Great Discounts on Great RV Gear!

What’s better than finding awesome RV products? Saving money on them! We’re thrilled that the following companies have agreed to offer special discounts to our viewers on the gear we use ourselves and recommend to friends.

Use the coupon codes below during the checkout process on any of their websites. Let the savings begin!

Just a note… we belong to the affiliate programs for the companies listed below, so we earn a commission on the sales generated through each link/discount code. But as always… our opinions are our own, you won’t pay an extra penny for your purchases (heck, the codes are SAVING you money), and we only link to products & services that we personally use, love and can recommend to friends with complete confidence.


We’ve replaced so many of our incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs with high-quality M4 LEDs that we created a whole video series about it.

Check out our M4 LED videos here

M4 LED Products Logo

Save 5% on your entire order with coupon code “RVGEEKS5” at


Slide topper & awning fabric replacement is the ideal cost-saving DIY RV project and Tough Top Awnings fabric is way better than the OEM stuff.

Check out our Tough Top Awnings videos here

Tough Top Awnings Logo

Save 5% on your entire order with discount code “RVGEEKSROCK” at


The added safety and visibility of amber LED lights set Roadmaster’s Nighthawk apart from every other towbar on the road. We love ours, so we’re thrilled that Roadmaster is offering a special package for RVgeeks viewers.

Check out our Nighthawk video here

Roadmaster Nighthawk Towbar

FREE Tow Bar Cover & Hitch Receiver Lock when you order a Nighthawk factory direct. Call Roadmaster at (800) 669-9690 and tell them you want “The RVgeeks Package.” Free Shipping is Included!


Ditch the bottled water! Major cities sanitize their drinking water using ultraviolet light, and now you can, too. Acuva’s UV-LED system makes water safe to drink, using a fraction of the space and power… perfect for RVs.

Check out our Acuva installation video here

Acuva UV-LED Water Purification

$100 off any Acuva system using promo code


Run your A/C from a small, portable generator OR run two A/C units on a 30-amp connection. By reducing the start-up current needed to get your A/C compressor running, the EasyStart keeps you cool!

 Watch our EasyStart installation video

Micro-Air Logo

Save $25 on each EasyStart 364 with discount code “RVGEEKS” at


After 11+ years of full-time RVing, our original RV mattress was worn out and no longer comfortable to sleep on… but with our new, custom-made one from MattressInsider we’re sleeping soundly again!

 Watch our mattress replacement video Logo

Save 10% on your entire order with coupon code “RVGEEKS” at


Make sure your RV is protected from low voltage, bad RV park wiring AND power surges when connecting to shore power! We never hookup without ours!

Watch our Hughes Autoformer video

Hughes Autoformers Logo

Save 10% on your entire purchase with coupon code “RVGEEKS” at


Setting up at a new campsite, and getting stowed for travel, have never been easier since we installed our new Glendinning power cord reel. Its extra-long 50′ cord, robust design, and unique features are the best we’ve ever seen.

Watch us install and demonstrate our CRMA50!

Glendinning Products Logo

Save $70 on the purchase of a model CRMA-50 50′ Power Cord Reel from Glendinning Products  with coupon code “RVGEEKS” at

(NOTE: discount not available on other products)


We love our weBoost Drive 4G-X with OTR Spring-Mount Trucker antenna. It keeps us connected (both voice and data) in some amazingly remote locations. We wouldn’t be “geeks” without it! wink

Check out our weBoost installation video here

weBoost Logo

Save 5% on your entire order with discount code “RVGEEKS” at


Having trouble getting online? WiFi Ranger boosts weak signals to dramatically improve your connection. We’re addicted to ours!

Watch our WiFi Ranger installation video

WiFiRanger Logo

Save 5% on your entire order with coupon code “WFRGEEKS” at

Here’s how we find free & inexpensive places to camp overnight. We can save more in one night than the cost of an annual membership!

Watch our video Logo

Get 15 months of membership for the cost of 12!  Enter “RVgeeks” as the “Name of referring subscriber or blog” at

Now available as an app for iOS & Android!
iOS App Store
Google Play Store


Marc & Julie Bennett of RVLove are experienced full-timers, and great teachers. They can help you avoid costly mistakes and get more enjoyment out of RVing with their RV Success School. It’s a fantastic resource for new or wannabe RVers.

RV Success School Logo

Save 10% on any course or package with promo code “RVGEEKS” at


Tired of RV Parks and Campgrounds and want to try something different? Stay overnight at wineries, farms, and other attractions instead!

Harvest Hosts Logo

Save 15% on your first year’s membership to Harvest Hosts by clicking here.


Safe, free and legal RV parking on private property. It’s like having friends and family everywhere!

Watch our Boondockers Welcome video
Boondockers Welcome in Australia

Boondockers Welcome Logo

Save 15% on your initial membership with coupon code “RVGEEKS15” at


We replaced our worn-out basement door gas springs with high-quality units from Hatchlift. If your RV isn’t already equipped with door lifts, Hatchlift makes complete installation kits… and bed lift kits, too!

Check out our Hatchlift video here Logo

Save 10% on your entire order with coupon code “GEEKS10” at


FMCA is a great travel club that offers an incredible array of benefits and discounts to all its members.


Save $10 on your annual membership with promo code “RVGA2” at

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