintwork and other components (and our bodies) begin to age, we’ve chosen to have it professionally detailed a couple of times. When paint ages, it can often benefit from the services of a professional to maintain its appearance.

Why NIRVC?  Fair question.

Washing and detailing are two of the many things that NIRVC does really well. NIRVC is known for going the extra mile (several actually) to exceed customers’ expectations, which is something we really appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which NIRVC is a standout operation.

What Is NIRVC?

NIRVC, or National Indoor RV Centers, are one-stop shops for motorhome owners. Brett Davis founded the company in 2009 in the suburban Dallas community of Lewisville, Texas. Brett purchased his first RV in 1985, so he knew firsthand what kinds of services RVers needed. He also knew there was room for improvement in many areas and decided to take on that challenge himself.

Owning a motorcoach involves many expenses and responsibilities, especially for those of us who live in them full time. NIRVC’s mission is to offer a wide range of premium services under the same roof in an effort to minimize inconveniences and hassles for owners. Brett knows all about this because he’s a full-time RVer himself!

NIRVC locations cater to high-end motor coaches, but they also offer a full range of services and repairs as well as climate-controlled indoor storage for when you’re not using your rig.

NIRVC sells some of the most widely-respected motorhome brands (including Newmar!) and they can keep your rig looking showroom sharp with their top-of-the-line RV detailing services.

NIRVC Professional Luxury Coach Detailing

NIRVC’s reputation for attention to detail means that no matter how big or small the task, they take each job seriously. A wash and detail from NIRVC isn’t just a quick rinse before they send you on your way. A whole team tackles the coach together, zeroing in on all coach areas with precision. They’ll soak, scrub, wipe, polish, and wax the exterior, and they can vacuum and thoroughly clean the interior, too.

NIRVC Wash & Wax!
Can you see the smile on our rig’s face? It loves being clean!

They’ll take their time to do it right while you relax in their comfortable waiting area. If you’d rather not wait, you can drop your rig off for service, or even have it done during the time you have it in storage.

Of course, there’s a cost associated with these kinds of premium services, but the payoff for NIRVC’s special treatment is a sparkling, tip-top shape RV, inside and out. That’s not only important now, but also when the time comes to consider the resale value of your rig. We expect that the money spent on NIRVC’s services will be recouped in added value when the time comes to sell an RV.

NIRVC’s Full-Time Certified Detail Staff

NIRVC takes its detailing service very seriously, and they invest in their staff to provide the best results possible.

Each member of NIRVC’s detailing staff has a specific area of expertise, and many of these full-time technicians are certified by the International Detailing Association (yes, that exists)! They attend trade shows and conventions to stay on top of the latest products and techniques.

Before they even pick up a hose or a brush, they give the rig a careful once-over. This thorough, multi-point inspection is done to determine whether any areas may need greater attention.

NIRVC Detailing Goes Above and Beyond

One visit to an NIRVC location will show you that they’re genuinely concerned with offering the best service possible. They see things that you might not notice, and they have the equipment and skills to address them.

The roof is always a significant concern, for example. It’s not unusual to see dirt, grime, sap, and other organic matter build up on an RV roof. It’s also a large surface area that can be challenging for some people to reach since not everyone is comfortable climbing up there.

The NIRVC specialists have all the right equipment, so no RV area is out of their reach, including the roof. With their high-pressure water hoses and the use of professional ladders and scaffolding, they’ll leave no area unattended.

They also use top-of-the-line safety equipment, which most of us are unlikely to have at home. Special ladders, safe climbing procedures, and other training equipment and processes keep your technicians safe while you keep your feet firmly on the ground (or your butt planted firmly on the couch ????).

NIRVC rinses our rig with purified water.
NIRVC detailing staff pays meticulous attention to detail.

Their attention to detail includes using purified water for rinsing so that no spots are left behind.

Their cleaning arsenal includes microfiber towels, ammonia-free window cleaner, and super-soft hog’s-hair brushes. They spare no detail to keep our rigs in optimal shape.

How Much Does a Wash and Detail Cost at NIRVC?

As we mentioned, top-notch service does cost a bit more. As is usually the case, you get what you pay for. That said, we think the quality and variety of NIRVC’s services are extremely good, and a good value, especially if you’re looking for the best available.

Their Exterior Wash Package includes an inspection of the rig, cleaning the roof, exterior wash, bug removal, tires scrubbed and shined, spot-free rinse, hand dry, and cleaning of the mud flaps and entrance steps. That currently runs $3.85 per foot, which comes to about $165 for our 43′ rig.

That’s certainly more expensive than we pay when we occasionally visit truck & RV washes. But the results are night and day, with our rig coming back much more thoroughly cleaned, and totally dry and spot-free.

The Interior Clean Package includes vacuuming the carpest and upholstery, steam cleaning hardwood floors, disinfecting the bathroom(s) and kitchen, cleaning the microwave and fridge, dusting the outsides of cabinets, cleaning mirrors and windows, and wiping down the cab. That service currently runs $5.50 per foot.

Exterior Washing by NIRVC

You can also step up to The Deluxe Exterior Package, which includes the exterior cleaning services listed above, plus they also clean the slide-outs, engine & generator compartments, battery compartment, and vacuum the storage bays.

The big exterior annual detailing job we normally do ourselves is also available, including everything that comes with a deluxe exterior cleaning, above, as well as a complete paint sealant or wax job – machine applied. This entire package currently runs $18.35 per foot. It’s a huge splurge for us, but nothing beats having our rig cleaner than when we do it ourselves, without lifting a finger. It’s an occasional treat that helps keep our rig looking as new as possible, without killing our backs to make it happen.

There are many extra services available, too, which NIRVC offers a la carte. These include touch-up painting, engine degreasing, scratch removal, headlight refurbishment, carpet and upholstery shampooing, and gel coat restoration.

Interior Detailing by NIRVC

A Deluxe Interior Package includes the basics plus ceilings, vents, windows, TV screens, blinds, and window coverings, as well as carpet and upholstery spot treatment plus cab detailing and leather surface treatment.

A la carte services for the interior include wood cabinet conditioning, grout cleaning and resealing, cabinet interior cleaning, full carpet and upholstery shampooing, and more.

Where Is NIRVC Located?

NIRVC got our rig as clean as its ever been
Detailed care and pampering are consistent features of NIRVC’s outstanding service.

NIRVC locations are strategically located around the southern half of the country. Currently, there are five regional locations. In addition to the original location in the Dallas area, others are in suburban Atlanta, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Phoenix.

The company hopes to one day embrace further expansion by locating a store within five hours travel distance from anywhere in the United States!

Would You Get Your RV Detailed by NIRVC?

“Don’t just park it. Pamper it.”, is one of the mottos at NIRVC. That attitude extends beyond detailing to all NIRVC services. (When you store your coach there, for example, they keep it plugged in, so the battery is fully charged when you’re ready to retrieve it.)

Whether your rig requires storage, a serious repair, or a thorough wash and detail job, NIRVC treats every rig they service as though it’s their own. And of course they sell high-end motorhomes, so they can be your very first stop when you’re even thinking about getting into a motorhome.

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