Safe RV Drinking Water — Acuva Update & Giveaway!

You may recall that we installed an Acuva Eco UV-LED water purifier in our RV last year. It’s been an awesome addition to our rig, but we wanted to really put it to the test. The lab test that is. So we visited a nearby river to draw samples, and even put the Eco to a really serious test by running highly contaminated water through it at Acuva’s facility. Not only do we share the test results in the video above, but we tell you about Acuva’s latest model, which happens to be the prize in our latest RVgeeks Giveaway!

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On Sunday, 12/16/18, one of you will win a brand new Acuva Eco 1.5 UV-LED water purifier! Watch the video above for complete details, then scroll down the page to enter for your chance to win. The giveaway ends on 12/16/18 at 7 pm Eastern /  4 pm Pacific time, so be sure to enter by then. Installation isn’t included, but luckily, our original Acuva video shows you exactly how we installed ours. ?

The entry form below is the same type we’ve used in our last few giveaways. We hope you find it easy to use, and that you take advantage of the many extra ways it allows you to enter compared to the old system we used before.

About phone numbers… as our regular viewers know, we always provide the option of including your phone number with your entry. We only do that to ensure that we’re able to quickly contact the winner. We will NEVER share or use phone numbers for any other purpose. When the giveaway ends, being able to call the winner is a huge help (and we’d love to congratulate you personally, too)! When you get to the entry form, you’ll see that we even give you ten extra entries for including your phone number! ?

Enter The Giveaway Here!

Acuva Eco 1.5 Water Purifier Giveaway

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Be sure to use Acuva Discount Code “RVGEEKSto get $100 OFF any Acuva water purifier.