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7 Best Folding Camping Tables For Your RV Adventures

7 Best Folding Camping Tables For Your RV Adventures

Today we’re talking about one of the most useful and versatile items enjoyed by RVers and campers everywhere – the folding camping table.  Surprised? Read on!

Who Needs a Folding Camping Table?

The answer to this question is: anyone and everyone who loves to spend lots of time outdoors. All campers, road trippers, and even people who like to cook and/or eat outside will find a camping table an extremely useful item to bring along.

Not only do camping tables serve the purpose of outside dining tables, but they’re incredibly useful as table tops for any activity including working, crafting, playing card or board games, or even as side tables for drinks, snacks, books, electronic devices, etc.

We’ll use ourselves as an example.

We live and work in our RV full-time and have done so for nearly 20 years now. Our rig is a 43′ diesel pusher so we’ve got plenty of space including a nice dining area and spacious workstations.

But we love this lifestyle for the constant invitation it brings us to be outside. One item that’s fairly necessary for dining and working outdoors is a high-quality portable folding table.

An important part of any camp kitchen and cook station, a portable camping table and a couple of camping chairs make the great outdoors our kitchen, dining room, lounge, entertainment area, and workspace.

There’s nothing quite like outside living, and an outdoor folding table can make all the difference. That’s especially true in areas of dramatic natural beauty, which we gravitate toward. As anyone who’s followed us for very long surely knows we’re primarily snowbirds who love boondocking.

Since one of the primary purposes of snowbirding is to follow nice weather, it’s natural for us to be in weather that’s conducive to sitting outside for a large percentage of the year. This makes our folding camping table useful to us a lot!

Even when we RV internationally, we take advantage of an outdoor table. The video below shows us having “brekky on the barbie” while RVing in Australia, which was our very first international RV trip. (We’re currently writing this from Italy on trip number FIVE!)

What to Look For In a Folding Camping Table

There are several features that are important to keep in mind when shopping for a folding camping table you’re likely to love and use frequently. It may seem like such a simple device that they’d all be the same. But just like most things, details matter.

Let’s take a look at what to look for in a good portable outdoor folding table, and then we’ll get into some highly rates models that may just fit your RVing needs.

Heavy Duty

You’ll want a portable camping table that’s heavy-duty and capable of supporting fairly substantial loads consistent with the things a kitchen table might typically hold. This might include heavy bowls, a water jug, and any other heavy items you may want to put on an outside table. And of course, place settings and meals for however many people might sit around the table.

If the table is designed and sized to seat four, it should hold enough weight that anything 4 people might put on the table during a meal will be safely supported.

You’ll also want the table to have strong, sturdy legs. Be sure to read reviews to see which folding legs hold up to heavy use over time.

Folds to a Compact Size for Easy Storage

As always, space, and weight, are issues for just about all types of campers. Even on our 43′, we want to keep space usage to a minimum with each piece of equipment we choose to carry. And even though we can carry quite a lot of weight, every RV has its limits.

The ability for your table to fold down to a size that is easily packable is a key feature to consider when shopping for a folding camping table. That’s especially true for smaller RVs.

You know what your storage areas are like and what you have room for. So be sure to check folded table dimensions and purchase accordingly. If you travel in a teardrop trailer, a large, heavy, 4-person table that doesn’t fold up to a small, packable size likely isn’t the best choice for you.

Carrying Bag/Storage Bag

If you’d like a storage/carry bag then this is something you’ll want to look for as well. It may not be important to everyone, but put it on your list if you already know you’ll be moving the table around from place to place, or are especially particular about protecting your gear.

Adjustable Legs

A table with adjustable legs can be very handy because it can be used for so many things. This isn’t a deal-breaker for some people, but a cool feature nonetheless. It’s especially important for us boondockers, since wild, uneven terrain is pretty much the order of the day. And of course, you don’t want your glass of prosecco sliding off the table! It’s kind of like leveling blocks for your dinner.

Just keep in mind that if you do go with a fixed height table you’ll need to make sure it can accommodate the height of anyone using it. If your legs don’t fit under the table, it won’t be very comfortable.

If you choose a table with adjustable legs, we caution you to read user reviews for true experiences of function and durability. “Adjustable” can also mean “unstable” so be sure to check that out.


As mentioned earlier in our discussion about size, RVers understand the need to keep the weight of items down when traveling. Also, portable items that we’ll be moving in and out of the rig frequently, and also moving around some while in use, are best kept lightweight.

Bear in mind, however, that we don’t want a table that’s so lightweight that it’ll blow over in very light winds.

What’s Different Abroad?

As we said above, we’re currently on our 5th international RV trip. We’re in Italy right now, but have already been in France and Switzerland, and will be back in France and on to Spain soon.

So we thought it would be fun to share one way they tackle folding camping tables over here in Europe, even though, as far as we know, the tables that came with our Anywhere Campers motorhomes aren’t available in North America.

They’re made by a company called LaFuma and made in France. They seem like a simple, clever design that’s working well for us.

Folding camping table with a bottle or Prosecco on it.

What else would you expect to have on a folding camping table in Italy besides Prosecco?!


Our European folding camping table

Each leg of our LaFuma folding camping table is individually adjustable, making it easy to get the table perfectly level no matter the incline. No spilled Prosecco or cappuccino!


Our LaFuma camping table folded for storage.

Our European camping table folds flat for easy storage.

What Are Some of the Best Camping Tables for RVing?

There are many folding camping tables on the market with a variety of features, styles, and sizes.

However, since we all camp differently and have varying amounts of space with which to work (even backpackers might like to carry a small folding table where possible), we’re going to lay out some quality options of various types. We’ll give you some of the high points of each, and then you can check out any that might work with your camping arrangements.

Camp Field Camping Table

This table is constructed from aluminum alloy to keep it lightweight. It folds into itself for storage and has legs that are adjustable to three different heights.  The table will hold up to 66 pounds.

Under the table are useful canvas storage cupboards/shelves that attach to the table with velcro.

Folded, the table has dimensions of L23.62 x W18.5 x H3.96” while standing at full height it has dimensions of L47.24 x W18.5x H27.36”.

The company offers a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Camp Field Camping Folding Aluminum Table with Adjustable Legs for Outdoor Travel Beach, Backyards, BBQ, Party and Picnic Foldable Table
  • Folding table easy to install and fold up.Overall Dimensions:L47.24”*W18.5”*H27.36''; Folded Dimensions:L23.62*W18.5*H3.96''Hold up to 68lbs,...
  • Foldable camping table: This convenient camp table folds up easily for storage and transport, making it ideal for camping trips and outdoor...

Trekology Folding Camping Table

From the world of tiny, lightweight packable tables comes this camping table from Trekology.

This foldable aluminum table is 18″D x 27″W x 16″H and folds up into a very small tote bag (included).

This table is lightweight, packs up small enough to carry with you on a bike or kayak, and the largest of the three available sizes weighs barely more than 3 pounds.

Note, however, that this is a knee-height camping table. The manufacturer states that the table has been successfully tested to hold a whopping 50 pounds,m which is pretty amazing considering its size… and that it’s foldable.

Remember – this table comes in small, medium, and large. Be sure to purchase the one that’s the right size for your needs.

TREKOLOGY Camping Table That Fold Up Lightweight Small Folding Table Portable Folding Camp Table Beach Table for Sand Small Collapsible Side Table
  • Get Your Gear Off The Ground! After a long hard day trekking you need a table that can take what you throw at it. A place to drop your gear—cook a...
  • Built To Weather The Storm: Unlike wooden or nylon-top portable tables, the aluminum table top is waterproof, weather-resistant, and easy to wipe...

Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

This is an aluminum slat-top table with a steel frame that snaps together and folds up small enough to be carried in the included tote bag.

It’s 28.5″ tall x 8″ deep and 8″ wide folded down and 27″ x 27″ x 27″ fully extended. It weighs 9 pounds and has a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

With over 8,500 user reviews on Amazon, you should be able to get a good sense of whether this table would serve your needs.

ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

These sturdy, lightweight aluminum tables from ALPS Mountaineering come in several sizes. This one has dimensions of 28″D x 43″W x 28″H and weighs 12 pounds.

The table packs down to 43″ x 9.2″ x 5.5″ and comes with an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

These tables are very popular with RVers and tent campers alike, although they’re too large and heavy for backpackers. (But stay tuned, backpackers! We’ve got some tiny tables coming right up!)

ALPS Mountaineering Folding Camping Table with Smooth Easy-to-Clean Roll Top and Sturdy and Lightweight Aluminum X Frame, Shoulder Carry Bag, Regular, Silver
  • DURABLE camping tables that fold up lightweight with aluminum roll-top and strong X-frame for reliable support
  • VERSATILE and easy-to-clean camp table that serves all your needs whether you need a folding dining table, handy grill table, or a pack-away card...

GSI Outdoors Collapsible Lightweight Table

Speaking of small tables, from GSI Outdoors comes this collapsible anodized aluminum model. It’s flame- and heat-resistant and has height-adjustable legs.

This one is very popular with campers, but you’ll want to note the size very carefully if you’re an RVer and have a need for a larger, taller table.

It’s about 4″ tall without the legs extended and only about 14.7″ tall with the legs fully extended. It weighs right around 4 1/2 pounds.

The tabletop is 24″ x 18.4″ and can hold up to 20 pounds.

It comes with a nylon tote bag. Be sure to view user photos by clicking on the link so you’ll have a good idea of the actual size of the table. GSI Outdoors offers its lifetime warranty to the original buyer on this table.

GSI Outdoors Aluminum Macro Table is Collapsible and Lightweight for Traveling and Car Camping
  • MULTIPURPOSE: With dimensions of 24" x 18.4" and the ability to hold up to 20 pounds, the Macro Table is ideal for family camping and can serve as a...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The flame and heat resistant anodized aluminum construction provides a safe surface to place any piping hot cookware.

Helinox Table One Hard Top

This lightweight, collapsible camping table packs down to 4.5 x 4.5 x 16 inches and weighs just 2.1 pounds, making it a neat little table to carry on hikes or biking or kayaking adventures. The tabletop itself is 23.5″ x 16″.

The Helinox table is also available in a version with tabletop dimensions of 30″ x 22.5″ that packs down almost as small.

The table frame is constructed of aluminum alloy for maximum strength and is rated to hold up to 110 pounds! It comes with a carrying case that you can toss into your backpack.

Helinox Table One Hard Top Lightweight, Collapsible, Portable, Outdoor Camping Table, Large - 29.5 x 22.5 Inches, Black
  • Portable, outdoor camping table featuring a hard top surface and plenty of room to perch a plate or deck of cards
  • Lightweight, collapsible table frame is constructed from advanced proprietary aluminum alloy to provide maximum strength; holds up to 110 pounds

KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table

If you click on the link we’ve provided to this table, you’ll see that it’s offered in a wide variety of sizes appropriate for 1-2 people all the way up to 6 people. This gives you the opportunity to purchase the table in the size most appropriate for your use.

All of the KingCamp bamboo folding tables have height-adjustable legs and a natural bamboo tabletop.

This one weighs only 9 pounds while being rated to hold up to a whopping 176 pounds! We don’t think we’d put that much weight on it ourselves but clearly, KingCamp is suggesting it’s a pretty sturdy table.

The KingCamp tables are highly rated by users, and as always, we suggest taking advantage of the high number of user reviews to gauge whether this is the right table for you, too.

KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table Environmental Camping Table with Adjustable Height Aluminum Legs Heavy Duty 4-Folds Portable Camp Tables for Travel, Picnic, Party, Beach, 1-2 People
  • 【THREE POINT ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT】This camp table can be adjusted to three fixed heights 17.7in, 20.5in and 25.6in according to your different needs....
  • 【THICK PURE NATURE BAMBOO BOARD】Bamboo desktop area 25.6*19.6in. This bamboo folding table uses natural bamboo wood with bamboo texture and...

Do You Have a Folding Camping Table that You Love?

As always, we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve got a great foldable/portable table that you’d highly recommend, please leave a comment below so that all of our readers can benefit from your experience.

Or, if you’re looking for a nice, RV folding table that’s designed for use INSIDE the RV, check out this post: RV Folding Tables: Easy Upgrade for Your RV Interior

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John Schretlen

Monday 2nd of October 2023

I am writing this reply from the ferry traveling from Mykonos back to Athens. We are on a motorhome holiday and parked in Athens for a few days to take a side trip. When we picked up the motorhome, it came with the most amazing camp table I’ve ever used. It is made in Germany by a company called Westfield. Model is AirCOLIGHT Yes, as soon as we get back to Vancouver, I am going to go searching to see if I can find one in North America. It is super easy to level on any uneven service as each leg has a spring loaded extension. Take care. John


Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

Wow, John! Hope you're having fun over in Greece! Mykonos is SOOO beautiful!

We've had similar experiences with some surprisingly awesome RV accessories that are available in Europe, but not in North America. Think we even had a table like the one you're using now... hope you can find a supplier here when you get home (if so, post back here so we all know! 😉)

Safe travels!


Tuesday 11th of October 2022

Ive got the TravelChair Grand Canyon folding table and I love it. It has adjustable legs, so it can be used as a coffee table or raise it up and use it for a dinner table. Perfect for two people to eat at and set up is simple. However, I just went to look it up and find a link and it’s $200+ now! $336 on Amazon! I did not pay near that much when I bought it. Can’t say I’d buy it again for that kind of money. Might be worth keeping an eye out for a used one…

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