We attended the RVX trade show in Salt Lake City last week to host Newmar’s live broadcast, during which we revealed their very first entry into the Super C market – The Super Star!

After the broadcast, we heard from lots of you who said “More Super Star!” So without further ado, here is our considerably more detailed tour of this beautiful new rig.

If you missed our original live tour during the show, you can watch the re-broadcast on the RVIA website here:


Also, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we’ve received since the live broadcast went out:

  • What chassis is it built on? A Freightliner M106 chassis
  • What’s the size of the engine? Cummins 350HP diesel with 1,150 lb-ft of torque
  • What transmission is used on the Super Star? The Allison 3200
  • What are the tank capacities?
    • Fuel: 100 gallons
    • Fresh Water: 150 gallons
    • Gray Tank: 60 gallons
    • Black Tank: 40 gallons
    • Propane: 32 gallons
  • What will the standard and optional items be for heating water and interior heat? Propane gas furnace with ducted heat and a 10 gallon gas/electric water heater will be standard. There will be an option for the Oasis brand heating and hot water system will be available when production begins.
  • What is the overall length and wheelbase for the 37′ and 40′ models? TBD and subject to change. Protypes shown at RVX may not refect the final wheelbase.
  • Will a Tire Pressure Monitoring System be standard and/or an option? TPMS will not be an available feature on the Super Star, but may be available on the Supreme Aire.
  • How about Adaptive Cruise Control? Adaptive cruise will also not be available on the Super Star.

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  1. Does anyone know what the build time is on a custom order? Im also interested in a detailed description of all the options and prices if someone has it.

      1. Yeah, ive been on their website; Its lacking quite a bit. No option to add options, explanation of the options, and customize it. Very frustrating!!!

        1. Sorry Lisa. I know… Newmar really does want people to work through their dealers, so they do push things in that direction. If you want the name of a good one, National Indoor RV Centers have a great reputation.

  2. Well after the news yesterday of Winnebago buying Newmar I am curious of yalls thoughts. I’m sure y’all don’t remember me but I’m a long time fan and have bought 2 Newmar in the past because of yalls love for your rig. I actually yesterday started the process of buying a brand new one because I feel they are top notch. Anyhow now I am worried about pulling that trigger because, yes Winnebago is a great company, I just don’t want to not have the support down the road like Newmar offers currently. Anyhow yalls thoughts??

    1. Jonathan:

      According to early news reports, Newmar will continue to operate as an independent brand under the Winnebago umbrella, with headquarters remaining in Nappanee, IN. But even as an independent brand, Newmar will surely be subject to Winnebago’s corporate “best practices” policies and procedures for success in the RV industry. So to answer your concerns, I think it’s best to ask the question, “Would you be happy purchasing a Winnebago, based upon that company’s customer service?”

      Beyond your personal question, my surprise at the sale of Newmar is “why now?” The RV industry as a whole is in recession, with sales down 20% or more across the board this year over last. As an indicator, the industry has always been a canary on the coal mine when it comes to predicting the economy 1-2 years out, and things are not looking good, However, Newmar sales and performance have remained solid, even in the latest slowdown. I think Winnebago saw the acquisition as a great opportunity to snatch a brand with an obvious high-end, high quality reputation, and I sincerely believe they have no intention of breaking that mold.

      That said, what should we look forward to as Newmar owners?

      From a product standpoint, you should expect to see a Sprinter-based Newmar hit the road sooner rather than later. Fair enough, but personally, I would hate to see a broadening or cheapening of the Newmar line-up to reflect Winnebago’s. That was Newmar in the 1990’s, and I see no reason to go backwards by diminishing the brand.

      Back to the a customer service issue, I think Newmar has a lot to gain from Winnebago’s better practices. Don’t get me wrong, Newmar does a lot of CS things very well, but there’s always room for improvement; Newmar is no exception. The reverse is also true: Newmar has a premier dealer network that is a huge value-add for Winnebago. As such, I would expect there to be a renegotiation of Newmar’s dealer agreements to include offering some of Winnebago’s line-up in place of other off-brands (again, read Sprinter).

      So where does this leaves us? Winnebago has deep pockets, and they obviously see the value of owning a premier RV brand both now and over the longer term. My hope is Newmar will gain some much needed flexibility in their offerings along with a revitalization of their customer service model, and that Winnebago will learn what it really takes to build/sell/support a premier high-end product.

      Tom Ryan

  3. Thank you for providing what I needed to know.

    I was planning to buy a new New Aire because they have the Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Avoidance and a TPMS. Now I know I will.

    Why can’t these safety items be made standard features on ALL COACHES?

    Steve in Leander, Texas

  4. I looked forward to watching your videos regarding the premier of the Newmar Super C, and I was not disappointed. Congrats on an excellent presentation (as always). The fact that Newmar asked you to do the reveal says a lot about your expanding industry presence.

    I wanted to tell you that the new Super C is not the only innovative departure Newmar has taken from a more traditional RV product line. In 2001 Newmar introduced the original NewAire 2801 Classic, a 29 foot diesel pusher that was many years ahead of its time. Only 40-odd units were produced over a two year production cycle, and we are fortunate enough to own one!

    If you or your fans would like to learn more about our Original Newmar NewAire, you can check it out on a website dedicated to its preservation: http://www.TomAndPeg.com

    1. Hi Tom & Peg! Thanks so much for your kind words, and for sharing your New Aire! We’ve only seen one of them in person, and were totally blown away by it. If only Newmar could get back to that forward-thinking design with the NEW New Aire!

    1. Hi Kenneth! Sorry we don’t have final specs yet. The two units at the show were prototypes, and we’re still waiting for things to be finalized. Keep an eye on Newmar’s site for details.

      1. So given typical RV discounts off of MSRP of 25-30% we should able to buy this for ~$275k ?
        Still kind of pricey compared to what this will buy you in a nice Class A.

        However – I really like the Super C concept for several reasons:
        1> Engine accessibility. Cannot be much better than having the entire fronthood swing up and away from the engine, giving you fantastic accessibility to everything around the engine.
        2> Safety. I guess Newmar does not want to make a big issue on this because people might then start to question their Class A lineup – but with that engine out in front of the driver/passenger they are much better protected if in a severe front end crash. I recognize the safety aspect even though I drive a 38′ Class A myself. Some have commented that we are just “hanging out” there if we were to have a head on encounter with opposing traffic. I have to accept this risk, but try to offset it by my driving technique of total concentration on the road and my driving. I do not even play the radio as I prefer to always scan as far ahead of me as possible – looking at both traffic lanes and identifying all possible hazards as much ahead of me as possible. (as examples)
        3> Really heavy duty chassis. You have discussed this in terms of towing capacity, but it bears repeating.

        Thanks RVgeeks for your reviews – I really appreciate your clarity, honesty, and the accurate information you provide. You are part of the reason my wife & I went into full time RV living.

        1. Hi Richard. The Super Star is priced pretty much on par with a Ventana… so we’re not sure it’s necessarily “pricey” compared to a comparable Class A. You’re losing some of the length of the coach to the hood… but we were surprised by how little that actually is. Especially since Newmar’s flush floor between the cab and the house, and the size and height of the opening, make the cab feel much more like it’s part of the living space when you’re parked.

          Glad you liked the info… we’re hoping Newmar does really well with the new model!

          1. I’m very interested in the super c
            I am surprised no info about it has surfaced since the early review

            When will they make it available

          2. Hi John. We wish we knew… but Newmar hasn’t announced anything about when more details will be available. We assume that’s because they’re getting all of the specifics lined up. At this point, the only thing we can suggest is that you sign up with Newmar to be notified when details are released. You can do that here: https://www.newmarcorp.com/super-c-reveal/ (it looks like it’s all about the “Reveal”, but they’ll be sending info as it’s available, too).

  5. Good introduction to the Newmar Super C. I suppose that this will fill the market for the outdoor enthusiast that needs to pull a trailer with his Jeep, two off-road bikes, kayaks, and five bins of fishing gear.

    1. That’s right, John. For the same length, Super C’s typically have greater trailer towing capacity than a comparably sized & spec’d Class A. So if you need to tow a large trailer for your goodies, they offer extra oomph! ?

    1. Hi Ron. We didn’t have an opportunity to see the Super Star with its slides retracted at the show… but when they start appearing at dealers later this year, we’ll see if we can’t find one to check out that way. Sorry!

  6. Wow!!! Beautiful quality and powerful too :) When I started looking at RV’s to buy, my mechanic son recommended Freightliner chassis and Cummins diesel – well I ended up with a used Mercedes turbo diesel on a Sprinter chassis – but I love it nonetheless – it’s my Baby!!

  7. As an experienced Class A owner, the obvious question is why Super C versus Class A? I’m guessing there’s not much money difference, so why would I choose Super C over Class A? Why would Newmar offer a Super C? What market segment were they after that they didn’t access with the Class C?

    1. Hi Phil! We’ve never really looked much at Super C’s ourselves, before, either. From what we hear from people who choose, them, there’s a couple of reasons.

      1. Towing Capacity: for the same size/length, Super C’s can usually tow significantly more than a Class A. For instance, the 40′ Super Star we were on has a 20,000# towing capacity… while a 40′ Ventana (which is at the same price point as the Super Star) has a 15,000# trailer rating. So if you absolutely need to haul a large trailer (for a car, 4×4’s, motorcycles, etc), a Super C is a good choice.
      2. Ease of Maintenance: having the engine under a hood at the front of the motorhome makes maintenance easier than on a diesel pusher… which can make it something you’re more likely to do yourself, or can save money on maintenance since it takes less time to get to things.
      3. Driving Characteristics: having the steer axle ahead of your seating position makes some people feel the RV handles more like a car/truck, while a Class A (with the steer axle underneath/behind your seating position) feels more like a bus. One’s not necessarily better than another, but comes down to personal preference.

      As far as why Newmar would make a Super C… and what market they’re after? Well… the Super C market! ? Other manufacturers are out there making and selling them, and apparently Newmar felt there was enough demand that they wanted to provide an option to people who are already looking. We give them credit for being willing to reach outside of their typical (Class A) box and try something new. And, personally, we hope they do GREAT with it! Options are always a good thing… and if people interested in Super C’s wouldn’t have given Newmar a look before, now they will!

      1. Theres only 2 real high quality Super C makers. Dynamax, Renegade. Showhauler is more custom. Jayco since being bought by Thor has lost its quality. When we were shopping for our super c they said both Dynamax and Renegade were 6 to 8 months out on being able to get it unless we went with one off the lot .

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