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ElectricalElectrical Adapters

RV Extension Cords: 30 Amp? 50 Amp? Get the Right One!

When hooking up to electrical power, the outlet or power pedestal you’re connecting to isn’t always conveniently located. That’s why it’s important to carry an RV extension cord. The question is which cord to carry...


Multiplex Wiring Systems for RVs: What Are They?

RV wiring has traditionally been installed in a similar manner to electrical wiring in a house. In recent years, however, multiplex wiring systems for RV use have become more common. RV multiplex systems make the...

UV Protection

How to Protect Your RV from Sun Damage

Most RVers plan to travel in sunny weather or to sunny weather. And most RVs are outdoors most or all of the time. That’s why it’s so important to know how to protect RVs from...


13 Things You Didn’t Know Expire In or On Your RV!

We’ve all likely seen articles about “things you didn’t know expire”. Items on most of these generic lists include cleaning products, car seats, bug spray, sunscreen, motor oil, and even hydrogen peroxide. These articles generally...

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