We love our RV’s windshield screens. On hot, sunny days, the large front and side windows on a motorhome can radiate an intense amount of heat into the RV’s interior. Windshield screens make a huge difference, keeping us a lot cooler inside, especially when we’re boondocking (when we rarely use the A/C). Any RVer spending much time in warm climates will benefit from these simple, comfort-enhancing devices.The mesh design allows us to see out, while giving us added privacy, since you can’t see in from outside during the daytime.

Obviously we love them, but today it seems like we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

So what happened? Watch the video to find out! ;-)

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  1. Cool story I love bats had to rescue my kids one got in to their living room so they called to get him out .I just told him to go back up to the Addict and he soon did !! Happy bat Happy Kids !! :)

  2. Cool story. I love bats… had to rescue my kids… one got in to their living room so they called to get him out. I just told him to go back up to the attic and he soon did !! Happy bat Happy Kids !! :)

  3. You too? I had a similar experience the other day with a bat who had been “hanging out” inside my patio umbrella. Imagine my surprise cranking the umbrella open on a sunny morning to find this little dude crashed out. Melissa freaked out and ran back in the house in fear of rabies. He left after a good stretch and a little “encouragement” from me. A little guano cleanup was required as well. I hope it wasn’t the same little guy you scared off. I’m a home wrecker.

    1. Funny you should mention…. the day after we found the little guy in our windshield screen, he apparently went to look for a replacement hang-out, since we left the screen off after that. I noticed that our patio table had suspiciously similar-looking guano underneath the umbrella. That was the scariest umbrella-opening ever, but he wasn’t there. All we found was clear evidence that he had been. Now we put the umbrella in the shed at night. Hope we don’t end up having to put the entire RV in the shed to keep him away. lol Been over a week and so far so good. Tell Melissa she has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to freaking out about bats. I only sounded brave because I was on the other side of the glass.

  4. Here in Tucson we have have to cover our hummingbird feeder with alum. foil this time of year or the bats will drain it over night!

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