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Black WaterHolding TanksRV Toilets

Don’t Waste Your Money on RV Toilet Paper!

RV toilet paper. Believe it or not, it’s a common topic of discussion among new AND seasoned RVers alike. We’d be willing to bet that almost everyone who has ever owned any type of motorhome...


How Do You Clean a Badly Stained Corian Sink?

We have a 16+-year-old motorhome that we’re pleased to report still has a pretty new appearance considering its age. We pride ourselves on taking good care of our home-on-wheels, which is especially important since we...

RV LifestyleTips & Tricks

Top 10 Pro Tips for RV Newbies

We may be The RVgeeks today, but 18 years ago we were RV newbies, and we needed all the tips we could get… and then some! But after spending close to two decades traveling, living,...


How to Level a Travel Trailer the Right Way

Leveling a travel trailer is no minor mission. While we don’t have a travel trailer ourselves, we’ve got lots of friends who do, and we know that unless you learn how to level a travel...

Holding TanksPlumbingShower

RV Plumbing 101: How is an RV Plumbed?

RV plumbing is one of the greatest features of any rig. Traveling in a motorhome, 5th wheel, travel trailer, or truck camper with running water, a shower, and a toilet means that RV owners can...

Mountain AireNew AireNew RVsNewmarSuper C RV

Who Makes Newmar Motorhomes?

Over the years, many people have asked us about our motorhome. We’ve been living and working full time on the road for nearly two decades, and the vast majority of that time has been in...

NewRV PartsUsed

The Best Places to Find RV Parts

As RVers, it’s pretty much a given that at some point we’ll all need some RV parts, and we’ve certainly purchased our share over nearly two decades on the road. As many of you know,...

WindshieldWindshield ChipWindshield Repair

How Do You Replace An RV Windshield?

Among the most inconvenient things that can happen to an RVer is the need to replace their RV windshield. The job is cumbersome at best, and certainly requires being done properly. But many an RVer...

Electric StepsRV Steps

How Do RV Electric Steps Work?

Electric RV steps. They’re a great invention (as long as they’re working properly), and we use ours pretty much daily. But how do they work, and what should we be doing to maintain them well...

How to Refill Your Motorhome Propane Tank

Most RVs carry propane to use for cooking, heating, and generating hot water. And, for some, it also provides cooling for the refrigeration process. So, keeping your motorhome propane tank sufficiently filled to carry out...

Class B PlusNew RVs

What is a Class B Plus RV?

Class B Plus RV? Hmmm… In general, when the various classes of motorhomes are discussed, Class A, B, and C RVs are covered, as well as travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. But motorhomes...

RefrigeratorResidential RefrigeratorRV Refrigerators

What’s the Best Refrigerator for an RV?

We recently published a post on RV refrigerators covering the absorption-style refrigerators (2-way and 3-way) that are traditionally found in an RV. We covered how they work, some pros and cons, and a few tips...

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