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Mobbed By Kangaroos in Yuraygir National Park

Mobbed By Kangaroos in Yuraygir National Park

“Mob” is the correct term for a group of kangaroos. Fitting, since we felt like we were about to become victims of a mob hit after being surrounded by them!

We’re in beautiful Yuraygir National Park along Australia’s Legendary Pacific Coast. Besides the rugged coastline and beautiful beaches, Yuraygir is known for its huge kangaroo population. And since we can never get enough ‘roos, it was a given we’d come here.

While we’ve seen kangaroos on the beach before, in Cape Hillsborough National Park, and big Eastern Greys in Woodgate Beach, the size and sheer volume of them here is amazing.

Like so many other places, the kangaroos here are not particularly fearful of humans. That’s great from a photography & videography standpoint, since getting close enough to capture great images of animals in the wild can so often be such a challenge.

Of course the downside of habituated wildlife is that it can approach a little too close sometimes. That’s probably due to thoughtless people who’ve taught them that humans = food.

Since kangaroos aren’t carnivorous, it’s not exactly the same as being approached by a bear. But big males can be extremely dangerous, especially when surrounded by females and joeys (that’s what you call the little ones).

If you want to find out the subconscious sounds that a human can make when two kangaroos (including a huge male) come right toward him, listen closely to the video. I had no idea I did that until we watched the footage back. I guess I wasn’t expecting them to keep coming after they first stopped about 5 feet away from me. Intimidation (and self-preservation) can get the better of even a dedicated wildlife shutter bug!

Special thanks to Russell Mills of the Legendary Pacific Coast for recommending Yuragir!

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John S.

Sunday 8th of May 2016

Your campsite at Yuraygir National Park looked just about perfect. Hope you got to enjoy it for a few days.

Since you posted this video I knew in the back of my mind that nothing happened, but I was getting nervous for you when the big male started making sounds.


Sunday 8th of May 2016

Maybe someone more expert than we are can comment on what those sounds mean. I figured that if it was a sign of aggression, he was gonna win that fight. ?

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