We’ve been slowly but surely converting our entire RV to cool, energy-efficient LED lighting. Today we’re featuring one of our favorite upgrades so far: our RV’s headlights.

When the topic of LEDs comes up, RVers most often talk about interior lights. Of course those are important for boondocking, since they use so much less power than incandescent, halogen or even fluorescent lights. They also put out a lot less heat, which is just as important when camping off the grid in a hot climate.

We generally prefer to drive during the day, but our work schedule sometimes dictates staying on the road after dark, especially during the winter when the sun sets so early. We’ve been pretty unhappy with the performance of our stock halogen headlights for a long time.

You may recall that we upgraded our car’s headlights to HID a couple of years ago, and we’d considered doing the same thing on the RV. Even though we were happy with the light output from them, we held off, due to the additional wiring that had to be run, and a ballast failure.

So when Steve from M4 started offering LED headlights, we were all ears. We’ve now had such a great experience with the LEDs (almost as easy to install as direct incandescent replacement bulbs, but with light output similar to HIDs) that we’re ready to share how happy we are with them. As you’ll see in the video, the installation couldn’t be much easier, and the light output is so good, we literally comment out loud about how great they are every time we drive at night.

It’s been so good in fact that we’ll be replacing our car’s HIDs with LEDs soon, so stay tuned for an update!

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