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Outdoors RV Makes Seriously-Rugged Four-Season Campers

Outdoors RV Makes Seriously-Rugged Four-Season Campers

Outdoors RV offers some seriously rugged rigs that are ready for camping in all four seasons over just about any terrain. They make travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, all built on their own custom-engineered and built-in-house chassis.

We have several friends who own Outdoors RVs and have heard many great things about their rigs. So we decided to take an in-depth look at the company and its products. We even toured their factory in La Grande, Oregon, to see what all the excitement was about.

In this post, we’re sharing an overview of what we’ve learned about Outdoors RV and our first impressions… and whether we’d own one ourselves. ????

What Is Outdoors RV?

Outdoors RV is a company that designs and builds RVs for customers who are interested in traveling over all types of terrain, and camping in comfort in any season and all kinds of weather. They make travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers that are super rugged and durable while also offering some pretty amazing comfort and quality.

The company was started in 2009 by Ron & Sherry Nash, who had owned Northwood Manufacturing since 1993. They were inspired to create four-season RVs for outdoor enthusiasts so they could enjoy camping regardless of terrain or weather. RV Outdoors refers to their rigs as being ready for “mountain tough four-season camping.”

Outdoor enthusiasts and RVers themselves at the time, the Nashs wanted to design and build RVs that were different from the industry standard. They didn’t want to recreate the typical rig that would provide camping adventures during the summer and then sit unused for most or all of the remaining seasons.

With the Western United States as their backdrop, they were inspired to create RVs designed to allow travelers to enjoy the mountains, forests, lakes, oceans, and desert landscapes of the Western US and Western Canada all year round. Weather-wise, that’s a tall order, but they’ve filled it and then some.

What Makes Rigs Made By Outdoors RV Different From Other Travel Trailers?

Rigs created by Outdoors RV are climate-designed for travel in all four seasons. They have custom-built off-road chassis and KYB World-Class shock absorbers at all wheel positions.

This company is serious about 4-season capabilities with features like standard dual-pane thermal pane windows, a fully-enclosed and heated underbelly, solar readiness, and a multitude of other details to make camping comfortable no matter what the weather.

Even the outdoor showers are enclosed behind a 1” thick insulated door rather than the typical flimsy plastic door that’s found on most RVs. That ensures that the shower plumbing doesn’t freeze when the temperatures drop.

All Outdoors RV campers are built with the same high-end construction methods. They include a rugged 2” bonded aluminum frame, a custom-built cambered off-road chassis, MorRyde CRE 3000 suspension, and a heavy-duty shackle kit.

Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, and Toy Haulers Made by Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV designs and manufactures several different series of RVs. Customers choose from designs based on how they camp. They include Creek Side, Blackstone, and Back Country travel trailers, Glacier Peak 5th wheels, and Trail Series toy haulers. Many models are available in the Mountain Series trim level as well as the premium Titanium Series level, which includes a long list of popular options.

Within these series of campers are various choices based on the trailer type, size/length, weight, and included features. So, for example, you could opt for a Creek Side model in your choice of floorplan, and then choose either the Mountain Series or Titanium series level.

To figure out which Series would be best for your style of camping, check out this video from Outdoors RV:

Let’s take a look at the different classes of Outdoors RV travel trailers:

Creek Side

The Creekside Class is Outdoors RV’s smallest, lightest-weight travel trailer. They’re available in the standard Mountain Series trim or in the optional Titanium Series premium package.

A Creek Side travel trailer from Outdoors RV

The Creek Side travel trailers are the smallest and lightest campers offered by Outdoors RV. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV Manufacturing)

The Creek Side Class is a series of travel trailers with dry weights under 6,000 lbs and floor lengths from 19′ to 21′. There are currently three floorplans available, all with single street-side slide-outs. You can check out Creek Side floorplans here.

Standard with Outdoors Mountain Series RVs are features such as triple-layer four-season roof insulation, a fully enclosed heated and insulated underbelly, 1″-thick thermal insulated luggage doors, insulated bedroom ceiling vent, an XL furnace, heavy-duty 5-lug 4,000-lb axles with off-road brake system, and a radius-crowned full walk-on roof with heavy-duty large-tube rear ladder.

For a quick walk-around tour of the CreekSide 21KVS, check out this video from Outdoors RV:

Timber Ridge

Larger and more luxurious, the Timber Ridge Class consists of a series of travel trailers with dry weights from 6,000 to 7,750 lbs, and floor lengths from 22′ to 28′.

Exterior view of the Timber Ridge travel trailer from Outdoors RV

An exterior view of a single-slide-out Timber Ridge travel trailer from Outdoors RV. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)

There are currently eight Timber Ridge floorplans, all with single slide-out rooms on the street side. Timber Ridge class RVs are available with the standard features of the Mountain Series or in the premium Titanium Series.

Here’s a look at the interior of a Timber Ridge model:

An interior photo of a Timber Ridge model

Here’s an interior glance at a Timber Ridge travel trailer from Outdoors RV. (Photo source: Outdoors RV)


These are Outdoor RV’s highest luxury rigs with the longest floorplans. They’re travel trailers with dry weights of over 7,000 lbs and floor lengths from 26′ to 31′. There are five floorplans in the Blackstone Class.

A view of the exterior of a Blackstone travel trailer

Here’s a Blackstone travel trailer from Outdoors RV, camping in the mountains where these rigs are designed and built to travel. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)

In this class, models with multiple slide-outs are available (up to three).

An interior shot of a Blackstone travel trailer from Outdoors RV

The interior of this Blackstone travel trailer illustrates the attention to detail with which Outdoors RV campers are built. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)

Glacier Peak

The Glacier Peak Class consists of mid-sized fifth wheels designed for camping off-grid. There are currently four Glacier Peak floorplans available, all with two street-side slide-outs.

An exterior view of a Glacier Peak fifth wheel from Outdoors RV

Here’s a Glacier Peak fifth wheel with two slide-outs for extra living space while you’re boondocking in magical areas off the beaten path in any climate. (Photo source: Outdoors RV)

The fifth wheels in this class have dry weights over 9,000 lbs, and floor lengths from 27′ to 31′.

An interior main bedroom view of a Glacier Peak fifth wheel

An interior main bedroom view of a Glacier Peak fifth wheel from Outdoors RV. This is luxury living deep in the great outdoors! (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)

Glacier Peak Class fifth wheels are available in both standard Mountain Series and premium Titanium Series trim levels.

Trail Series

The Trail Series features toy hauler floorplans with patio decks and onboard generators. These no-slide units have a floor length of 25′-31′ and full-featured dry weights over 8,000 pounds. Three floorplans are offered in the Trail Series Class.

The gear-hauling area of a Trail Series RV

This is the business end area of a Trail Series toy hauler from Outdoors RV. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV Manufacturing)

Trail Series gear hauler shown with floorplan

The Trail Series is available in three floorplans, including this 29TRX.

Back Country

Back Country Class travel trailers are purpose-built for camping off-grid, including standard-equipment onboard Onan generators, which is rare for a travel trailer. Currently available in five floorplans with either one or no slide-outs, they have dry weights over 6,000 lbs, and floor lengths from 21′ to 29′.

An exterior shot of a Back Country series RV

Here’s a look at a Back Country Series RV from Outdoors RV. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)


Interior view of a Back Country Series RV

This interior view of a Back Country Series camper shows the level of luxury that can be taken into the boonies. (Photo credit: Outdoors RV)

Titanium Series

“Titanium Series” is the name of the premium package for the various classes of Outdoors RV travel trailers. The Titanium Series upgrade offers a host of popular high-end features:

  • Ground Control TT automatic leveling system
  • Lamilux HD 4000 high gloss silver fiberglass with frameless windows
  • Titanium Series graphics package
  • Raised panel knotty alder cabinet doors
  • Hardwood window valances with privacy black-out roll shades
  • Wireless rear observation camera
  • Slide-topper awnings on slide-out models
  • Stainless steel sunken range, microwave, & range hood
  • Upgraded high-rise (single lever with pull-out) kitchen faucet
  • Premium gel-infused cooling memory foam Heartland mattress
  • Plush Mountain Lodge bedspread with accent pillows
  • Individual bedroom reading lights with under-cabinet lighting… and more

For a really good overview of the premium options available in Titanium Series rigs, check out this video from Corrin at Thompson RV, a premier Outdoors RV dealer in Pendleton, Oregon. We had the pleasure of meeting Corrin the very same day we toured the Outdoors RV factory, just an hour away.

Our Tour of the Outdoors RV Manufacturing Facility

We’ve been living and traveling in a Newmar diesel pusher (our second rig) for over 18 years, so we’re used to a pretty high level of quality.

But, when we toured the Outdoors RV factory in La Grande, Oregon, we were really impressed with the attention to detail and overall quality that goes into these RVs. Especially considering that they’re towables, not motorhomes.

Hands down, the rigs we saw were the closest we’ve seen a travel trailer come to the overall quality we’re used to in our diesel pusher motorhome. And that’s saying something, especially since factory tours allow us to see into places that are otherwise inaccessible.

This company is serious about the four-season capabilities of their RVs, and they’re also serious about manufacturing high-quality RVs that’ll take you where you want to go, regardless of terrain or weather.

With features like heavy-duty, 5-lug, 4000-pound axles with off-road brake systems to take you off the beaten path, marine-grade plywood roof decking for long-term durability, MorRyde sliding cargo trays for convenience, and large holding tanks for extended boondocking, Outdoors RVs could be a tough act to beat. We were impressed with their attention to quality, durability, function, finish, and four-season readiness in every single rig we saw, both completed and in process.

After only having diesel pusher experience for the past 20 years, would we consider owning an Outdoors RV? After all we’ve learned in our research and our tour of their manufacturing facility, you bet we would! As a matter of fact, we’ve been talking about downsizing… literally for years. And Outdoors RV is currently at the top of our list of new, smaller rigs we’d consider.

We’re all about quality. And Outdoors RV offers some serious dedication to off-road & off-grid (we love boondocking!) and four-season camping. While we’re not big fans of winter camping, we have to admit that we’ve had some pretty fantastic experiences camping in cold weather. (Have you seen our video showing how gorgeous Zion National Park is in the winter?)

Despite the fact that we’ve generally been snowbirds who follow warm weather, we appreciate the ability to be comfortable RVing in any season or location. We also appreciate the genuine dedication to the kind of quality required to build a true four-season rig that’s rugged and durable, with off-road capabilities, and comfortable, luxurious living space.

We’ve seen and toured a lot of rigs in our past two decades on the road. Outdoors RV achieves a balance of all the qualities noted above better than any other travel trailer we’ve seen so far.

The only real caveat we can think of to offer is that for their size, Outdoors RV trailers tend to be somewhat heavier than the competition because of their robust construction. This means they may require a larger, more capable tow vehicle. As always, thoroughly check all the specs to ensure you safely stay within your towing vehicle’s capabilities.

Have You Seen an Outdoors RV Rig in Person?

If you’ve seen an Outdoors RV rig in your travels, we’d be curious to know if you were as intrigued as we are. Or do you already own one? Leave a comment below about your experience. We’d love to know what you think.

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Thursday 20th of July 2023

We own an Outdoors F28RKS 5th wheel RV. Spent a few years looking at numerous rv's and toured the Outdoors Rv F28RKS while visiting in Hooper, Utah at Ray Citie RV. Searched for 2 years until we found a very slightly used unit about 4 hours from us. Drove over to look at the unit, had a certified inspector check it out and he said it was the first Outdoors RV he had seen in 7 years of inspecting units. He was impressed with the quality and sturdiness. Bought it on the spot and have not had any problems with it in the 3 years we have owned it. Nothing but rave reviews from people who check it out. Not to many in Minnesota.

Pat Parker

Sunday 16th of July 2023

We agree the construction is really good and so much in a small area


Sunday 16th of July 2023

In 2014 we started looking at a travel trailer that would hold up for traveling to Alaska because of family in Fairbanks. Our first 2016 ORV Blackstone took us to Alaska in style. In many of the campgrounds we were in, others wanted to see our Blackstone because they wanted a trailer which they could use in Alaska. Several of those couples have since told us they also have purchased on ORV trailer and they have been great. We are now on on our second ORV Blackstone, a 2022, and love the improvements. They both have been fantastic RV's and the factory folks and those at Thompson RV in Pendleton, OR have been great to work with. I would highly recommend a visit to the factory for a tour and those folks love questions so come prepared to see how they build them and you will be impressed.


Wednesday 19th of July 2023

Wow, that's really great to hear, Ralph. There's no better testimonial for a product than a repeat customer (and no better salesperson than a HAPPY customer)!


Sunday 16th of July 2023

Great trailers for all seasons - I've looked at the smaller ones pretty closely. The only downside I see is their use of the Schwintek slide mechanism on many of the models. A rugged and high quality trailer, but they're using probably the most trouble prone slide mechanism.

wayne thomas

Sunday 16th of July 2023

Hi Geeks,

We sold our Newmar Ventana 3434 early this year and picked up a 2023 22FQS Titanium at Thompson RV on May 5. The galley is big for a smaller rig and the interior is much brighter than the MH. We travel from FL to the mountains for 5 months (summer) and were looking for something smaller. Towing with 2022 F-250 King Ranch and still learning how to back up a trailer. Pleased so far and the biggest change is the lack of under bay storage. The crew cab and truck bed (Roll N Lock cover) help. We also gave up much of the under bed storage for 2 Gamechanger batteries and the associated solar etc from Victron to support 1000W on the roof and 440W that I can ground deploy as needed. Honda 2200 if needed means carrying gas, wondering if propane conversion worth it. Titanium package is debated on forums, but for us, no question it was worth it. One note, we only got ours because they had a cancellation. All were sold long before they were built.


Sunday 16th of July 2023

That's awesome, Wayne. Congratulations on your new RV!

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