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Ditch Your RV Maintenance Spreadsheet: Use RV Life Maintenance Tracker

Ditch Your RV Maintenance Spreadsheet: Use RV Life Maintenance Tracker

Tracking all of the items that need to be maintained on your RV can be a challenge and having some sort of RV maintenance checklist is imperative. We’ve used an RV maintenance spreadsheet in the past, but now RV Life offers a service that makes maintenance tracking simple.

In this post, we’re covering the RV Life Pro Maintenance Tracker, a great resource for generating your RV’s maintenance schedule, managing required tasks, organizing maintenance records, and more.

What Is the RV Life Maintenance Tracker?

The RV Life Maintenance Tracker is a feature of the RV Life Pro membership that allows you to track your RV maintenance, fuel, and documentation on your motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or any other type of RV. This helps you protect your investment and keep you and your family safe as you travel.

Whether you use a traditional motorhome or RV trailer maintenance checklist or some other means of reminding yourself of necessary maintenance tasks, we all need a way to keep up with everything from engines to generators to appliances. We need to conduct regular checks of RV roofs, propane tanks, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors, fresh, grey, and black water tanks, furnaces, pilot lights, tire pressure, and so much more. The RV Life Maintenance Tracker can help with all of this.

For years, we used a spreadsheet to track the chassis & generator maintenance items on our Mountain Aire’s Spartan chassis. But it took a fair amount of time to create, and of course, we had to be tech-savvy enough to create a spreadsheet from scratch.

The RV Life Maintenance Tracker allows anyone, even a tech luddite, to track RV maintenance like a pro. It can even send you email alerts to remind you of maintenance tasks that are coming due, which is a great feature in itself.

The RVgeeks' Spartan chassis RV maintenance spreadsheet

Here’s a look at the RV maintenance spreadsheet we created years ago for our ’05 Newmar on a Spartan chassis. In addition to compiling all of the required maintenance tasks for our rig, we had to know how to use a spreadsheet program to create and maintain this. The “Last Performed” listings are (obviously) sample dates and the “Maintained by” listings are fluid, with some changing from year to year based on our location and the specific work that had to be done. This is a partial list, mostly mechanical, that doesn’t include things like inspecting Dicor, sanitizing the fresh tank, or flushing the water heater. But you can download and customize it as needed…

We’ve uploaded a ZIP file of our maintenance spreadsheet (in both Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers formats) you can download and modify for use with your own rig. Of course, towables have fewer requirements than motorhomes, but you can add and subtract items as needed.

What Are Some of the Key Features of the RV Life Maintenance Tracker?

The RV Life Maintenance Tracker offers several convenient and helpful features that allow you to do the following:

Track Fuel Economy

You can track your fuel consumption and cost. This may seem pretty basic, but it can be helpful for RVers because you can track your fuel economy based on things like your towing load, generator use, and the terrain you travel.

Track Key Dates and Documents

The RV Life Maintenance Tracker allows you to track your registration, receipts, invoices, warranties, and other documents related to your RV (or other vehicle).

Track Expenses

You can track your expenses by category. This means that you can monitor your maintenance costs and your RV’s performance during a single trip, an entire season, or over the lifetime or ownership period of your rig.

If you use your RV for business purposes, you can also track your expenses from that perspective as well. In that case, you’ll likely want to consult with an expert in nomadic/RVing tax situations, like our friend and fellow RVer Heather Ryan, better known (for good reason) as The Tax Queen.

A person calculating expenses

There are many ways to track maintenance tasks, expenses, and other key information, but a system like the RV Life Maintenance Tracker can make it much easier to track everything in one place.

Build A Customized Maintenance Schedule

You can build a customized maintenance schedule that tracks maintenance on the engine, generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, furnace, water heater, plumbing, etc., so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and when. You’ll receive email alerts with graphics that’ll let you know exactly what maintenance needs you’ve got coming up and when.

Whether it’s motorhome or travel trailer maintenance, the health of your rig depends on knowing what’s required and when.

Proof of Regular Maintenance

All of this maintenance is recorded and easily accessible, which is especially helpful when you want to sell or upgrade your RV. The ability to present a prospective buyer with detailed maintenance records is a great selling tool.

Membership includes the following:

  • Easy to Follow Dashboard
  • Track Warranty Information
  • Predefined Schedules for Select Equipment
  • Online Maintenance & Fuel Log
  • Automatic Email Alerts and Reminders
  • Easy to Read, Well-Organized Reports
  • Upload Documents or Photos for Record Keeping (1 GB of space)
  • Track up to 3 Vehicles (RV, Tow Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, etc.)

Is the RV Life Maintenance Tracker Free?

The RV Life Maintenance Tracker is part of the RV Life Pro subscription. If you’re already an RV Life subscriber, you’ll need to upgrade to the RV LIfe Pro subscription, which is currently $65/year. Considering all you get with a Pro membership, we think it’s well worth it.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial, but you will need to include your information for the membership fee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel at any time. You can also save 25% on an RV Life Pro subscription with our RVGEEKS coupon.

Note that the coupon is for the annual subscription. Select the annual RV Life Pro option, and use the “RVGEEKS” Coupon Code on the payment page during checkout. You’ll get the discount and the 7-day free trial when you sign up.

SAVE 25%
RV Life Pro logo
RV Life Pro 25% Discount

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for...Show More

RV Life Pro membership provides access to a suite of valuable tools (each one separately worth the cost of the whole package), including: RV Trip Wizard (trip planner); RV Safe GPS app (for RV-specific navigation); (user reviews of RV Parks & campgrounds); (community forums); RV Life Maintenance Tracker (maintenance schedule tracking), and RV Masterclass (excellent educational material for all RVers).

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Save 25% on your first annual subscription to RV Life PRO by clicking the button. The discount will be applied when you click through to the payment page. Show Less

For a look at the RV Life Maintenance Tracker, check out the video below. While it’s from nearly a decade ago when the service was called “Maintain My RV,” it will still give you a good idea of the features of RV Life’s maintenance tracker and how it can help every RVer:

Whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or occasional RVer, there are so many items on an RV that require both routine maintenance… and tracking that maintenance. With a new camping season right around the corner, this is a good time to consider how you’ll keep up with all the care your rig requires. Reducing wear and tear, and making sure that your RV (and you and your family) stay safe on the road is worth it.

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Sunday 31st of March 2024

I have used RV Life Maintenance Tracker for 4 years and I recommend it 1000%. I was a Honda dealer and it is very similar to the software we used in our service department that kept track of customers service records. I have the premium subscription and I use it for all my vehicles.

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