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Toy Hauler Motorhome: A Great Way to Bring It All With You!

Toy Hauler Motorhome: A Great Way to Bring It All With You!

We’ve posted here before about towable toy haulers (5th wheels & travel trailers). And we know that motorhome owners can tow large trailers to bring along toys like ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, etc. But can a motorhome BE a toy hauler without towing the toys separately on a trailer? As it turns out, a toy hauler motorhome is a thing! 

That’s right, you can drive a motorhome and haul your favorite toys without towing. 

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at motorhome toy haulers. Let’s go!

What is a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

In general, a toy hauler is any RV that offers a garage area for carrying any number of recreational “toys” or vehicles RVers may want to bring along in their travels. Fifth wheels and travel trailers are the most common types of RV toy haulers on the market.

Regardless of the class of RV on which it’s built, a toy hauler RV offers a living area and a garage space that allows you to load and unload your “toys”.

With 5th wheel and travel trailer models, this means towing the toy hauler RV behind a heavy-duty truck. Likewise, a motorhome owner can tow a trailer that serves as a garage for recreational items including things like ATVs and motorcycles.

A toy hauler motorhome, however, is different. Motorhome toy haulers have a garage space that is actually part of the motorhome itself. So, instead of towing the garage separately, the motorhome itself contains the toy-hauling garage.

Toy hauler motorhomes are usually Class A or Class C RVs with built-in garages.

Let’s investigate further by getting acquainted with a few toy hauler motorhomes that are available on the market today.

Who Makes Motorhome Toy Haulers? 

Many RV manufacturers produce motorhomes and many produce toy haulers. Fewer RV manufacturers produce toy hauler motorhomes, however. 

Three of the top manufacturers of Class A and Class C toy hauler motorhomes are:

  • Thor
  • Newmar
  • Renegade

Let’s briefly look at several of the most popular Class A and Class C motorhome toy haulers currently on the market.

Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Series

Thor’s Outlaw series toy haulers are available in both Class A and Class C models. 

Thor Outlaw Class A 

A 2023 Thor Class A Outlaw toy hauler motorhome

The 2023 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Thor Motor Coach)


Thor’s Class A Outlaw is built on the Ford F-53 chassis. It incorporates a garage and an 8,000-pound hitch. But it also offers a remote fueling station complete with an auxiliary fuel tank and a pump & nozzle to fill the tanks of your mobile toys.

This is a luxury motorhome with the amenities to match. There’s plenty of room for residential-sized appliances and furniture, including a king-size bed in the 38KB floor plan. 

Thor Outlaw Class A interior

The interior of a Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler. (Photo credit: Thor Motor Coach)

The 38MB floor plan offers a queen bed in the living area as well as a second queen bed in the form of a drop-down bunk in the garage. (Yes, the garage space of a toy hauler motorhome can also be used as living space.) This Class A Outlaw can sleep up to 8 people.

But let’s talk about the garage for a minute.

The garage space of a Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome

The garage space of a Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Thor Motor Coach)

Thor’s toy hauler garage offers a unique drop-down Zero-G ramp door as well as a snap-in patio system with an awning. This is a three-season door with tinted privacy panels and screens for nice-weather patio sitting.

The garage space integrates non-slip flooring with tie-down rings for the safe transport of motorcycles, golf cart, ATVs, or other toys. The garage even includes a tool storage cabinet with a work shelf for your DIY projects.

The Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome is a well-equipped home-and-hauler-on-wheels with prices starting at about $300,000.

Thor Outlaw Class C

The 2023 Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler motorhome

A 2023 Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Thor Motor Coach)

This Class C toy hauler motorhome is just over 31 feet long, with a height of 10’10”.  It sleeps five with several bunks including a drop-down queen-size bunk that turns the 8’ x 8’ garage into an additional bedroom. A patio extends from this space. 

A drop-down bunk in the garage of a Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler motorhome

A drop-down bunk in the garage of a Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Thor Motor Coach)

The chassis is built on the Ford E-series (with a 7.3L Triton V8) and, like the Class A Outlaw, includes an 8,000-pound hitch.

The garage has a capacity of 1,000 pounds to accommodate your favorite toys.

Like the Class A Outlaw, the Class C is filled with high-end amenities. MSRP starts at about $175,000.

Newmar Canyon Star

A 2023 Newmar Canyon Star motorhome toy hauler

A 2023 Newmar Canyon Star diesel motorhome toy hauler. (Photo credit: Newmar Corp)

Newmar’s Canyon Star is a luxury toy hauler motorhome built on the Freightliner® MC chassis. The Cummins “B” diesel engine (with 340 horsepower and 700 lb./ft. of torque) should be plenty for an RV this size. You can pack this beautiful rig’s garage with your favorite recreational toys.

Newmar, long known and highly regarded for its luxurious high-quality interior appointments, holds true to its reputation with its toy hauler models. And we have to mention that the power screen on the rear garage door is a nice feature!

The interior of a 2023 Newmar Canyon Star

The interior of a 2023 Newmar Canyon Star toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Newmar Corp)

Not only is the 2023 Canyon Star the only Class A front engine diesel toy hauler on the market, but it’s also the only Class A front engine diesel on the market period!

All three of the Canyon Star’s floor plans come with large holding tanks which are great for boondocking. They include a 75-gallon RV fresh water tank, 60-gallon RV gray water tank, and 40-gallon RV black water tank.

The Canyon Star’s feature list will give you an overall view of this beautiful motorhome toy hauler. It’s built with an eye to Newmar’s longstanding reputation for high quality, both inside and outside. 

The Newmar Canyon Star starts at about $340,000.

Renegade Classic Garage Model

A Renegade Classic Class C toy hauler

The Renegade Classic Class C toy hauler. (Photo credit: Renegade RV)

Renegade’s Super C motorhome has six toy hauler options. Each floor plan has 7.5-foot ceilings and lots of room for living as well as for hauling a garage full of toys.

Built on a Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo VNR/VNL, or Peterbilt 567 chassis, Renegade rigs are heavy-duty traveling machines. 

The Renegade Classic with Garage is a 35-foot rig. The standard garage is 9’ x 4’ and well equipped to carry your toys or to serve as an additional bedroom or workspace.  But Renegade Classic garages can be designed by the buyer with particular needs and desires in mind, with as much as 18’ x 8’ of space!

The interior living spaces of Renegade rigs are well appointed with high-end tech (including Bose sound and HD satellite) as well as premium furniture, appliances, flooring, and more. 

The interior of a Renegade Classic Class C toy hauler

The interior of a Renegade “Classic with Garage” Class C toy hauler motorhome. (Photo credit: Renegade RV)

The master bedroom of the Renegade Classic features a king-size bed with several additional sofa beds throughout the RV. 

These are impressively extravagant rigs and can be highly customized by the buyer. You can select everything from the chassis to the flooring to the storage & cabinetry to the countertops to the insulation! You can even choose the number of D-rings you want installed to hold down your favorite toys.

Luxury and customization come with a premium price, of course, and some Renegades carry a price tag of $400,000 or more.

What Are the Advantages of a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

While they’re not the right RV for everyone, there are many benefits to a toy hauler motorhome. 

No Need to Tow a Separate Trailer

With the garage portion of the RV built into the motorhome, there’s no need to tow a separate trailer.

With that said, motorhome toy haulers also come with heavy-duty hitches for towing something in addition to what’s kept inside the garage portion of the rig. And of course, they can tow a car.

Enclosed Porch

The garage portion of a toy hauler can be used as an enclosed porch. In many cases, the porch is an all-season room and includes screening.

Additional Bedroom or Living/Working Space

The garage can also be used as an extra bedroom or living/working space, increasing the usability of the space.

When you arrive at an RV park, for example, you might unload your ATV or motorcycles, kayaks, and other recreational gear from the garage. Then you can set up the bed and other furniture, and turn the garage into another usable room.

Easy to Load and Carry “Toys”

Ramps make loading and unloading toys and gear very easy.

A floor plan of a 2023 Newmar Canyon Star

This floor plan of one of two floor plans for a 2023 Newmar Canyon Star shows the expansive layout of these impressive rigs. (Floor plan and photo credit: Newmar Corp)

Additional Options

These substantial rigs are generally capable of carrying significant weight. So toy hauler motorhome manufacturers offer options such as second generators, fueling stations (fuel tank with pump), or even the ability to carry a large vehicle in the garage.

Garage Floors Can Get Wet

A garage is a great place to store wet items such as kayaks, surfboards & paddleboards, and wet suits. For people traveling with animals to events such as dog shows, the garage can be a great place to give pets a bath.

Wheelchair Accessibility

A toy hauler motorhome has a rear section that is usually wheelchair accessible. This offers a room (or small studio apartment-type accommodations) for someone who’s in a wheelchair.

What Are the Disadvantages of Motorhome Toy Haulers?

As is the case with just about anything, there can also be a couple of disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the “cons” side of the equation where toy hauler motorhomes are concerned.


These rigs are often pricey. Not everyone can afford the price tag on a luxurious rig with a garage. 


Toy hauler motorhomes are generally quite large. In many ways, that’s a good thing, but it may bring about some limitations in terms of movement through, and parking in, some locations.

Have You Seen a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

If you’ve owned a toy hauler motorhome, let us know what you thought! It’s hard to imagine anyone not being impressed with these premium rigs, but we haven’t driven or lived in one, so fill us in!

We did get a real close look at an awesome Super C (non-toy hauler), the Newmar Super Star, though. Feel free to check out our impressions:

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Big Al

Saturday 3rd of September 2022

I've owned a 40' Super-C Garage Motorhome for a few years, and it has worked out perfectly for our needs. But it may not be the right RV for some others. One thing people may not like is the noise from the front mounted engine. But you tend to forget about the noise as you pass every other RV on long ascents! Also, most truck repairs or services can handle most any problem that arises with a Large Truck Chassis motorhome. My particular rig can handle a 15,000 lbs. hitch, so there's not too much I can't tow. Tires are expensive, but will most likely age out rather than wear out. Those 1100 x 22.5 tires ( think big rig size) wear like steel. Ours has a hydraulic lift gate instead of a ramp. much safer loading on a flat surface, instead of applying power to get up a ramp, especially if you're not positive something is going to fit! We normally fit our golf cart and motorcycles in ours, (bonus! the cart has it's own garage when we are home)! One more thought, is if you read, or watch any news, you probably have heard about trucks, and/or trailers being stolen while owners slept in motels/hotels, less likely if you're inside with your toys!


Saturday 3rd of September 2022

Great points, Al. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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