Washable Rugs for RVs & Houses Too! My Magic Carpet Washable Area Rugs.

When talking about DIY RVers like us, “washable rugs” probably isn’t the first phrase that comes to mind. But our recent research into a potential new RV has brought up a topic we rarely cover – the impact the decor inside an RV can have in creating a warm atmosphere and the comfortable feel of a real home. But with our usual eye toward functionality, our topic today makes perfect sense for any RVer, even those with little interest in their rig’s appearance. Today’s post even applies to the Sticks & Bricks dwellers among us!

We’re talking about rugs. Specifically washable area rugs. Why rugs? Why washable rugs? And which ones do we use and recommend? Read on ( ⬆️ ⬆️ and watch the video above ⬆️ ⬆️ ) for the full scoop on washable area rugs and what they can do for your home-on-wheels.

Why Do You Need Area Rugs In Your RV?

Our rig is over 16 years old, with lots of wall-to-wall carpeting, which was really popular back in 2005. But in looking at newer RVs, carpeting is no longer in fashion. We like getting out of bed without stepping onto a cold tile floor in our bare feet, so we’d want to cover at least part of the flooring in any new RV.

Most RVs today have solid surface floors (tile, vinyl planking, wood, etc.) throughout the interior that scream out for creative accents to offer a warmer feel. While plain, solid floors may be easy to keep clean, softening the space with washable rugs makes all the difference in the feeling of warmth inside the RV, both under your bare feet and in terms of ambiance and aesthetics.

Adding washable rugs to your RV’s interior can also help to absorb sounds, further contributing to a comfortable, warm, home-like environment inside.

If you’ve never tried adding a bit of color and warmth to the interior of your RV with a few area rugs, you’ll really be surprised at how this simple addition completely changes the look and feel of your rolling home. Even just a single rug in the main living area can change the ambiance of the environment entirely.

Why Are Washable Rugs Great in an RV?

Any rug can add to the comfort of your living space, but as anyone who’s ever lived and traveled in an RV will tell you, the ability to easily wash an RV rug is an essential factor for about a hundred reasons. Here are just a few:

Pets/Kids Are Messy

Many RVers travel with children and/or pets… and that means pet hair, sand, dirty paws, muddy shoes, and the active little bare feet of children, as well as spills of drinks and food. So having rugs that are easy to clean is important.

Washable rugs help deal with sand from pets
We all love the beach, but it’s not easy keeping sand out of the RV, especially when kids and pets are involved. For this reason, among others, the washability of any RV rug is important.

The ability to wash an RV rug is a huge benefit for every RV owner, whether you have kids & pets or not. Let’s face it – when we live in an RV (for any amount of time), we live both indoors and outdoors, and adults can drag a lot of nature into the living space as well.

While we don’t have either kids or pets, and we don’t enter our living space wearing our shoes, we still appreciate the value of washable area rugs… because even though we may not be the ones tracking it inside, nature has a knack for finding its way in. And little hands aren’t the only hands that spill things!

Dusty/Dirty Campsites

Whether you’re boondocking or you’re staying at a campground, you’re surrounded by grass, dirt, and gravel. So tracking some of that inside is almost unavoidable. And when it rains? Forget about it!

Walking your dog in rainy weather? When the paws come inside, so does the outside environment to some degree, so the washability of your RV’s area rugs once again becomes an important feature.

RV Washing Machines Are Small

As we’ve mentioned, one of the great advantages of washable rugs is the ability to – well – wash them! However, for those of us with washing machines in our rigs, we’ve got to acknowledge that they’re generally on the small side. This means that most washable rugs won’t fit unless they’re particularly lightweight. But it’s important to have a durable rug as well.

My Magic Carpet washable rugs even fit in an RV washing machine
Having a washable rug that will fit into an RV washing machine is great!

That said, many washable rugs won’t fit in your home washer either. So, identifying a washable RV rug that’s durable yet light & compact enough for easy washing in even a smaller RV-size washing machine is ideal. Or, if you don’t have an RV washer onboard, being able to easily toss those rugs into a machine at a laundromat or when you get home from your trip is perfection on the RV rug front!

This brings us to exactly what to look for when shopping for the ideal washable rug for an RV.

What to Look for in Washable Rugs

Again, there are a lot of factors that will determine what’s the right washable rug for you, but here are our thoughts on some things to look for:


The first consideration is related to the size of the washable rug as it relates to the interior of your RV. Even with slide-outs, RVs typically don’t have huge areas of open floor. So, for example, a 3’ x 5’ rug might be great in RV kitchen areas (washable to deal with drips and spills!), and a larger 5’ x 7’ rug can be a perfect fit in RV living areas.

Hallways and narrower spaces in RVs are often heavily trafficked, so a long thin runner can be a great option for these spaces.


It’s always great to have options! Of course, you want the patterns and colors of your RV rugs to complement and/or accent the interior design of your RV. But most RV manufacturers choose rather bland, understated color palettes, which is why using area rugs can really help.

Two different washable rugs give our RV a totally different look
Having choices of colors and patterns can allow you to change up your RV’s decor easily.

You may want a bright splash of color, or a bold pattern, to brighten the space. Or maybe you’d rather choose a design that’s more muted but brings a feeling of warmth and coziness to the interior.

Slip-Resistant Backing on Washable Rugs

This feature is super important and easily overlooked. Non-slip backing is not only important for safety but to address the pain-in-the-neck factor of a rug that slides around instead of staying put where you want it.

While there are things like carpet tape and no-skid pads available to solve this problem, these introduce something else to deal with every time you pull slides in and out, and while setting up and breaking camp.

The non-slip backing on our My Magic Carpet washable rugs
The slip-resistant backing on our washable area rugs helps keep them in place on our tile floor.

Do yourself a favor. Shop for a washable rug with an integrated non-slip backing that makes it so all you have to do is unroll it into place… and roll it up when it’s time to go.

Stain Resistance & Durability

Finally, you want a rug that will both resist stains and endure through many washes… without fading, shrinking, or losing its shape or the effectiveness of its non-skid feature.

You don’t want to be replacing your RV rugs every year or every travel season! You want to be able to continue to use them and wash them without concern for how long they’ll hold up under normal living circumstances.

My Magic Carpet: Our New Favorite Washable Rugs

In nearly two decades of full-time RV living, we’ve used a number of washable rugs. We’ve had varying degrees of satisfaction with them, but sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until something better comes along (kind of like our first tow bar, which we thought was okay until we switched to our Roadmaster)!

Eventually, we had the good fortune of learning about a washable rug called My Magic Carpet. Now that we’ve had them for a while, we haven’t looked back since. These are hands down the best washable rugs we’ve ever had.

They’re durable, they look great (there are plenty of options for design and color), they come in perfect sizes for our RV, they have an integrated slip-resistant backing, and they’re light and compact for easy washing… even in our smaller RV washer. As a bonus, they’re much less expensive than other washable rugs we’ve tried (even more so when you add in a 20% discount… keep reading)!

My Magic Carpet washable area rugs work on top of carpet, too
The built-in slip-resistant backing of My Magic Carpet rugs allows them to work perfectly on top of existing carpeting.

Another benefit of My Magic Carpet washable rugs is that you can also use them on top of any existing carpet you have in your RV. The non-skid backing keeps the rug stationary… and can help you hide unsightly wear or stains on your existing carpeting.

And how about preventing NEW stains? My Magic Carpet’s rugs are not only stain-resistant themselves but they’re designed with a waterproof layer sandwiched in between the decorative top and slip-resistant bottom. This makes sure that any spills that do occur don’t soak through the rug and stain/damage what’s beneath.

Save 20% On Washable Rugs At My Magic Carpet

We love our My Magic Carpet area rugs, so we’re thrilled that they’ve agreed to offer a discount to RVgeeks readers. Use Discount Code RVGEEKS to save 20% on your entire order when you buy direct from the My Magic Carpet website.


Whether you want to add a splash of color to your RV’s interior, or you’re looking to add a sense of warmth and comfort to the space, a washable rug – or a few?!? – may be exactly what you need. It’s a simple, affordable way to improve the ambiance of your RV’s living space by adding warm, colorful accents. And there’s no easier and more practical way to keep your rig clean and comfortable.

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