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RV Propane Tank Cover: What’s It For & Which to Buy?

RV Propane Tank Cover: What’s It For & Which to Buy?

An RV propane tank cover isn’t just for aesthetics. Although it may make your old propane cylinders look better,  it’s wise to protect your propane tanks for a number of reasons.

Today we’re talking about propane tank covers for RV use. 

What Is an RV Propane Tank Cover?

RV propane tank covers protect your tanks from damage and corrosion by helping to keep them out of the elements. They also protect tanks from flying road debris as you travel. 

Covers can be made of metal (maybe not the best idea since they have most of the same problems as metal tanks), or they can be made from a vinyl/polyester fabric or hard plastic.

Some propane tank covers are designed to protect tanks on the front of your travel trailer. You often see these mounted on the a-frame/tongue of the trailer. Some are designed to fit a single propane cylinder, while others are RV double propane tank covers.  

You can find 20 lb tank covers (RV dual propane tank covers or single) and there are also 30 lb propane tank covers for RV use. If you have two 30 lb propane tanks on your RV, there are 30 lb double tank covers available for those as well.

And finally, some propane tank covers are designed to simply protect and hide a portable tank, like those meant for use with a portable propane fire pit

Why Do I Need an RV Propane Tank Cover?

Propane tanks can be damaged by flying rocks or other debris while rolling down the highway. Not only is a damaged tank dangerous in general, but it can be even more so while in use.

When propane tanks are exposed to the elements, the metal corrodes and rust begins to develop. If you saw our complete post on rusty propane tanks, you know that rust is the beginning of the breakdown of the tank’s structural integrity.

While a little surface rust on a tank is common, much more than that can start to eat away at the walls of the tank. Over time, this can cause them to become thin and brittle, leaving you with a dangerous propane tank. After all, it is under high pressure, explosive, and highly flammable.

A rusty propane tank laying on the ground

Over time, exposure to the sun, rain, salt, and other elements can lead to corrosion and the development of rust on an exposed propane tank. This is a pretty extreme example, but without care, any propane tank can get this bad over time.

As you may have seen in our post How Long Are Propane Tanks Good For?, portable DOT cylinders have a date stamped into the collar of the tank indicating when it was manufactured. By U.S. federal law, the expiration date of a DOT propane tank is 12 years from the date of manufacture of the tank. In Canada, it’s 10 years.

When a DOT propane cylinder nears or reaches the date stamped on the collar, the tank must be replaced or recertified. If your propane tank has been exposed to the elements for a dozen years, you may find yourself in need of a new one because your current tank may not be re-certifiable.

A good, heavy-duty propane tank cover isn’t a huge investment but it’s certainly a worthwhile one, especially as it relates to your safety and the safety of those around you.

What to Look For In an RV Propane Tank Cover

There are a few things to look for when you’re buying an RV propane tank cover.


In general, it may be best to stay away from metal covers. You may find some high-quality diamond-plated steel tank cages, but most metal tank covers may suffer from the same problems that the metal tanks themselves invite — corrosion and rust.

Tank covers made of hard plastic/polymer or heavy-duty vinyl/polyester fabric are best if you’re carrying your tank(s) on the outside of your RV, where it/they will be exposed to the elements and to road debris. You’ll want to choose a high-quality heavy-duty tank cover that will protect it from road debris, rain, and UV rays.

Note that there are lightweight tank covers designed for use with a propane tank attached to a grill, griddle, or portable fire pit. These are suitable for use when the item is in use, with the tank later stored safely out of the elements when not in use.

If your tank will be exposed to the elements and road debris as you drive, you’ll want to opt for a cover made of a thick, durable material. For example, you’ll want to stay away from thin, lightweight nylon covers if you’re mounting your tank is mounted outside your rig.

Usually, polyester or Dacron are used, but you should note that these fabrics come in a variety of strengths. 

If you see a fabric cover with a number followed by the letter “D”, this is something you’ll want to pay attention to. That’s because the “D” stands for Denier, which represents the tear strength of the material. The higher the number, the stronger the fabric. So a heavy-duty polyester might be advertised as “600D”. 

UV Protection

Look for UV protection as an indication of how well your tank cover will hold up in direct sunlight without fading or cracking. The sun is relentless, and anything exposed to it for long periods of time will suffer unless UV protected.

Waterproof/Water Resistance

You may want a tank cover that’s waterproof or water-resistant. In general, polyester doesn’t absorb water well, so you’re less likely to run into issues related to mold and mildew. A good, water-resistant material can be easily cleaned and is less likely to absorb moisture that leads to mildew.


Finally, you want to make sure your propane tank cover is ventilated because you don’t want gas to be trapped inside the cover in the event of a leak.

Remember, a lack of adequate ventilation can lead to a situation where dangerous gas builds up in a small enclosed space. Liquid propane gas is highly flammable, and exposure to any spark or flame can cause an explosion.

So, you absolutely need a ventilated RV propane tank cover. Many models are open on the bottom or have some other means of ventilation. This is critical, so be sure to buy a ventilated tank cover.

What RV Propane Tank Cover Should I Buy?

Depending on where your tank(s) will be stored and carried and how much exposure they’ll have, it’s best to opt for a good heavy-duty plastic or heavy-duty fabric tank cover. All of these covers protect your propane tanks, but some may fit your needs better than others. As always, read user reviews to get a sense of real-life experience from other RVers.

Following are a number of 20 lb and 30 lb propane tank covers to consider.

RV Propane Tank Covers for 20 Lb Tanks

These covers are designed for use with a single 20 lb propane tank.

Camco (40578) Single RV Propane Tank Cover

This tank cover is made of heavy-duty polymer which is protective against UV rays. It has a removable top for easy access to the gas valves.

Dimensions are 19 7/16″ (H) x 18 11/16″ (W) x 13 3/8″ (D), and it weighs just under 3 pounds.

Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover | Features a Removable Top Panel, a Heavy-Duty Polymer Construction, and Fits 20lb. Steel Single Tanks (40578)
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank from flying road rubble
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. steel single tanks; Dimensions: 19 7/16-inches (H) x 18 11/16-inches (W) x 13 3/8-inches (D)

SIRUITON 600D Heavy-Duty Single Propane Tank Cover

Made of 600D Oxford cloth, this propane tank cover fits a single standard 20lb tank. It’s UV protective, water- and weather-resistant, and has a storage pocket for a hose or other items. Ventilation holes with grommets are built into the cover, and it has a side flap to make hose connection and access easy.

Dimensions are 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 18.5″ and it weighs just over 1 pound.

SIRUITON Propane Tank Cover, Fits 20-Pound Steel Propane Cylinder,Propane Gas Tank Cover with Stable Tabletop Feature ,UV and Weather Resistant,Ventilated with Storage Pocket
  • DRESS UP YOUR GRILL-According to user demand, we have upgraded the top and turned it into a hard top,Transforms ugly standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane...
  • PROPANE GAS TANK COVER- Your storage cover is 12.5 inches in size and 11.8 inches in height,which includes Two-way zipper around the top, The...

Flame King Dual 20LB LP Propane Tank Cover

Made of heavy-duty polypropylene, this tank cover fits two 20lb steel propane tanks. It offers individual ports on top for separate access to the cylinder valves. It also has an easy-access port on the side so you can see and adjust the regulator as needed.

Flame King Dual 20LB LP Propane Tank Light Plastic Heavy Duty Cover for RV, Travel Trailer, Camper - Black
  • Perfect protection for your propane tanks from flying debris
  • Easy access port on side, to see and adjust regulator

RV Propane Tank Covers for 30 Lb Tanks

Now let’s take a look at a few options for 30lb propane tanks.

SAMDEW 30 lb Propane Tank Cover

This tank cover is actually available in both 20lb and 30lb sizes. Made from water-resistant and tear-resistant nylon, reviews are very good with references to its quality and durability.

The top of the cover is lined with a solid pad, making it useful as a tabletop if desired. It has two side flap pockets for storing hoses, lighters, and other tank accessories.

Dimensions are 12.8″L x 12.8″W x 23.2″H, and it weighs about 1.80 pounds.

SAMDEW 30 lb Propane Tank Cover with Side Flip Flap & Stable Tabletop Feature, Outdoor Propane Tank Cover for 30lb Propane Gas Cylinder, with 2 Storage Pockets, Water & Wear-Resistant, Black, Bag Only
  • [ Convenient Design ]: Side flip flap makes the hose easy to connect the tank, you can open or close the valve more conveniently. 4 ventilation...
  • [ Fit Well ]: The side zipper allows you to put the cover on or off easily. The drawstring design at the bottom makes the cover fit the propane gas...

Camco (40559) Dual RV Propane Tank Cover

This white propane tank cover from Camco is a popular choice with good reviews from users. With dimensions of 15″ x 30″ x 25.5″, it fits two 20 or 30-lb propane tanks and weighs about 7 1/2 pounds.

Made of a heavy-duty polymer that protects against sun damage, it will also shield propane tanks from the elements and flying road debris. It’s designed to offer easy access to gas and changeover valves with a hinged access panel.

Camco Dual RV Propane Tank Cover | Fits 20lb or 30 lb Steel Double Tanks | Polar White (40559)
  • Protects Your RV's Propane Tank: Protects your propane gas tank from flying road rubble
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. or 30 lb. steel double tanks

Finally, it wouldn’t be prudent to talk about propane without mentioning the need for a quality propane detector. We replaced ours (yes… they have a limited lifespan and require periodic replacement) and made a video showing how easy it can be to replace your RV propane detector yourself.

For much more information on propane tanks in general and what you need to know for safety and comfort in your RV, please see our general post on RV propane tanks.

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Be sure to have the lid secured before heading down the road, ask me how I know,they will blow off. I drilled holes on the hinge side and looped cable ties through the holes. I haven't had a problem since.


Monday 28th of August 2023

Just a warning: For Camco orders on Amazon, they are unable to package the propane covers adequately to prevent shipping damage. I have ordered and returned twice after receiving broken/cracked covers. I then ordered one through Home Depot, same, arrived at the store for pickup damaged. Sometimes you just have to shop at your local dealer.

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