RVs have lots of confined spaces. That can make it difficult for us DIY types to see what’s required to get a project done. But we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve that allow us to see into and around many tight spaces. Sometimes, it’s almost like we have actual RV X-Ray vision!

These aren’t mind-blowing tricks that take innate abilities, special training, or extensive practice to master. As with everything we do on our rig, we try to figure out smarter, easier ways to get the job done. Not being professional RV technicians sometimes requires us to think outside the box to successfully tackle a project.

After you watch the video, please let us know what we’ve missed. We’re always learning, and if you’ve got some special tip for seeing into tight spots on your RV that we haven’t covered here, we’d love it if you shared with us, and everyone else here. After all, Group Think is the best problem solver.

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  1. I love this video. Great tips on how to use the cell phone. I also have a Borescope and have found it invaluable when doing repairs and upgrades to my RV.

  2. Very professional video and your voice is so clear and easy to understand.I really do appreciate all the information you have given me. Having just got a new iphone I can now see when my usage will go way up. Please keep making these informative and delightful videos.

  3. Great video, I have most of the equipment you talk about except the selfie Stick. I like the one you have, can you tell me the brand/model. Also there are two things I see in your wet bay that I have a question about. We have a 2008 Newmar Ventana and our wet bay looks the same except. Where I have a paper towel holder you have what looks like a cover for a paper towel holder. When there’s a breeze out mine unravels. And lastly, is that a light fixture above your hose reel?


    1. Hi Don! Thanks for the nice comment and great questions. This is our selfie stick: http://amzn.to/2HywPy5 And yes, that is indeed a cover over the paper towel roll, and a soap dispenser (rotated upside down to prevent leaks) above the hose reel. Both of those items came installed directly from the factory. Probably some of the additional little items that get added as you move up the Newmar line. We’re betting if you called their parts department and said you’d like to buy the paper towel cover that you’ve seen in the water bay on an ’05 Mountain Aire, they probably can find it. Always great to hear from a fellow Newmar owner. :)

    2. Hey Don,

      While looking through Newmar’s online parts catalog today, we stumbled across the part number for the cover for our paper towel holder. It’s part #49701. It doesn’t look like that part # includes the metal bracket that holds the cover to the wet bay panel, but at least it’s a start for identifying it with Newmar if you decide to order one from them.

      Hope this helps!

      1. WOW! I didn’t expect that…Thanks so much. If you ever on the North Olympic Peninsula, WA look us up and we will come for a short visit.

        Thank again,
        Don & Gayle

  4. Thank you for another great video. I also use an extension mirror just like the one you were using but recently purchased a similar one with a rectangular mirror and two LED lights which are very bright. Very impressive addition to the toolbox !!

    1. Sounds very useful. It would only require one hand to have both the mirror and lighting. Would you mind sharing the source and SKU? Thanks.

  5. RVGeeks, Thanks for the great content. I have been researching wireless Endoscopes for this very purpose. While I current use the IPhone, using a GoPro with the WiFi streaming feature is a great idea, thank you.
    I have not purchased a wireless Endoscope yet but am considering a Depstech. It appears popular with reasonably good reviews on Amazon.
    The wireless feature ‘might’ keep me from getting tangled up in the wires. Joe

    1. Thank Joe! The USB version of the Depstech is indeed the one we link to in the post. Great reviews. If wireless will help keep you tangle-free, those are definitely well-reviewed, too. ?

  6. How did I not know you could stream a GoPro to a phone or iPad?!?! Once again, your videos have provided a nugget of info that I haven’t seen anywhere else and one that will prove to be very useful and reduce frustration, costs, etc. A second nugget is your Patreon account. I didn’t know you guys had one of those, either. Heading there now…???

    Thanks for another great video!!

    1. Thanks so much Jim & Jon! Love that we added a little tidbit to your knowledge database! Like we said in the post, Group Think rules. ? Can’t wait to see the things people do that we never even thought of. And thanks for checking us out on Patreon. You probably hadn’t heard about it because it’s brand new!

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