Sanitize Your RV's Fresh Water Tank - No Winterizing Kit Required!

We have a confession to make. We’ve been drinking heavily for over a decade. There. We finally said it out loud. It feels good to come clean about our habit of drinking from our RV’s fresh water tank. Please don’t judge.

Bottled water is expensive, tough on the environment (plastic bad), uses up valuable storage space and weight carrying capacity and is a general pain in the butt to lug around and keep on board. We just can’t be bothered with it, so we keep our water in potable (safe to drink) condition at all times by sanitizing the fresh water system about twice a year. And we have never once had any issue drinking from the tank. Part-timers who store their rigs for the winter should be fine sanitizing once a year, in the spring.

Sanitizing is a breeze when you know how to do it. But both of our previous videos about the process — 1) cold side only and 2) entire system — show us using our RV’s winterizing kit to draw bleach into the fresh water tank.

But what if your rig doesn’t have a winterizing kit? This short video will show you an easy way to get bleach into any RV’s fresh water tank. After watching it, you’ll also need to watch one of the original videos to see how to complete the process.

Since we don’t drink from the hot water side, we usually sanitize just the cold side of the system. But it’s easy to do the whole system if you want to. Just pick the corresponding video and follow along. Of course when you get to the part about adding bleach using a winterizing kit, you’ll now know how to get around that completely if you don’t have one. Or even if you do. ;-)

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