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Scuvvers Car Seat Protectors: Stowable Dirt & Water Shields

Scuvvers Car Seat Protectors: Stowable Dirt & Water Shields

If you’ve got an active lifestyle, you may find it helpful to have car seat protectors to keep your car, truck, or RV seats well protected from spills, dirt, stains, grime, sand, salt, etc. The trouble with traditional car seat covers is that they’re always there. So if you want to remove them it can be a hassle.

That’s why we find these stowable car seat protectors called “Scuvvers” so interesting. In this post, we’re taking a look at Scuvvers seat covers to see how they’re different from traditional car seat covers, and why you might prefer them.


What Are Scuvvers Car Seat Protectors?

Scuvvers car seat protectors are vehicle seat covers made especially for people who don’t want seat covers on all the time, but who do want effective protection sometimes. Scuvvers says they’re for people who“love getting wet, sweaty, dusty, or muddy.”

These car seat protectors easily mount to the seat’s headrest and protect the seat back and the seat itself. But unlike most ordinary seat covers, they can quickly be folded up into a neat bundle that you can flip out of the way when you don’t want to use them. They’re not really “installed” like a regular seat cover, so they deploy and stow in seconds.

They can also be easily removed and hosed down or tossed in the washing machine, and they can be stored in a convenient, compact pouch.

Scuvvers Stowable Waterproof Car Seat Protector | Made from 100% Recycled Textile | Dirt & Spill Repellent, Slip-Proof Silicone Backing | Machine Washable Seat Protector for Car, Truck & Van - Cream
  • 【Patented Stowable Design】Scuvvers' universal car seat cover & harness set stashes discreetly behind your headrest or in the glovebox without the...
  • 【Enduring Softness】Crafted from recycled polyester, Scuvvers’ waterproof car seat covers are designed to be both hard-wearing and soft at the...

You can also visit their Amazon storefront for more details and color choices.

Who Might Benefit Most From Scuvvers Car Seat Covers?

These look like really clever seat protection for any owner of a car, truck, or RV who lives an active lifestyle. Some scenarios in which Scuvvers might prove to be especially helpful include:

  • You just finished a day of hiking in the heat and you’re sweaty and dirty.
  • Your kids are sandy and wet from a day at the beach.
  • You spent the morning surfing and are sandy and salty.
  • You’re traveling with older kids who like to snack as you travel on your road trip.
  • You want a cup of coffee or a snack as you travel and don’t want to risk staining your seats.
A passenger accepting a drink at a drive-through

Scuvvers are quick and easy to flip down into place anytime you want to add protection to your vehicle seats.

Scuvvers car seat protectors are useful anytime you want quick seat protection. And they remove and stow just as easily.

What Are Scuvvers Car Seat Protectors Made Of?

Scuvvers car seat covers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. The manufacturer says that each seat cover prevents around 35 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill or ocean.

The nonslip backing is made of high-quality silicone that prevents the cover from sliding around on your seat. You don’t even need to adhere them to the seatback with straps.

How Do I Know What Size Scuvvers to Order?

Scuvvers come in three sizes. To tell which size you need for your vehicle seats, you simply measure the center of the headrest and use the chart below.

How to measure the center of the headrest and the size chart are shown

A quick measurement of the center of your car seat’s headrest and a glance at this chart will tell you what size Scuvvers is best for your vehicle.

Check out this short video for more details on how Scuvvers work, how to choose the correct size, and how to use them:

What Do You Think of Scuvvers Car Seat Covers?

We think this twist on car seat protectors is pretty clever. If you’ve owned Scuvvers yourself, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of them. Are they as cool and practical as they look?

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Monday 26th of February 2024

As a community gardener this looks like an interesting way to protect car seats after a work session. It will depend on whether they stay in place as you scoot in and out.


Monday 26th of February 2024

Oh, we bet you're right, Doreen. The Scuvvers have a no-skid backing to help keep them in place on the seat as you get in/out of the vehicle. But, depending on the material of your seat (and how well it can grip) and the grippiness of your own clothing, you may have to adapt the way you get into our out of the car a bit to make sure it stays put.

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