LED Your RV — PART 11 — Increasing Exterior Visibility

As with many of our RV projects, upgrading to LED lights has been a process. A thoughtful, deliberate, ongoing process. We started out with the lights we used most, primarily for power savings and heat reduction. We’ve been slowly but surely replacing our “old school” lights (i.e. incandescent, halogen & fluorescent) with cool, modern LEDs. In this round of upgrades, we’re targeting visibility… both how well we can see, and how well we can be seen by others.

As before, we’re using lights from M4. They not only the highest quality we’ve seen, but Steve, the man behind M4, is a creative force in identifying many different styles of lights for all sorts of RV use. No surprise really, since he’s a fellow RVer, and a super bright guy. ????

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