Does your RV have a block heater? Do you only RV where it’s mostly above freezing, so you never use it? Maybe you should sometimes.

Since a block heater is designed primarily for helping an engine start in extremely cold conditions, many people never use theirs, even if their motorhome is equipped with one. But even if it’s not below freezing,  there are times when a block heater can make starting easier, and be good for your engine’s health, too.

After long periods of inactivity in just moderately cold conditions, an engine can take longer to start, causing extra wear and tear on internal components before oil can begin fully circulating. It’s also tougher on your battery and starter motor.

If you ever take advantage of discounted monthly RV park rates, check out the short video above. Even if you’re not in extreme cold, your engine, batteries and starter motor will appreciate the extra care.

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