For anyone who thinks they can’t replace RV patio awning fabric themselves… don’t pay a shop to do it before you watch this video first! Fabric replacement is a DIY trifecta: easier than it looks; a big money saver; and better quality. Just follow these simple steps to new awning glory. Huge sense of satisfaction? Priceless!

We just hate the idea of fellow RVers overpaying for inferior results, when they can easily complete a project themselves. In this video we’ll show you step by step how easy it is to replace the old fabric on a powered Carefree of Colorado patio awning, which is a very popular style. This particular model does not have a UniGuard that covers the awning when it’s fully retracted, so no “soft-connect” (the short piece of fabric that connects from the RV’s awning/gutter rail to the UniGuard) is needed.

Another twist in this video… instead of demonstrating this one ourselves, or even having Tyler (our usual expert guest installer) helping out… Christie from Tough Top Awnings will be turning the wrenches. She’ll be assisted by John and her daughter, Jordyn. Although Christie is clearly in the “biz” she’s not an installer, and has never provided anything more than a minor assist on a couple of installations before. Here she shows just how easy a project like this can be, even for a non-professional.


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