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Last summer we shared the cool new device we discovered for leveling an RV. Today we’re demonstrating how the LevelMatePRO is an even bigger game changer for rigs without jack systems, and two lucky viewers will each win one in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway. That’s $280 in prizes!


If you haven’t already seen how awesome the LevelMatePRO is, we’ll link to our original video down below so you can check it out. This time we’re joined by our friends Brian & Melissa, better known as RVwithTito, where they show us how leveling an RV without built-in jacks is a trial-and-error proposition. We’ll see how the LevelMatePRO provides even more benefit for them than for those of us with hydraulic jacks.

LevelMatePRO, along with more details and reviews, is available on Amazon.

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Both of our RVs (our current Mountain Aire and our first rig, a Bounder Diesel) have been equipped with computer-controlled leveling systems, which you’d think would be the perfect way to get perfectly level. But as we showed in that first video, there are two problems.

First, the tolerances of on-board systems are generally mediocre at best. And while getting absolutely, flawlessly level isn’t the most crucial thing in the world, it can help avoid walking into the bathroom door in the middle of the night after it swings open on its own. And bathing is generally nicer without a small lake forming in one corner of the shower.

The second issue, which no jack system can overcome, is the challenge of finding the most level spot to park on. We’ve boondocked in many places that are pretty wide open, allowing us to freely select the exact spot we want to set up camp. We can’t even count the number of times we’ve driven around looking for the most level spot, only to have one of our jacks max out before getting level. It’s just too hard to guesstimate which spot is the most level by eyeing it up. Even using a bubble level only gives us a rough idea. And yes, we can use our Utility Blocks to make up for very off-level situations (that’s what they’re for, right)? But why deal with that when there’s probably a more level place to camp just 50′ away… if we could only identify it!

And of course there are the many times we can’t level at all, like in a Wal-Mart lot, where it’s not appropriate to use jacks, when all we want to do is park in the most level spot. Our on-board system is useless for that.

The LevelMatePRO has totally eliminated all of these issues, with accuracy to within 1/4″ and the ability to tell us where it’s most level while we’re just driving around looking for a spot. Now we don’t even bother trying to deploy the jacks, until we know where the ground is most level.

But Brian & Melissa have a Class C motorhome, and their experience is typical of most RVs without on-board jack systems . The leveling procedure is a real hit-or-miss proposition, usually taking a fair amount of trial and error. And once they get as level as possible, they usually end up saying “good enough” since getting pretty close to level is about the best they generally expect.

The part of the above video demonstrating the successful, perfect leveling of their motorhome using the LevelMatePRO was shot in one take, which is just what you can usually expect in the real world. The system simply tells you exactly how much to raise each wheel of the RV… place that much ramp or stacker height at the appropriate corner, and voila! Brian got their rig perfectly level on the first try, by himself, even in the slippery conditions we had shooting the video!

If you check out the string of reviews, we’re obviously not the only ones who love our LevelMatePRO. We also noticed that those people who posted a question, or reported any issue at all, received an almost immediate response from the owner of LogicBlue Technology, the manufacturer. Chuck obviously stands behind his product and is dedicated to customer service.

Thanks to Brian & Melissa for helping us show how well the LevelMatePRO works for RVs without jacks. And an extra-big thanks for putting together this fun behind-the-scenes video of our day together in the Pacific Northwest. We had a blast, and look forward to our next chance to RV together. Check out their great RVing content on their website & YouTube channel: and

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