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We recently published a post showing how to easily replace an RV skylight as a DIY project. But an RV skylight has an inner frame and an inner dome – a clear plastic liner that can come loose and lead to issues. Fortunately, an RV skylight inner dome replacement is another simple DIY project.

In today’s post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to replacing or repairing an RV skylight’s inner dome, along with a video allowing you to follow us as we repaired our shower skylight’s inner dome several years ago. So let’s get to it!

Why Replace An RV Skylight’s Inner Dome?

One of the most common reasons for RV skylight inner dome replacement is an inner dome piece that is damaged or has come loose. In our case, about ten years ago, the clear plastic inner liner of our shower skylight came loose on one side. In order to secure it back into place, we had to remove the entire inner liner and plastic surround.

our shower skylight
The inner dome of our shower skylight required a minor repair some years back, so we had to remove the inner frame of the skylight.

Like many things on the RV, vigilance is our first line of defense in preventing problems. That’s especially true where potential leaks are concerned. Finding water damage is not the way we want to learn that we have a leak, so we keep a good eye on the skylight and other possible sources of water as well.

Opening up the skylight also provides an interesting view between the roof and the ceiling, offering a look at how part of the RV was manufactured. It also allows for a good cleaning of the inside of the outer skylight and the top of the inner liner, both of which are normally inaccessible.

While we had our skylight’s liner and surround down, we carefully inspected the inside of the skylight for any signs of leaking, cleaned it, and checked its overall condition.

RV skylight inner dome replacement
After removing the inner frame, carefully inspect the area under the skylight for any issues.

After several years in the sun, the outer shell of the RV skylight had become somewhat cloudy, so we were keeping an eye on it. Eventually, we did choose to replace the skylight to stay ahead of what could eventually have become a leak.

How to Replace an RV Skylight Inner Dome

RV skylight inner dome replacement is not a difficult task and only requires a few basic tools. Let’s start with what you’ll need to complete the job, and then we’ll move right into the step-by-step guide. You can watch the video… or keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

The Tools You’ll Need to Repair/Replace an RV Skylight Inner Dome

10 Easy Steps to DIY RV Skylight Inner Dome Replacement (or Repair)

  1. Use your screwdriver to remove all of the screws from the inner liner frame, and remove the entire inner frame of the skylight.
  2. Use your rag or towel to clean off everything including the removed inner frame and clear liner as well as the inside of the skylight itself.  NOTE: If you’re replacing your RV’s inner skylight dome… skip to the last step (step 10) and install your new inner dome (you’re done!). If you’re repairing your inner dome, keep going, you’re not finished yet! 😉 
  3. Inspect the clear inner plastic “dome” piece. In our case, the double-sided tape was failing in one area, so it was separating from the frame. If you find areas where the old double-sided tape is becoming detached, use your razor knife to carefully remove the old tape from the frame at this time.
removing old tape during RV skylight inner dome replacement
Using a razor knife/blade, gently remove the old double-sided tape. We replaced ours with a stronger, more durable tape.
  1. Use rubbing alcohol to clean all around the frame where the old tape was.
  2. Clean all around the edges of the clear plastic inner dome piece with rubbing alcohol as well.
  3. Once all areas have dried, apply the new double-sided mounting tape to the inner frame of the skylight liner.

installing new mounting tape during rv skylight inner dome replacement

After installing the new mounting tape, peel away the plastic backing, exposing the sticky tape.

  1. Peel away the tape backing all around the inner frame.
  2. Position the clear inner dome piece onto the inner frame of the skylight evenly, and press firmly, from both inside and outside the inner frame, to set the tape.
rv skylight inner dome replacement
Position the clear inner dome piece evenly on the frame/surround.
pressing on the newly installed tape from both sides
Press firmly on both sides to secure the new tape.
  1. Clean the clear plastic dome piece with a soft cloth.
  2. Reinstall the new/repaired inner part of the skylight and gently install and tighten the screws. Begin with a couple of screws on opposite sides of the inner skylight liner, and HAND-TIGHTEN the screws gently, being careful not to crack the liner.

Note that if any piece of the inner liner of the skylight is cracked or otherwise damaged, you’ll want to contact the manufacturer of your RV (or shop online at RV skylight manufacturers) for information regarding any replacement pieces you may need.


Preventing leaks before they can cause damage to your RV is essential. Knowing how to perform easy DIY projects such as an RV skylight inner dome replacement not only allows you to tend to some important maintenance tasks, but also contributes to the long-term health of your rig.

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