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You’ve probably noticed by now that we like to keep our RV clean. Even though we never wear shoes around the house, we still want to avoid tracking dirt into the stairway and entrance area. Since the day we hit the road over 12 years ago, we’ve always kept our metal steps covered with step rugs.

When we first started RVing, we had no idea what the best products were. So we tried those cheap “grassy” step covers that are so ubiquitous in all the camping stores. They were pretty flimsy, only lasted about a year and didn’t clean your shoes off any better than wiping your feet on a lawn. We went through at least a couple of sets of them before deciding that they were basically useless.

The first time we saw Prest-o-Fit Ruggids step rugs, it was obvious they were exactly what we wanted. You can actually wipe your feet on them like a regular door mat, and they last us through about 5 years of full-time use. As with many quality products, they cost more than the cheap ones. But they do a great job and last 5 times longer, so as far as we’re concerned, it’s money well spent.

There’s no better sign of satisfaction with a product than replacing it with the exact same brand when it finally wears out. We happily bought a brand new pair of Ruggids to replace our previous set.

Now about that Giveaway…

Out of a total of 965 entries, a hearty “Congratulations!” goes out to Bruce B. (entry #416). Bruce has won a $300 Gift Certificate to We just chatted with Bruce on the phone, and he told us he plans to use his prize for replacement fabric for the A&E slide toppers on his 2005 Damon Challenger. Since he’s never done it before, we suggested watching our video on the topic. We know Bruce will love his new Tough Top Awnings fabric as much as we love ours.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and to Tyler & Ray at Tough Top Awnings for providing such a great prize. Even if you didn’t win, you can still purchase your own Tough Top replacement fabric (for slide toppers or pull-down patio awnings) by using the link and the 5% discount code below.

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  1. I am using Prest-O-Fit 2-0420 Ruggids RV Step Rug. But my top step is only 22″ wide. Can the material be cut on the sides to fit?

    1. That’s a good question, Gary. We haven’t had to tamper with ours, so we can’t say for sure. They LOOK like you could trim them to fit… although doing that could make it so the cut edge is susceptible to fraying/unraveling. Once cut, you might be able to seal the edge with some carefully applied heat/flame, but we’d recommend being SUPER cautious… just in case they’re flammable. ???????? (you might also want to try contacting Prest-O-Fit directly to ask them about their recommendations)

  2. Guys,
    I love your information site and all the great videos you enlighten me with…. Just purchased the Prest-O-Fit Ruggides Step Cover for our steps on our GD 5th Wheel. Our step was 22 inches wide, so it was easy to trim off a half inch on each side and snug the unit down. This is an exceptional product, great price and tough too.
    Thanks for the Great Info & On-Line Support….

  3. Hello guy’s. Was wondering about these covers. Are your steps only 23″ wide? I measured ours and they are 30″. It looks like yours cover the whole step.

      1. Ah ok. I like the fact that yours attach more permanent with the ties. The Jumbo’s are really just a mat. I suppose I could use the 23″ ones and center them on the tread.

  4. Great info once again you have helped me out, I was about to buy the cheap ones, Ill let you know how they hold up after a year on the road with 2 dogs.

  5. Thanks so much for posting your review of the Ruggids. We have been using Prest-O-Fit step covers for years. I replaced them with Ruggids right before we left for our tour of Utah’s National Parks. The Ruggids kept our floors much cleaner than the Prest-O-Fit’s ever did. While the Ruggids are expensive, I expect to pay less in the long run since they seem to last longer. We would only get about six months out of the Prest-O-Fit covers before we would have to replace them. I found that the Ruggids are easier to clean and dry faster as well. My only complaint is with the zip tie fastening system. The Prest-O-Fit’s use metal springs that prevent any sagging below the step, which I am experiencing with the Ruggids, but it is only a cosmetic issue. The springs also made the Prest-O-Fit’s easy to temporarily remove, which I do when I took my coach in for chassis service. Mechanics will destroy any step cover with their greasy boots. I will have to come up with an alternative….possibly wrapping the Ruggids with plastic. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Craig. Funny thing is that Ruggids are made by Prest-O-Fit. It’s just a higher-level model of step cover above their cheap ones. We know what you mean about mechanics making a greasy mess, but the nice thing we’ve found about Ruggids is that they can stand up to power washing no problem, so we never remove them. If you do want to take them off, they sell super-size zip-ties at places like Home Depot. It doesn’t cost very much to keep some extras on hand just in case.

  6. I’ve been looking for a new set of step covers and these just might fit the bill. Your site shows the step cover(s) for ordering but I am unsure if the price includes a set of two or just one. Also over time do you have to retighten the ties as the carpet might stretch? Thanks again for a great video and products that a RV’er can use and knows that it has been tested.

    1. Hi Rod. They are packaged individually, so you need to order one for each step. They are more expensive, but last so long it doesn’t cost so much more over time. They do not stretch at all, so no re-tightening needed.

  7. We enjoyed the step cover presentation, however, we have curved steps on our Jazz fifth wheel by Thor. Does Rugged produce them?

    1. Thanks Terry! We just checked, and Prest-O-Fit, the company that makes Ruggids does indeed make a curved model that appears to be made of the same rugged material as ours, but installs with springs instead of cable ties. It comes in various colors, and looks like it should do the job for you. Check it out here:

    1. We did have to replace one of the zip ties a few years in, but the other three lasted as long as the rugs themselves. The ties are surprisingly strong and durable. The problem we had with the springs is that the rugs they hold in place don’t work well from day one, and don’t last. We would have gone through 3 or 4 sets in the time it took for one zip tie to break.

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