How To Organize an RV Basement

If you think you can’t accumulate (and misplace) a lot of “stuff” in a space as contained as an RV, think again. We’re approaching our 10-year anniversary of full-timing, and have found that lots of things often can’t be… found that is… especially in the basement.

If you have the same problem we sometimes do, locating the wide variety of things you keep squirreled away in your RV, a selection of  plastic bins in various shapes and sizes can help a lot. They’re typically made by companies like Rubbermaid or Sterilite and are available at just about any Wal-Mart.

Bins not only help you to organize all of your stuff, but they keep liquids contained in the event of a leak. We also label each bin with the contents, making it easy to find just about anything, especially those rarely-used items that we haven’t seen in years.

Here are a few quick & easy ideas for making your RV’s storage area a little more user-friendly. And organized! ????

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