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Among the main concerns most RVers have as they consider hitting the road are their RV internet options. Individual requirements for RV internet vary, but everyone has some level of need to connect. How can we stay connected to family and friends? How can we find all the information we need while we’re on the …

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Our last video about how we get reliable RV internet while living on the road full time, and what’s in our tech cabinet to achieve that solution, was in 2016. That was five years ago, and five years is an eternity where technology is concerned. As you might expect, we’ve upgraded many of the components …

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Have you been thinking about getting a WeBoost cellular booster, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Well right NOW might be the time. For some time now, WeBoost has offered a 10% discount to RVgeeks viewers on the purchase of a cellular booster. WE’RE SORRY, YOU’RE TOO LATE! THE DISCOUNT ON WEBOOST PRODUCTS IS …

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Since we can’t afford to retire, we have a choice. We either work on the road… or get off the road. Luckily, technology allows us to stay connected just about anywhere. So we can take care of our clients and stay in touch with family & friends. The ability to research RV destinations on the fly …

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Our latest video provides a complete overview and step-by-step installation of the WeBoost Drive 4G-X cellular booster, including our custom flat-mount of the spring-loaded 4G-OTR truck antenna on the roof of our RV. While the magnet-mount “stubby” antenna that comes with the standard Drive 4G-X is probably fine in the majority of situations, we opted …

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