We had our windshield replaced last year due to a stone chip that spread into a crack before we spotted it. If you get hit with a flying rock, the best way to salvage the glass is to act quickly.

Last month, our brand new windshield caught another stone from a passing vehicle. But this time, we were lucky that we saw it quickly, and acted immediately. This short video will show you how we prevented our new windshield from dying an early death.

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  1. The tape is a great idea. I have a Wnnne Aspect that needed a replacement ,the co. did a good job replacing the glass but they had to remove the “eye brow deflector”brackets to get the new glass in & I had to epoxy all that back in place. Now I know what to do next time!

  2. Great tips guys! You will be happy to hear we did finally find a professional that was willing to take a crack at our crack. :) So far that resin is holding up well on our silver dollar size bust!

    1. We were hoping that you’d be able to get that nasty break stabilized until you’re back in the lower 48. It would be such a shame to have no choice but to replace the windshield now, with the higher risk of rock strikes still ongoing for you. The only thing worse than a broken windshield is a broken replacement windshield. So happy to hear that someone was able to help, although “taking a crack at your crack” does sound a little invasive. If you need a body double, we’ve got the green screen at the ready! lol

  3. I’ve had chips professionally repaired twice. I was advised to NOT try and clean the area before repair. Your suggestion to cover the area with tape is a good one. In my first incident the repair appeared good, however after outside storage over the winter a long crack developed which required windshield replacement, fortunately, at zero cost to me. I guess there are no guarantees.

    Another excellent video. Thanks.

  4. We’ll definitely follow your lead on this. Covering the chip with packaging tape ASAP is a great idea. Thanks again for sharing your tips.

  5. Here’s some info that I learned from the guy who invented windshield repair. He lives here in Grand Junction, and his company is called Ultra Bond. Your original factory windshield is the best windshield you will ever have . That original windshield goes through a more expensive tempering process than any replacement. Therefore it is always best if you can repair the original. I’ve had lots of cracks and stars in my windshields, and to my knowledge Ultra Bond is the only company that will fill a crack longer than what you can cover with a dollar bill. I had one crack that was over a foot long and it’s still holding years later.

  6. Excellent advice. I had a repair done over a year ago and can hardly even see it. Temperature changes really increase the chance of cracking, so time is of the essence,

  7. Three years ago we were traveling the Alaska Highway and got a golf ball size hit. When we got to Ft. Nelson I went to a glass repair shop and asked about a fix. The tech said the usually did not try to repair anything bigger than quarter size but he was willing to try. After filling it with the compound they use he said he hoped it would get me back home. It is still there and has not cracked any further.

  8. I can’t agree with you more. I have been a certified Automotive Glass Technician for 11 years and I have always told people, get that chip fixed before it spreads.

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