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National Parks

5 National Parks in Utah: They’re All Worth Visiting!

There’s no doubt that pretty much all of the national parks in the United States are well worth visiting. They offer breathtaking scenery, wildlife, scenic drives, hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, and more. After all, they’re designated...

WiFiWireless Internet

How to Boost Your WiFi Signal in an RV Park

We work full-time while traveling and living in our RV and have done so for almost 20 years. So, you can imagine that a reliable internet connection is imperative for us. Most travelers may not...

Dual Pane WindowFogged WindowRV Window

RV Foggy Window Repair: What You Should Know

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at RV foggy window repair of double pane RV windows. While fogging won’t affect the function of the window, foggy windows can look bad and may prevent the...

ToterhomeToy hauler

The Toterhome RV: What Is It & Is It For You?

We’ve discussed the various types of motorhomes on this blog before. We’ve posted about Class A, B, and C motorhomes and about big rigs like our 43-foot diesel pusher. We’ve written lots of posts about...

Buying an RVTowingTransport RV

How Much Does It Cost to Transport an RV?

Most of the time motorhomes are driven, and travel trailers towed, by their owners to their various destinations. But there are some circumstances that call for an RV to be transported from one place to...


Camping With Cats: Bring Your Kitty RVing!

One of the many great advantages of traveling by RV is that the whole family can come along, pets included. Being able to travel with pets is a wonderful privilege. We’ve done several posts now...

RoofRV Roof

Can I Walk On My RV Roof?

Since there are lots of items on the roof of your RV that require attention from time to time (think Dicor inspection), the question “Can I walk on my RV roof comes up quite a...


Can You Workamp and Earn a Decent Living?

With so many people considering part time or full time RVing, there are lots of travelers (and potential travelers) looking into the possibility of doing the workamp thing either with remote work or by finding...

National Parks

Less Crowded National Parks: Fact Or Fiction?

By now, most RVers have probably heard about the projected difficulties of getting into national parks this year. We’re thrilled to know that RVing and visiting the multitude of natural wonders has become more popular...

BoondockingDry CampingDumpingGray Water

Can You Dump RV Gray Water On the Ground Legally?

RVers who enjoy boondocking or dispersed camping (camping outside of a designated campground) often ask us this question: “Can you dump RV gray water on the ground legally?” It’s an interesting question, and we’ve got...

Fresh WaterWater Filters

How Long Does an RV Water Filter Last?

When you’re traveling and living in an RV, having a fresh water supply onboard is a real gift. But how long does an RV water filter last? Ensuring that you have plenty of clean potable...

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