RV slide-out rooms have both inner and outer seals (I also refer to them as gaskets, but seals is probably the more accurate word). They keep the slides sealed against the elements whether they are extended or retracted. Keeping them working smoothly is a quick and easy once-a-year maintenance item… probably the simplest task on our annual spring cleaning list!

Although there are commercial products available for lubricating slideout seals, when we picked up our new motorhome from Newmar, they recommended that we simply rub them with baby powder / talcum powder once a year, and nothing else would be required. This has worked well for us over the 7 years we’ve owned our RV, and avoids the cost of commercial products. Another benefit of baby powder is that it doesn’t attract dust and dirt the way many liquid products can.

Our slide-out room seals look pretty much brand new, even after nearly 7 years of full-timing. If your manufacturer recommends some other method, by all means follow their recommendation, but we’re pleased with this method and highly recommend giving it a try.

NOTE: As mentioned in a comment by one of our viewers, there is a possible link between talc and ovarian cancer. Please research this, and proceed wisely.

NOTE: Our “baby powder” has an ingredient list of just “talc & fragrance”, so be sure to check the ingredients on the powder you’re using. Some baby powders are corn starch, and not talcum powder… and that may not work as well (or could even be a problem). So be sure to use talc-based powder, not corn starch.

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