Someone just won an HID headlight conversion kit worth up to $250 in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out who it was.

Just over a week ago, we marked 12 years on the road. We were total RV newbs at first, but now we know how to manage just about every system and task on our motorhome just fine. Over the years, we’ve learned lots of little tips and tricks to make RVing easier, so we’re sharing 10 of our favorites.

Not that there’s anything Earth shattering in this video, but it is possible that even a seasoned full-timer might pick up an idea or two that hadn’t occurred to them before. Even after all this time, we still occasionally hear about, or figure out, new ways to do things. At this point, those epiphanies are usually accompanied by a “DOH!” (think Homer Simpson) and “How did we not figure that out until now?!”

We hope you find at least one new idea here to make your RVing life a little better. This is just a small taste of the type of things that non-RVers would never even think of. But we definitely don’t know it all, and there are still tons more ideas out there. So please add your comments below with your own little tricks and tips. Don’t be stingy… share them with the rest of us!

Now about that Giveaway…

A hearty “Congratulations!” goes out to Elizabeth S. (entry #1,273) who’s won an HID headlight conversion kit! She’s planning to install it into her Thor Class C motorhome and looking forward to improving her night driving visibility.

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