We appreciate the fact that our RV came equipped with a Reelcraft self-retracting water hose reel. It keeps things neat & tidy and expedites both hooking up and disconnecting. But there is one downside: when it comes time to replace the hose, we can’t simply pick up a new one and start using it.

Installing a new hose on our reel isn’t particularly difficult, but there are several steps involved and the working quarters are a little tight. One big issue for us is the fact that a standard potable water hose won’t work, due to the special fitting that connects it to the reel. The original equipment replacement is not only absurdly expensive (more than triple the cost of a standard hose!), but it’s also very hard to find.

In this video, we’ll show you how we replaced our OEM hose using a standard 50-foot Neverkink drinking water hose instead. Since the work of removing and installing the hose has to be done anyway, the extra steps involved in adapting a standard hose are minimal, and well worth the effort.

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