Corian is a great material, but it isn’t impervious to staining and discoloring. Here’s a quick, easy tip for whitening a Corian or similar solid-surface kitchen or bathroom sink. Whether in your RV or in your house, this simple technique will rejuvenate even the dingiest and most discolored sink.

When our RV’s sink first began getting dingy and stained, we tried whitening it with bleach, which we’d heard was very effective. Bleach is just so smelly and toxic that we decided to stop using it.

Then our dear friend (and fellow RVer) Orene began waxing poetic about the wonders of Oxiclean. We’d originally been turned off by the in-your-face advertising for the product by pitchman Billy Mays, so we had never tried it before. Orene insisted we take a small ziploc bag of it back to the RV and now we wouldn’t be without it. Thank you Orene!

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