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Get an RV Awning Screen Room for Privacy & Protection

Get an RV Awning Screen Room for Privacy & Protection

Privacy panels are fantastic for providing superior shade and better separation from other campers in the neighboring site. But for protection from biting insects and other pests, nothing beats an RV awning screen room.

RV awning screen rooms attach to your existing RV awning and provide an enclosure that can help keep you bite-free, along with other additional advantages. So, today we’re looking at screen rooms for RV awnings.

What Is an RV Awning Screen Room?

RV screen rooms for awnings essentially provide an extension of the RV with walls made of mesh screen-like material. They attach to existing awnings, extending the RV into a great indoor-outdoor living space. It allows you to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

A high-quality awning screen enclosure effectively adds a room that allows fresh air in but keeps biting insects out.

The additional space can be used as an extra living room/family room, office space, a place to visit with friends, or just to relax and enjoy the outdoors without the threat of bugs and excessive sun exposure. It’s also a good place to sit outside even when it’s raining.

RV Awning Screen Room Pros & Cons

As with anything else, despite their many benefits, there are a few things to be aware of if you’re considering a screen room for an RV.


As we’ve already mentioned, there are many advantages to having a screen room that attaches to your awning. The additional living space it affords, complete with fresh air, and the protection from biting insects and the elements are perhaps the most obvious.

Because it takes advantage of your existing awning as the support, there’s less to buy, carry, store, and set up. Screen rooms are also great for cooking/grilling because there’s good ventilation.


When you have an awning screen room, you should be more aware of incoming weather. You may not be able to use them in heavy wind or pounding rain. In those conditions, your awning will need to be retracted, so your screen room will have to be stowed to do that.

Also, some screen rooms may not be recommended for use with power awnings due to the potential for accidental retraction (a gust of wind may cause the awning to automatically retract, for example). Overriding/disabling the wind sensor may be an option, but then, of course, a wind gust could damage your awning.

Whether an unsuspecting person pushes the button or you forget (or are unable) to turn off your awning’s wind sensor, retracting it with the screen room attached wouldn’t be good!

Also, depending on the type of screen room you buy, you could end up with one that’s difficult to set up or lacks adequate ventilation. This is where reading user reviews can be particularly beneficial. And finally, some awning screen rooms can be rather expensive.

Without an RV awning screen room, you may need to head to the desert to avoid insects.

Without a screen room on your RV’s awning, you may need to head to the desert to avoid pesky insects!

Who Makes RV Awning Screen Rooms?

Dyer’s RV has several awning-mounted screen rooms, as well as some free-standing models. You can take a look at their website to get an idea of what’s available. Note that you should know the make, model, and length of your RV awning to find the right screen room that will attach to it.

Some common manufacturers of awning screen rooms for RVs include the following:

  • Carefree of Colorado
  • Dometic / A&E
  • Lippert Solera
  • Girard
  • Zip Dee
  • ShadePro

Let’s take a look at a few of the available options:

Carefree 291800 Vacation’r Screen Room

This lightweight screen room is designed to fit most manual and 12-volt power patio awnings with an 8-foot extension. It’s available in 12′, 14′-15′, 16′ -17′, 18′-19′, and 20′-21′ sizes, and fits awning-rail-to-ground measurements of 86″ to 150″.

It attaches directly to your awning and there are no poles, rafters, or permanent fasteners to attach to your RV, so setup should be quick and easy. The Vacation’r comes with stakes, skirting, a wheel-well filler, and a carrying/storage bag. Note the various sizes available via the following link:

Carefree 292000 Vacation'r Screen Room for 20' to 21' Awning
  • Fits awning rail to ground measurements of 86 inch to 150 inch
  • This high quality, lightweight room is specifically designed to fit nearly all traditional and 12 volt patio awnings with an 8 Feet extension

ShadePro – Villa RV Awning Screen Room

Made of heavy-duty marine-grade polyester and vinyl materials with weatherproofing, this model comes in 10′ to 21′ sizes. It has privacy panels, heavy-duty zippers, and snapless side panels that are custom-made to match the pitch of your awning.

This screen room fits most straight-sided RVs with awning rail-to-ground dimensions of 100″ to 141″. It will fit electric awnings, including the Carefree Eclipse, Travel’r, Longitude, A&E Weatherpro, 9100 Series, and Solera power awnings.

ShadePro - Villa RV Awning Screen Room - Add Room for Your Family Under Your RV Awning - Camper Screen Room for RV Patio or Porch Enclosure - Size 18 feet
  • Awning Screen Room for RVs: Fits most straight-sided RVs with awning rail to ground dimensions of 100" to 141" with side panels custom made to best...
  • A RV Screen Room That Fits: Heavy-duty marine grade fabric, privacy panels, heavy-duty zippers, and custom-made side panels. Fits Carefree Eclipse,...

Lippert Solera Family Room RV Awning Screen Room

This screen room fits most power and manual RV awnings ranging from 10′ to 20′ and accommodates RVs with awning rail-to-ground measurements of up to 130″. Compatible with 8′ awnings by Solera, Dometic, and Carefree, this screen room is made of strong weatherproof polyester material. It comes with three room panels, a bottom skirt panel, a wheel-well filler panel, a nail bag, and a carry/storage bag.

Solera Family Room RV Awning Screen Room, 16', for 10'-21' Manual or Power RV Awnings, Polyester Fabric Construction, Weatherproof, Storage Bag, Compatible with Solera, Dometic, Carefree - 362231
  • ADDED SPACE — This screen room is a great way to add extra space to your campsite for dining, entertaining, sleeping or more
  • PEACE OF MIND — The Solera Family Room comes complete with weatherproof, polyester panels and privacy panels for added peace of mind while you're...

Do You Use an Awning Screen Room?

If you use an RV awning screen room, we’d love to know which one you have and what your experience has been like. Have you found it to be a worthwhile investment for your camping style? Do you have recommendations for others who are looking into getting a screen room for their RV awning? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Monday 28th of August 2023

I am looking for a portable catio for my two cats.

Vince S.

Monday 28th of August 2023

We use our Lippert Solera Family Room often when boondocking.

You do need an A-Frame ladder to set it up but it’s easy to hang and takes maybe 5 to 10 minutes. It’s just as easy to take down, bag and stow. We lay a tarp down for a floor to make it that much more cozy.

If you don’t want to be enclosed but just want a sun shade at the end of your awning, you can do that too since the enclosure is three individual pieces.

I never leave my awning out when I’m not under it but I do with the room attached. Because of the weight and being anchored, wind tolerance is increased dramatically. If the day gets a bit more breezy, we open up to the screens to let the air flow through. It’s great for reducing the number of mosquitoes and flies when you’re trying to enjoy the fresh air.

As for cons, they aren’t cheap and can’t be erected just anywhere. A lot of parks don’t want anything covering their lawns and some sites are just too narrow. Lastly, know your weather. Although they stabilize the awning and prevent it from becoming a sail, you don’t want to press your luck. Yes, it takes minutes to remove but you don’t want panels flapping in the wind to possibly bend things.

Would I buy my again? Absolutely.

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