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The shower experience in RVs can vary greatly. The pressure showers put out, as well as their water usage, are concerns for many (if not most) RVers. That’s why Oxygenics shower heads have become so popular among RVers. But what makes these shower heads so different from traditional pre-installed RV shower heads? In today’s post, …

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A shower that produces weak pressure, or that sprays water out in random directions, is no one’s idea of a good showering experience. A number of issues can cause these problems, but a common one is a clogged shower head. If you suspect that your RV shower head is clogged, then this is the post …

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We recently published a post asking the question, “Is an RV Outdoor Shower Worth Having?” For many, it’s well worth having, but an outdoor shower didn’t come standard on their RV. Others are working on a self-built rig and would like to install an outdoor shower. So, today we’re taking a look at the components …

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To say that the showerhead is one of the first places manufacturers skimp on RV builds would be an understatement. They’re typically not worth the plastic from which they’re made. As a result, you may be looking for a replacement and wondering which is the best RV shower head. If you love boondocking like we …

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Is a dripping RV shower causing a headache? We’ll show you how to replace the cartridge and skip the drip. PLUS – BONUS TIP: How to Caulk Like a Pro! While the details of repairing a leaky shower will be a little different for each make and model of plumbing fixture, we’ll show you the …

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