The clear plastic inner liner of our shower skylight has come loose on one side. To secure it back into place, we’ll need to remove the entire inner liner and plastic surround. A couple of basic tools, plus a roll of double-stick tape, are all we’ll need for this simple job.

While we have the liner and surround down, we’ll inspect the inside of the skylight for any signs of leaking, clean it and check its overall condition. After 7+ years in the sun, the outer shell of the RV skylight has become somewhat cloudy, and we want to keep an eye on it. If it should show any signs of cracking, we’ll want to replace it before we develop a leak.

Opening up the skylight also provides an interesting view between the roof and the ceiling, giving us a look at how part of the RV was manufactured. It also allows us to clean the inside of the outer skylight, and the top of the inner liner, both of which are normally inaccessible.

Like many things on the RV, vigilance is our first line of defense in preventing problems. That’s especially true where potential leaks are concerned. Finding water damage is not the way we want to learn that we have a leak, so we keep a good eye on the skylight and other possible sources of water as well.

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