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RV Folding Tables: Easy Upgrade for Your RV Interior

RV Folding Tables: Easy Upgrade for Your RV Interior

You may have seen our post on folding camping tables where we looked at outdoor tables that fold up and store easily in a carrying case. Outdoor folding tables are a useful upgrade to your camp kitchen as an added picnic table or side table. But indoor RV folding tables are an incredibly useful RV upgrade, too.

These are perfect when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, but want your indoor space to be more comfortable on your camping trip. You can use an indoor foldable camping table as a side table, coffee table, and more.

In today’s post, we’ve got some great options to share, so let’s get right to it!

Why Would I Want an Interior RV Folding Table?

Well, first we should explain that we’re not talking about a traditional card table or a portable table that you’d use both indoors and outdoors.

We’re referring to premium furniture that complements the interior design of your RV and has multiple uses.

For example, a foldable RV table can serve as a convenient table top that can be moved from place to place to be used as extra space to augment your dining table. Or as a table to hold drinks and snacks, set reading material beside your favorite chair, play cards on, or any number of other uses.

A foldable table for your RV is one of those items that you may not realize you need… until you have it and find yourself using it daily!

5 Fantastic Foldable RV Tables

Let’s take a look at some RV folding tables that can enhance the living space in any RV.

Easy Coffee Table

Bradd & Hall's Easy Coffee Table is a great example of an RV folding table.

Bradd & Hall’s Easy Coffee Table

This foldable RV table from Bradd & Hall is the one seen in the featured image of this post.

We saw this table during a recent visit to Bradd & Hall and really loved it. If you’re unfamiliar with Bradd & Hall, our recent post about RV replacement blinds will fill you in on this awesome company. Their tables (and many other quality RV items) can be ordered on the Bradd & Hall website and shipped right to you.

Made in the USA with Amish-supplied wood and Amish-applied stain and a 2-coat sealer, this foldable RV table comes in solid cherry (natural, dark, and espresso) or maple.

Dimensions when fully extended are 19″H x 38″W x 16″D, and it weighs 14 pounds.

The table is only 5″ thick when folded, making it easy to stow in the included storage bag.

Bradd & Hall’s “Easy Coffee Tables” are especially versatile as they can be used fully extended or used as a half table.

Bradd & Hall's Easy Coffee Tables shown fully and half extended, and fully folded, with deluxe storage bag

Here, Bradd & Hall’s Easy Coffee Tables are shown fully and half extended, fully folded, and with the deluxe storage bag. (Image credits: Bradd & Hall)

Cubby Console

The four options of Bradd & Hall's "Cubby Console" folding RV tables shown

Bradd & Hall’s Cubby Console Tables come in Natural Cherry, Spiced Maple, Espresso Cherry, and Dark Cherry

The Cubby Console, also from Bradd & Hall, is a completely different type of RV folding table. They can sit beside or in front of your lounge furniture — or ON it.

This little table is handy as a holder for drinks. It’s also useful as a drawer to hold cards, books, remotes, snacks, phones & tablets, or anything else you like to have nearby as you lounge in your RV.

Bradd & Hall's Cubby Consoles shown standing on legs and set on a sofa

Bradd & Hall’s Cubby Consoles are shown here in both modes – standing on its legs and set on a sofa.

These useful side tables are made of solid cherry and come in four stains – Natural Cherry, Spiced Maple, Espresso Cherry, and Dark Cherry.

Also made in the USA with the same care as their other tables, Cubby Consoles are 19.25″H x 13″W x 16″D, (5.5″ high with the legs removed).

Like the Easy Coffee Table, these are extremely versatile and are innovatively designed to have multiple uses, and the legs can store right inside the table.

The legs of the Cubby Console table shown stored inside the RV folding table

The legs of the Cubby Console can be stored right inside the table, as can remote controls, phones, earphones or other small items you like to keep handy.

Winsome Taylor Drop Leaf Table

Made in Thailand of solid wood and MDF with a walnut finish, this drop-leaf table can be used as a console in the kitchen or dining area with the drop-leaf lowered.

Extending the drop leaf, you’ll double the size of the table to 41.73″W x 30.51″D x 29.13″H, making it useful for dining, playing games, assembling puzzles, or as a work table.

The integrated drawer is useful for holding placemats, silverware, games, cell phones, etc.

Note that this table requires assembly and weighs 42 pounds.

Winsome Taylor Dining, Walnut
  • Item Dimensions : 41.73"W x 30.51"D x 29.13"H inches. Material : Wood. Assembly required
  • Simple elegance and versatility define the Taylor Drop Leaf Table. Use it as a console in the dining area or kitchen with the drop leaf down. Lift the...

Winsome Hannah Double Drop Leaf Dining Table

Made in Thailand of solid and composite wood with a light oak finish, this double drop leaf table from Winsome is a space-saver when the leaves are down while still serving as a small tabletop.

You can raise one or both leaves to make a small or fully circular table for dining, playing cards, working, puzzle-making or crafting.

The Hannah is 42″ in diameter and 29.5″ high which means that it can accommodate standard chairs.

Note that this table also requires assembly (hardware is included) and weighs in at 44.4 pounds.

Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak
  • 42-inch round drop-leaf table with beveled top edge and tapered legs
  • solid/composite wood with casual Light Oak finish

Cubby Cabinet RV End Table

Okay, we’re cheating a bit here because these tables aren’t foldable. But we had to include them because they’re so useful in an RV setting due to the storage they add to the living space.

Three Cubby Cabinet RV end tables from Bradd & Hall

The Cubby Cabinet RV end tables provide a nice tabletop and significant storage for various items. (Image credit: Bradd & Hall)

The Cubby Cabinet is 22″ H x 22″ D x 11″ W (top) and weighs 40 pounds.

Like Bradd & Hall’s other tables, Cubby Cabinets are made in the USA with all the same care. They’re available in Spiced Maple,  Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Espresso Cherry stains.

They add an additional tabletop to your RV’s living area, either beside a sofa, between two chairs, or even as a nightstand.

The smaller Cubby Cabinet Slim set between a chair and sofa

Here’s the slim version of the Cubby Cabinet (called the “Cubby Cabinet Slim”) set between a chair and sofa in Bradd & Hall’s showroom.

Limited space? A narrower version called the Cubby Cabinet Slim is 22″H x 22″D x 8.25″ W (top) and weights 36 lbs.

All Cubby Cabinets can be mounted to the floor or remain free-standing and movable.

The drawers of both versions are long and deep, allowing them to hold many items of various sizes.

Three Cubby Cabinets with drawers open

Cubby Cabinet drawers are long and deep offering plenty of storage. (Image credit: Bradd & Hall)

There are lots of options for an RV folding table for almost any RV. The versatility of foldable RV tables and the ease with which they can be stored away make them really valuable RV furniture.

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