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Whether your RV sink has seen better days or whether it’s just not as useful as you’d like based on faucet height or some other feature, it’s generally a pretty simple upgrade as long as a few things remain standard. Most RVs have two sinks – one in the kitchen/galley, and one in the bathroom. …

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If your RV stainless steel sink could use a little help in the “bright & shiny” department, then this is the post for you. Over time and use, RV sinks can start to look stained, dull, old, and may even be scratched. Some RV owners choose to replace their sinks, and that’s certainly an option. …

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We have a 16+-year-old motorhome that we’re pleased to report still has a pretty new appearance considering its age. We pride ourselves on taking good care of our home-on-wheels, which is especially important since we live, work, and travel in it full time. About ten years ago we started to notice that our white Corian …

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