RVs have lots of confined spaces. That can make it difficult for us DIY types to see what’s required to get a project done. But we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve that allow us to see into and around many tight spaces. Sometimes, it’s almost like we have actual RV X-Ray vision!

These aren’t mind-blowing tricks that take innate abilities, special training, or extensive practice to master. As with everything we do on our rig, we try to figure out smarter, easier ways to get the job done. Not being professional RV technicians sometimes requires us to think outside the box to successfully tackle a project.

After you watch the video, please let us know what we’ve missed. We’re always learning, and if you’ve got some special tip for seeing into tight spots on your RV that we haven’t covered here, we’d love it if you shared with us, and everyone else here. After all, Group Think is the best problem solver.

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