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PPL Motor Homes: Used RV Sales, Consignment, and Parts

PPL Motor Homes: Used RV Sales, Consignment, and Parts

Today we’re taking a look at PPL Motor Homes – a popular place for used RV sales, consignments, and parts.

But who’s behind PPL Motor Homes and where are they located? Are PPL Motorhome parts high quality and easy to order online? And what’s up with PPL Motor Homes sales? How much RV consignment experience do they have, and how much does it cost to have them sell your rig?

We’ll answer these questions and more in today’s post.

Who Started PPL Motor Homes?

Two young petrochemical engineers named Ed Sebesta and Ron Rambin founded PPL Motor Homes.

In 1972, PPL was started as a “matchmaking service” for people and RVs. Sebesta and Rambin prided themselves on finding the perfect RV for their buyers, matching them up with RVs being sold by their consignment clients. PPL ultimately became the largest RV consignment dealership in America.

PPL Motor Homes is a company that has been in business offering used RV sales and service at several locations. In 1996, PPL launched its “Seller and Parts” program, and a few years later, they launched their first website, which eventually became their online parts and accessories sales hub.

Web page for ordering parts and accessories from PPL Motor Homes

You can order many parts & accessories from PPL Motor Homes, and they’ll send them to your home… or your campsite! (Photo source: PPL Motor Homes)

The current president of PPL Motor Homes is Diane Leblanc, who started working as PPL’s 5th employee back in 1980. She also serves on the Board of Directors. Although Leblanc remains president, in 2021 she began transitioning away from her full-time role after 41 years with PPL.

When Leblanc joined the dealership in the 1980s there were three owners and two employees. She rose to the general manager position and held that position for 23 years. In 2010 she was appointed president of the company after she led a management buyout with sponsorship financial partner Main Street Capital, allowing PPL to expand to other geographic areas.

PPL now has a CEO, Juan Tejeda, who has taken the reigns and runs the company on a day-to-day basis.

What Does PPL Motor Homes Do?

A leader in RV consignment sales to this day, PPL sells more than 2,500 consigned RVs each year.

In most of their locations, PPL RVs are used motorhomes, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. They sell everything from small Class Bs to huge diesel pushers and Super C RVs.

A shot of one of the locations of PPL Motor Homes

PPL Motor Homes is a nationwide leader in RV consignment sales. (Photo source: PPL Motor Homes)

In their Summerfield, Florida location PPL also sells new RVs. And their Houston location also sells new Gulf Stream trailers.

In addition to the RV sales division, PPL’s “RV Parts Superstore” is a big part of their business. You can order online, and they’ll deliver parts and accessories directly to your door if you’re at home, or to your campsite if you’re at an RV park.

In addition to parts, accessories, and RVs for sale, PPL offers RV service at two of their locations.

Where Is PPL Motor Homes Located?

PPL motorhome sales has several locations, including three in Texas. They have a 15-acre RV consignment lot in Houston, and another lot in Braunfels serving the South Central Texas region. The Dallas-Fort Worth area in North Texas is home to a 12-acre PPL location in Cleburne.

PPL also has a 13-acre dealership in Summerfield, Florida, and an 11-acre location in El Reno, Oklahoma.

What Does It Cost to Sell Your RV Through PPL Motor Homes?

There’s no cost to list your RV for sale with PPL Motorhomes. There are also no advertising fees and no storage fees.

Your RV will be displayed in one of PPL’s well-lit, fenced-in consignment lots, and the cost to sell your RV on consignment with PPL is 10% of the sale price.

Our Experience with PPL

While we’ve never purchased or sold an RV with PPL Motorhomes (we’ve had the same rig for the past 18 years!), we have ordered parts for our diesel pusher from them. We’ve always been satisfied with the availability of parts, the cost, and the service we’ve received from PPL.

So, although our experience is somewhat limited, we would certainly recommend PPL based on that, and the good reputation they enjoy. You can learn more and take advantage of their services by visiting the PPL Motor Homes website.

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Ella Menendez

Sunday 9th of July 2023

Hi, and thanks for your always helpful content. Can you recommend any online selling sites? I am in MN and have a 2022 Airstream Basecamp 20X to sell. PPL's consignment locations aren't convenient for me.

Thanks in advance. Safe travels! Ella Menendez

Ella Menendez

Wednesday 12th of July 2023


Thank you for your guidance to the above links. Best wishes in your travels!



Monday 10th of July 2023

Hi Ella... you may want to check out these articles instead:

How to Sell an RV RV Values: When Selling an RV, What’s It Really Worth?

Best of luck with getting your Basecamp (cool RV!) sold!


Monday 26th of June 2023

We actually purchased our first class A motor home from PPL in New Braunfels, Texas and they were really professional about it. They take you through how everything works and can get you in touch with 3rd party mechanics who will come out and check out he Rv with you.


Monday 26th of June 2023

Great to hear, Larry! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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