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A Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa: Solves the 2 Kids, One Sofa Problem

A Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa: Solves the 2 Kids, One Sofa Problem

If you’ve ever considered taking your grandkids or a couple of guests along for a camping trip (but wondered where they’d sleep), this post might give you some ideas. Today we’re taking a look at a bunk bed sleeper sofa that could transform your RV’s living space into a bedroom with a set of bunks!

What Is a Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa?

Surely you’ve seen a sofa that can be converted to a bed. But a bunk sleeper sofa is a couch that converts to a set of bunk beds.

We’ve posted on RVs with bunk beds and RV bunks before, and we’ve covered RVs with two bedrooms, but what if you own or are buying an RV that doesn’t have either of those? You might be able to buy or even retrofit something that would improve the availability of sleeping space in your RV with a sofa that converts to bunk beds.

You have to see it to believe it (and we’re about to show you a couple), but while they’re not specifically designed for RV use, bunk bed sleeper sofas might just make a fantastic addition to an RV, given a few considerations. 

A bunk bed sleeper sofa goes from a living room couch to a set of bunk beds, transforming an RV living room into a bedroom for kids or guests. And, it can fold right back to sofa mode the next morning.

A bunk bed sleeper sofa shown closed and open

A bunk bed sleeper sofa is a couch by day and a set of bunk beds by night!

One scenario in which a bunk bed sleeper sofa might be useful is where there isn’t sufficient room in the rig for a queen or double sleeper sofa. A bunk sleeper would allow you to expand upward instead of outward.

The other way in which a bunk bed sleeper sofa might be more useful than a single double or queen pull-out sofa is for two guests who wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping in the same bed.

Can I Put a Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa In My RV?

The answer to this question depends on the RV and the sleeper sofa for several reasons. Here are some of the things you’d need to consider:

Size (Dimensions)

One of the first considerations when we move a piece of furniture (or anything else) into an RV, is whether there’s room to accommodate the item. So, you’d need to measure the space you have available in your rig, and then find a model that would fit into the space.

Remember to consider the height of the bunk beds when open (overhead cabinets could be an issue) as well as the length, width, and height of the sleeper sofa when it’s collapsed back down into couch mode.


You’d also need to consider the weight of the sleeper sofa. This is always true in an RV where weight and the placement of weight are important. However, if you’re removing one piece of furniture to replace it with a bunk bed sleeper sofa, you’d need to also be sure your RV can accommodate the additional weight (if any) in that location, and that there’s proper support underneath it. This would be especially critical in a slide.

A doctor's scale

Weight, and weight balance, are important issues in RVs. When changing out furniture, be sure to account for any changes in weight.

Furniture designed for RVs is often constructed to minimize weight. Since the bunk bed sofa sleepers we’ve found are not RV-specific pieces of furniture, you’d need to be extra careful of weight.


A bunk bed sleeper sofa wouldn’t include seatbelts (since it wasn’t originally designed for use onboard an RV), so if you’d need to use the sofa for seating space for additional passengers when driving, this would be something you’d need to consider as well.

Where Can I Buy a Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa?

There are at least a couple of bunk bed sleeper sofas on the market that we’re aware of (and there may be more), though several others we’ve seen need to be shipped from Italy or other places outside of North America… which might result in excessive shipping costs.

Even so, the two we’ve seen are quite expensive and very costly to ship even domestically. We’ll highlight them here to give you an idea of how they work and what the purchase and shipping prices are, but they may also inspire you to create or retrofit a bunk bed sleeper in an RV in some other way.

Redde Boo Dual-Use Folding Sofa Bunk Beds

This is a bunk bed sleeper sofa from a company called Redde Boo. They offer the complete setup of foldable bunk beds/sofa, including mattresses (which we’ve found isn’t always the case).

Note that this bunk bed sleeper sofa is quite heavy at just over 345 pounds, with dimensions of  90″L x 35″W x 38″H.

Redde Boo Natural Style Fashionable and Comfortable Nordic Sitting and Lying Dual-use Folding Sofa Bed, bunk Bed with Mattress, Stainless Steel Bracket, high Load Capacity
  • 【Space Saving】 Our sofa bed has a folding feature that converts it into a bunk bed (with mattress), providing you with extra space when needed, it...
  • 【Stainless Steel Bed Frame 】 Unique stainless steel frame structure can withstand more than 1000KG to ensure safety. Durable and reliable, not...

Elevate Bunk Bed Sofa Sleeper

This bunk bed sleeper sofa from Elevate comes with the frame only. The Amazon listing implies that there’s no upholstery included, which we’d suggest confirming with the company if you have an interest in this item. It definitely doesn’t come with mattresses for the bunk beds, so you’ll need to get ones that fit. See our post on RV Bunk mattresses for more information.

This item is less than half the weight of the Redde Boo system, but remember, this one doesn’t include the mattresses, so don’t be deceived by the weight differences there.

The Elevate frame weighs 150 pounds, measures 84″L x 36″W x 60″H, and is recommended for a maximum weight of 400 pounds. 

Is A Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa A Good Choice For You?

If your rig doesn’t offer sufficient sleeping arrangements for kids or guests, a bunk bed sleeper sofa is another option to consider if it will work with your RV. Because of some of the concerns about size and weight, it might not be the best choice for everyone. But would YOU consider adding one to your RV?

Let us know down below in the comments what you think about whether or not this is something you think RV manufacturers should begin offering.

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