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That’s right – a two-story RV with a sunroom and an elevator. It’s real, it’s expensive, but it’s worth seeing because it’s pretty cool. Overseas RV manufacturers are jumping in with all sorts of cool new innovations.

So, today we’re taking a look at the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition!

Is This Two Story RV a Bus, a Class A Motorhome, a Park Model?

You’d certainly be reasonable to think we’re talking about a park model RV… or a one-off double-decker bus conversion… or a super-funky, heavily-modified Class A… or, at least, a radical new model of Super C RV!

But in fact, the two-story RV, known as the “V90” for short, is – get this – a Class C RV! Check it out!

Does the V90 Really Have Two Stories?

It really does! Here’s how it works:

This Class C rig has second-story walls made of glass panes that fold down when not in use. When the roof is raised, those glass panes rise and unfold, and then lock into place. This creates a beautiful, open, 133-square-foot sunroom with a second-story view.

When collapsed down, there isn’t much room beneath the roof and collapsed sidewall structures for storing much (if any) furniture, so the V90 Villa Edition comes with low-height benches and a retractable table that all fit when the roof is stowed for travel.

Should privacy be desired, the press of a button turns those panes of glass from transparent to opaque. How’s THAT for high-tech?

So, not only does the V90 really have two stories, but that second story is amazing! Truly a room with a view!

Photographic rendering of the SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition with sunroom raised and woman standing on the deck
This rendering from SAIC Maxus depicts a woman standing on the exterior deck portion of the rooftop with the sunroom fully raised. (Rendering courtesy of SAIC Maxus)

Does the V90 Have Any Slide-Outs?

Well, that pop-up glass sunroom is one heck of a slide-out! (or is it a slide-UP?!?!)

But in addition to that, the V90 has two slide-outs on the first floor. When they’re deployed, they expand the first-floor living space to a total of 215 square feet of living space.

The slide-outs expand both the bedroom and the living room area. And that area is already pretty cool with its ceiling-mounted LCD projector and integrated JBL sound system.

Photo rendering of SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition with both slide-outs deployed
Photo rendering showing the two first-floor slide-outs of the SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition deployed. With both slide-outs deployed, the first-floor living space is increased to a total of 215 feet! (Photo rendering courtesy of SAIC Maxus)

What’s the Interior of the V90 Two Story RV Like?

Well, as you might expect, the V90 has a kitchenette with a refrigerator, sink, and convection range & oven.

At the rear of the rig is a bathroom with a toilet and shower (wet bath as far as we’ve been able to determine).

A washer & dryer and an integrated air conditioning unit are optional upgrades.

Photo rendering depicting the kitchen area of a SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition, including the optional washer/dryer
Photo rendering of the kitchen area of a SAIC Maxus V90 Villa Edition, including the optional washer/dryer. (Rendering courtesy of SAIC Maxus)

But there’s an integrated power management control center running interior and exterior lighting, climate control, and other amenities. The controls can be managed using a smartphone or tablet via gestures or voice commands.

Okay, Hit Us – How Much Does the V90 Cost, and Will It Be Available In North America?

At the time of this writing, no one knows whether the V90 will ever be available outside of China, but SAIC Maxus says that once available, the V90 will sell for a cool $413,000.

The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition Inspires Some Awesome RV Innovations – What Do You Think?

We love the concept behind the rising sunroom and can only imagine the views we could enjoy from some of our favorite boondocking spots.

How about you? What do you like (or dislike!) about the V90? Would you consider owning one? Do you want a North American manufacturer to offer a similar setup? Let us know in the comments!

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