We had a blast attending, and speaking at, the 2019 Annual Xscapers Bash. On the final night of the event, we surprised Xscapers founders Travis & Mel live on camera with a special plan we made for supporting one of the greatest RVing programs ever created. Watch the video for complete details on how you can support this worthy cause.

Click the following link to join the Escapees RV Club and we’ll donate 100% of our affiliate earnings to the Escapees CARE Center. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!

Missed our presentation on RV batteries at the Xscapers Bash? Watch it here!

You can also download a PDF of the slides from the presentation.

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  1. I like the idea. How will the transfer of the money be accounted for from a business decision point of view. No doubt you two will contribute as you said and no doubt Travis and wife will funnel the funds where they belong. That being said, Im not a big fan of contributing unless there are checks and balances in place.

    1. Hi Tony. No one is asking anyone to contribute anything. As we said in the video, anyone thinking of joining Escapees can use our link to join at the same price they’d be joining for anyway. We have committed that WE will contribute all of our proceeds to this charity (Escapees CARE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) in the same way donations are made to thousands of charities every day: http://escapeescare.org/howcanyouhelpcare.php

      Our decision to contribute to ANY charity is based on our evaluation of its worthiness and credibility, and Escapees CARE has earned our support with flying colors. Our commitment to make the payments has been made both very publicly, and personally to dear friends.

      Confidence in one’s integrity has be earned, Escapees CARE has passed that test in our judgement. As for our integrity, we’ll let the manner in which we’ve always conducted ourselves both privately, and publicly to our audience, speak for itself.

  2. I have been mulling over joining for a while now. Going to use your link and join now. Even better I know some help will go to the Care Center. Great job as always guys. Stay safe and happy travels, Lou.

  3. off to go sign up. well done guys… :)

    I am a bit of an introvert, but really feel it would be a good experience to attend next year’s event.

    1. Thanks Clinton! They hold lots of smaller events (called “Convergences”) throughout the year, so many opportunities to meet. Full disclosure…. the reason we’d never attended anything like this in nearly 16 years on the road is because we are major introverts ourselves, so it was really good for us to socialize more this way). ?

  4. Hiya guys!!!! I would love to donate, I am hearing that folks were not allowed to attend this event. Do they have to sign up early? I manage a charity account at work that can donate, it would be nice to be able to attend this event. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Scott! It wasn’t that people weren’t allowed to attend… it was just that it was sold out, and is open to Xscapers (any Escapee member can simply join the Xscapers group if they’d like). That said, we were lucky to be speaking on “Community Day” of the Bash, which was free and open to public, whether Escapees members or not. The event was SO big that it sold out quickly, so we’d recommend that if you’d like to attend next year, you join Xscapers and follow their Facebook page (if you’re on FB) to stay up to date on announcements about ticket availability. Hope you can make it. We’re already planning to attend!

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