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While it may seem trivial to some, the question “Does gasoline go bad?” is actually a pretty important one. If you store your RV for long periods of time, for instance, the answer to this question may be critical. In fact, if you use gasoline for anything – a car, a generator, a lawn mower …

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It’s no secret that fuel prices are rising, and are projected to rise higher in the coming weeks. As we turn the corner from winter to spring, there’s a question looming over RVers, the RV industry, and related businesses such as campgrounds & RV parks: Will RVers be able to afford to drive their rigs …

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We’ve lived, worked, and traveled in a diesel pusher that we’ve driven all over the United States, Canada, and even into Mexico for nearly two decades. But we’ve driven a gas-powered motorhome now and again as well, so we’ve got some experience to put behind any comparisons we make relative to the pros and cons …

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