As a follow-up to our videos about RVing in the winter and connecting to an external propane tank, we thought we’d share what our winter is like.

The Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where we’re spending the winter, is generally known for overcast and wet, but mild, winters. So we were expecting it to be chilly and damp, with the occasional light snowfall that melts within a few days.

But this is supposedly a “La Nina” year, which means the Pacific Northwest generally experiences colder-than-normal winters, with more precipitation than usual. We just got hit with about 2 feet of snow, and the forecast is for more over the next few days. Today we decided that we’d better dig out, before we were unable to get out the door. lol

All of the preparations we outlined in the other two videos are being put to the test, and we’re happy to report that we’re warm and comfortable, and everything is working great. That doesn’t mean we won’t be going back to snowbirding next winter. ;-)

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