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$1,000 Replacement RV Awning Fabric Giveaway! + Double Discount Sale At Tough Top Awnings

$1,000 Replacement RV Awning Fabric Giveaway! + Double Discount Sale At Tough Top Awnings

If you saw our recent post, 5 Signs Your RV Awning Needs Replacement, and you’ve realized that your awnings (or slide toppers) do… read on! With the New Year upon us, there’s no time like the present to start planning your summer RV adventures, and that includes any TLC your rig may be in need of. So if you’re in need of replacement RV awning fabric… or your slide toppers are worn out, keep reading!

RV Awning & Slide Topper Replacement Is Probably Easier (And Cheaper) Than You Think!

Replacing worn out RV awning and slide topper fabric is one of our favorite DIY projects. That’s because:

  1. It’s  a surprisingly manageable job, easier than most people realize.
  2. The end result of doing it yourself is better, since a shop will simply replace your old fabric with the same (inferior) OEM (original) material that failed in the first place.
  3. It saves a lot of money because labor is usually the lion’s share of most repairs, and shops usually charge more for OEM fabric than better aftermarket options.

If you replace your own RV slide topper or awning fabric, you get a better end result because you can choose replacement fabrics like Tough Top Awnings, which is far better than anything else we’ve seen.

Why Does Original Fabric Wear Out So Fast… And Cost So Much?

If you’re wondering why so much OEM stuff is such poor quality, it’s because most RV manufacturers demand the cheapest components to keep costs down. But just like the car industry, RV replacement parts are a major profit center for manufacturers, so the prices on parts are highly inflated. We’ve heard that if you were to buy every single part required to build a car from scratch, it would cost multiple times more than buying it all pre-assembled. We’re sure the same is true for RVs! ?

But as bad, and expensive, as OEM RV awning replacement fabric can be, cheaper material that some shops use to save money can be even worse. That’s why we’ve used Tough Top Awnings fabric every time an awning or slide topper on our rig has needed replacement. The very first topper we purchased was so clearly, obviously better than the original (and less expensive), it’s been a no-brainer ever since.

How Do I Figure Out How To Replace My Own RV Awning And Slide Topper Fabric?

Over the years, we’ve continued to create step-by-step tutorial installation videos for different models of RV awnings and slide toppers. Which means we likely have a video covering the awnings and slide toppers on your RV. You can check out all of our available RV awning and slide topper replacement videos here:

See Our RV Awning & Slide Topper Replacement Tutorials

How About That $1,000 RV Slide Topper And Awning Replacement Fabric Giveaway!?!?!

We’re thrilled that Tough Top Awnings has agreed to offer two $500 gift certificates in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway! They can be redeemed at or when ordering over the phone (360-953-3299). Each winner can use their $500 prize to order replacement fabric for slide toppers, window awnings, door or patio awnings, or even one of our favorite Tough Top products: Privacy Panels.

Limited Time Sale On Replacement Fabric

Don’t worry… if you don’t win the giveaway (or if you’re just the impatient type and need instant gratification, which we totally identify with by the way!), Tough Top Awnings is also offering a special 10% DISCOUNT from now through February 28, 2021, which is DOUBLE the usual discount they always offer RVgeeks viewers. Use the Discount Code WINTER2021 when ordering from the Tough Top Awnings website, or over the phone.

No coupons found.

What a great way to start off the new year! 2021 is looking brighter, already!

Of course, if you’re seeing this after the giveaway and double discount have ended, don’t despair. ? You can ALWAYS use our normal discount code “RVGEEKS” to save 5% on your order. ?

Safe travels, and best of luck in the giveaway everyone!

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Tough Top Awnings 5% Discount

The original equipment fabric that comes on RV awnings and slidetoppers is... well, how do we say this?... CRAP!. It's no surprise, since the RV manufacturers are looking to cut their costs...Show More

The original equipment fabric that comes on RV awnings and slidetoppers is... well, how do we say this?... CRAP!. It's no surprise, since the RV manufacturers are looking to cut their costs. Instead of replacing it with the same stuff that failed in the first place, get high-quality replacement fabric from Tough Top Awnings, instead.

Check out our Tough Top Awnings videos here

Plus you can save 5% on your entire order from Tough Top Awnings. The coupon code is valid online or over the phone!

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Friday 15th of January 2021

Web site kicks out our email address, we can't enter the tuff top contest !!!


Friday 15th of January 2021

Sorry to hear you're having trouble, Tim. We checked your email address (the one used for this comment) and it went through without a problem (so you are now entered into the giveaway). You can try using a different device, in case there's a problem with the browser you're using to try to enter (sometimes the local cache files can cause troubles). Or, if you're trying to enter multiple times using multiple email addresses, the system has ways of detecting that and could be blocking you (to prevent people from trying to stuff entries).


Sunday 10th of January 2021

Is anyone else having an error occur when trying to play the video "How to replace Dometic patio awing?" All other videos play except this one? Thanks!


Sunday 10th of January 2021

Hey Greg. Sorry you were having trouble with that one... it was working when we set the giveaway up. Just changed the URL to it, so it should be working again. Good luck in the giveaway!

Jonathan Henson

Saturday 9th of January 2021

Literally get this email the day AFTER I bought $780 worth of topper replacements from Tough Top Awnings yesterday with 5% discount! ??? thats my luck!


Saturday 9th of January 2021

Contact Christie & see what she can do for you?


Saturday 9th of January 2021

Ohhhhh! So sorry on the timing, Jonathan, Wish we'd known! We're so glad you at least got the 5%, or we'd have been really bummed. We know you'll love them so much, you'll forget about the timing... except to use it as a good campfire story, we hope!

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