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We just announced the winners in our 12 Days of RV Christmas Giveaway, live on the air! If you missed it, here’s the archived YouTube Live broadcast. Besides announcing these great prizes, we also shared a very special gift that you gave to us. Thank you so much!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered. We wish everyone could have won, but with over 300,000 entries, there had to be some non-winners. And we do mean “non-winners” as opposed to “losers” because there are still lots of opportunities to save on great RV gear this holiday season.

Several of our favorite RV suppliers are offering EXTRA holiday discounts that end 12/31/2017! Check out our Discounts Page for the details.

A special thanks to the excellent companies that provided the prizes.

And thanks so much to all of you for hanging with us here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Safe Travels,
— Peter & John

P.S. – to find out who the winners are, you can either watch the video above… or, if you don’t have time (or are having trouble with the video), you can click over to the original post about the Giveaway.

Here are the 12 prizes in our 12 Days of RV Christmas Giveaway, along with the special discounts available to our viewers.

Viair 400P-RV Air Compressor

We love our Viair compressor! And if you see the string of 5-star Amazon reviews, you’ll know we’re not the only ones. You can see more details, or purchase a Viair 400P-RV on Amazon. And get even more info at

LevelMatePRO Bluetooth RV Leveling System

Leveling an RV has never been easier, or so much fun! Our LevelMatePro makes setting up camp a breeze, even if you’re doing it alone. You can see more details, or purchase a LevelMatePro Bluetooth RV Leveling System on Amazon. Even more info at

M4 Products $250 Gift Certificate

Incandescent, halogen and even fluorescent lights use way too much power, and get too hot. LEDs are the way to go! M4 makes the finest LEDs we’ve ever seen, and transformed our boondocking experience, both by saving power and reducing heat. You can see all of M4’s LED products at their website: While you’re there, you can save 5% on your entire order by using the coupon code RVGEEKS5 at checkout.


From now until December 31, 2017 you can save double at M4 Products!
Get 10% off by using the coupon code SANTARVGEEKS!

Tough Top Awnings $250 Gift Certificate

When your original equipment awning or slide topper fabric inevitably falls apart, Tough Top Awnings makes the most durable, high-quality replacement fabric we’ve ever seen. And replacing it yourself is surprisingly easy (just watch our step-by-step tutorial videos to see how to do it). You can order your own replacement slide topper or awning fabric on their website: And use the discount code RVGEEKSROCK at checkout to save 5% on your entire order.


From now until December 31, 2017 you can save double at Tough Top Awnings!
Get 10% off by using the discount code SANTARVGEEKS!

RV Success School – Premium Package

Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove are experienced full-timers, and great teachers. They can help you avoid costly mistakes and get more enjoyment out of RVing.

Check out all of the great content and information on their website: They even offer our viewers a discount on any/all of their courses. Just use the promo code RVGEEKS when you enroll and save 10%!


From now until December 31, 2017 you can save double on RV Success School courses!
SAVE 20% by using the coupon code SANTARVGEEKS when you enroll!

MattressInsider 8″ Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress

We love our new RV mattress, and just can’t figure out why we waited so long to replace our old one! If you’re in the market for a new mattress for your RV, head over to:, where they specialize in mattresses that are as comfortable as you’d expect in a sticks & bricks house, but sized for RVs. Use the coupon code RVGEEKS to save 10% on your entire order when checking out at Plus FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the lower 48 US States is included.

Hughes Autoformer (30- or 50-amp)

(remember, the prize we’re giving away is a newer, more advanced model than our own)!

For more information about autoformers and how they can protect your RV, head over to:

Also, Hughes is one of the newest companies to offer a special discount to our viewers! Order a 30-amp (Model #RV2130-SP) or 50-amp (Model #RV220-50-SP) Hughes Autoformer factory-direct from the Hughes website and use coupon code RVGEEKS to save 10%! (Free shipping to the lower 48 US States and a free digital voltmeter are included, too! But please note that the 10% discount does not apply to other products.)

Acuva Eco Water Purifier

Our Acuva Eco protects the safety of our drinking water better than ever. For more information about Acuva and how their patented UV-LED system can ensure that your water is safe, too, head over to

And (surely this is no surprise by now!), Acuva also offers our viewers a special discount. Order any Acuva water purifier factory-direct from the Acuva website and use promo code RVGEEKS to save 10%!

WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cellular Booster

(remember, the unit we’re giving away is a newer model than our own, designed specifically for RVers).

You can see all the details about the Drive 4G-X RV booster that’s the prize in the giveaway… or any of WeBoost’s other products on their website:

And if you want to save 5% on your entire purchase, just use Discount Code RVGEEKS when checking out at

Mobile Internet Aficionados 2-Year Membership

Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy share a lot about their mobile life, both in their RV (a beautifully-restored classic GM bus) AND on their boat at They’re also the gurus of staying connected (both voice AND internet). If that’s as important to you as it is to most of us nomads, you’ll want to check out



Ruggable $250 Gift Card

We love our Ruggable rugs… and especially like that they’ve expanded their selection of colors and patterns. See everything they offer at!

And don’t worry if you don’t win this prize, or even if you just want MORE Ruggables for your RV or home. Just head over to to shop for all their sizes & styles of awesome rugs!!


Roadmaster Nighthawk Towbar

Of course, in addition to the awesome Nighthawk towbar, Roadmaster has a whole line of great products for your RV! See everything they offer at their website:

You can get a FREE Tow Bar Cover & Hitch Receiver Lock when you purchase a Nighthawk factory direct. Just call Roadmaster at (800) 669-9690 and tell them you want The RVgeeks Package.” Free shipping is included, too!


From now until December 31, 2017 you can save an extra $50 on a Nighthawk towbar!
Call Roadmaster at (800) 669-9690 and tell them you want The RVgeeks + $50 Package.”
You’ll get the Nighthawk, FREE cover, FREE receiver lock, FREE shipping AND SAVE $50!

Other Products Mentioned in The Original Giveaway Video:

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