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Electric RV

Is the Electric RV the Way of the Future?

We recently published a post on electric vehicle towing capacity in which we discussed whether or not you can tow an RV with an EV. As a follow-up, today we’re looking at the electric RV....

Big Rig RVTag Axle

What Is a Tag Axle RV?

You may or may not be aware that there are federal and state laws that govern truck size and weight standards. Many of these laws apply to RVs as well. Maximum gross vehicle weights and...


RV Furnace Not Working? Let’s Troubleshoot!

If your RV furnace isn’t working, there are a number of possibilities as to the reasons why. Depending on the symptoms your furnace is experiencing, you can troubleshoot a non-working RV furnace on your own....


5 Best Solar Camping Lights

Solar camping lights are great from several perspectives, not the least of which is the fact that they’re powered by the sun! So, in addition to providing light for your campsite, that light doesn’t require...

LeaksRoofRV Roof

5 Best RV Roof Coating Products

Ah, the RV roof – long a source of frustration and consternation, based on the enemy of all RVers: leaks! Although the RV roof has a bad rep, roof leaks can (and should!) be avoided....

Sewer HoseStorage

RV Sewer Hose Storage Options

Many RVs come with a way to store your RV sewer hose. But not all of them. In other cases, your manufacturer-supplied RV sewer hose storage may be broken, or you may have purchased an...

BuyingBuying an RV

How to Buy An RV

We recently published a post all about selling an RV. A reader asked in the comments if we might consider doing a similar article on how to BUY an RV (thanks, Jacques!), so today’s post...

BatteriesLithium Battery

What Is Thermal Runaway?

When we hear the term “thermal runaway,” it’s generally associated with lithium batteries. But what is thermal runaway, and how (and why) does it occur? We’ve all heard stories about lithium batteries catching fire or...


7 Tips for RV Interior Cleaning

RV living is fantastic in innumerable ways – just too many to count. But one of the things most people who’ve spent any time at all living in an RV will tell you is that...


How Does an RV Propane Furnace Work?

An RV propane furnace is among the many great conveniences of a home-on-wheels. Just like in any home, when it’s cold outside and you need to warm the house, you turn the thermostat up, and...

RV ToiletsWater

How Much Water Does An RV Toilet Use Per Flush?

Water usage is a big deal in an RV, especially when we’re traveling or boondocking. So understanding how much water we’re using in various ways can be important. That’s why today we’re asking and answering...

Black Tank FlushFresh WaterWater

RV Water Flow Meter: Know How Much Water You Use!

When we’re boondocking (our absolute favorite way to camp!), we need to keep an eye on our water usage. Anyone who boondocks, especially for long periods, understands the importance of water conservation to extend that...


RV Microwave Not Working? Try This!

The microwave oven is an appliance that contributes to the convenience of living in a home-on-wheels while traveling wherever your spirit leads you. But if your RV’s microwave isn’t working, the great conveniences of rapid...

BatteriesLithium Battery

What Is the Function of a Battery Management System?

Today we’re investigating the function of a battery management system. Most of us are familiar with lead-acid batteries. They’ve been around since the mid-1800s, so they’re certainly time-tested. But they’re heavy, they require regular maintenance,...


What Is an RV Furnace Sail Switch?

A propane furnace is a fantastic thing to have in an RV – as long as it’s working. When it’s working properly, you turn up the thermostat and a few seconds later, heat is moving...

PropaneRV Refrigerators

How Much Propane Does an RV Fridge Use?

Propane fridges are fantastic in many ways, especially when you’re boondocking and trying to conserve electrical power. Propane RV fridges actually use SOME electricity (12V, and not a lot) as well as propane. And since...

RVTravel Trailer

What’s an R-Pod Camper?

There are lots of small to intermediate-sized, lightweight campers on the market these days. Many of these campers are light enough to allow RVers to pull a little home-on-wheels behind smaller tow vehicles, like an...

LeaksRV Toilets

RV Toilet Leaking? Here’s What to Do!

There’s not a lot that’s worse than finding your RV toilet leaking (except maybe finding your black tank leaking!), but it helps to know what’s causing the leak so that it can be repaired as...

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