We’re in the Desert SW, but didn’t have tickets to the sold-out Xscapers Bash in Lake Havasu. We wanted to hear several friends who are presenting, but little did we know we’d be speaking at the event ourselves!

We were hoping to find a way to attend some of the presentations, as many of our friends are scheduled to speak, including Heath & Alyssa Padgett, Kyle & Olivia of Drivin’ & Vibin’, Becky of Interstellar Orchard, and Brandon & Kerensa of Drive, Dive, Devour and RV to Freedom.

Other friends will also be there attending the event, including Tom & Caitlin of Mortons on the Move and Rick from Tough Top Awnings. And of course there are lots of other people we’ll be connecting with, most of whom don’t have websites! ?

So… we just learned that one of the scheduled speakers is unable to attend, so the organizers of the event have asked us if we could fill in. And we said “Sure!”

But we don’t often schedule public appearances or speaking engagements. When the Xscapers asked us what topic we’d be presenting, it’s not like we do this all the time and had a library of material to pull from. Since we just spent a considerable amount of time preparing to talk about the topic of RV batteries for our recent Patreon Q&A, we’re prepared to speak cogently on the topic, so that’s what we’ll be presenting, followed by a “show-and-tell” of our RV’s battery system. That’s right… we’ll be bringing our RV into the event for the afternoon, to have as a backdrop for our presentation.

The event runs from January 12-20, 2019. But it’s for Xscapers only, and as we mentioned, it’s sold out. BUT….. our speaking slot happens to be on Tuesday, 1/15/19 at 5pm. Tuesday is “Community Day” for the event, meaning it’s the only day that it’s open to the public.

So if you’re in the Lake Havasu, AZ area on 1/15, we hope you’ll come by to see us and say “Hi!” We’ll be speaking at 5 pm, so we’d love it if you’re able to attend, then check out our cool lithium battery system, and visit for a while.

The Bash is being held at the Lake Havasu Rodeo Grounds. Here’s a link to the details on the Xscapers website:

Sorry for the short notice, but we hope you can make it out to see us!

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  1. Great talk! I learned a lot about batteries. If you’re interested in seeing the inside of a pocket door, we have our dis-assembled at the moment! (We’re in the second row of general at the end up by astrogeo) Joy:559-972-7780

    1. Thanks so much! Great to hear. Sorry we got your note after we’d already pulled out, but thanks so much for the offer. We’ll look forward to hearing about your resounding success with the pocket door (which we know it will be)!

  2. I wish you well in your presentation. :-) I bet that it will be the best one at the convergence because the quality of your videos is always exceptional. That is no accident, but the natural outcome of your dedication to preparation and achieving high quality. Unfortunately, I won’t be there to see it myself. :-( Best wishes and happy new year! :-)

  3. Your series on the lithium battery replacement was outstanding! I wish I could be there but will be in Northern B.C. on the 15th. Best wishes with your presentation.

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