Are you suffering the heartbreak of faded, cracked or torn RV window awnings? Are you embarrassed to have your friends see your rig in this condition? We’ll show you how easy it is to replace them yourself, so you can hold your head high in the campground once again.

Awnings and slide toppers take a beating in the sun. Over the years, we’ve shown how to replace the fabric on many different models. Because it’s easy to do, saves so much money, and provides better-than-new results (after all, it’s the cheap OEM stuff that failed you in the first place), it’s one of our very favorite DIY projects.

Since they’re smaller than main awnings (and even most slide toppers) window awnings are particularly easy to replace yourself, at a particularly reasonable cost. Obviously, the labor is free when you do it yourself. And not only is the material we use (from Tough Top Awnings, of course) less expensive than OEM, but it’s far higher quality.

And of course Tough Top fabric is an even better deal, since they offer a special discount to our viewers. ? LIke we always say: “Friends don’t let friends pay a shop to replace their awnings or slide toppers.”

Visit and use the
Discount Code “RVGEEKSROCK”
to get a 5% discount on your entire order!

Special thanks to Ray & Tyler from Tough Top Awnings for the discount and their cameo appearance in today’s video.

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  1. At the end of June, we decided to replace all the outdoor material at Tough Top Awnings. I had first considered doing the work myself and even ordered the vicegrip wrench to hold the rollers. In end, I acknowledge that I wouldn’t be able to do it myself and was extremely pleased that Tyler’s quote included installation. The price of $1,800 out the door (4 slide toppers, 2 window shades, 1 door shade and 1 huge 24′ patio shade) for 18 oz. material and it included my RVGeek discount and taxes. Their parking lot was gravel so the coach leaned to one side but Tyler is having the whole parking area paved this month. The estimates for the same work from several Florida shops was 3-5 times as much. Thanks for you video and if you need vicegrip wrench, let me know.

    1. That is so awesome Jimmy! How great to hear! We LOVE the entire Tough Top Awnings crew, and man-on-man does Tyler ever take great care of people. Besides the great fabric and super prices, he knows how to treat a customer as well as anyone could ever ask for. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your sharing your experience. Makes us prouder than ever to be associated with such a fine company. And thanks for the offer of the wrench, but we’re good to go already!

  2. The springs in our Colorado Care Free awning have given up the ghost! We need new springs as it won’t roll up anymore. The awning is only about a 7 ft long awning. Do you know where we might be able to get new springs for it? We had to dismantle it completely to remove it from the rig. Does Tough Top sell springs for awings?

  3. Is it possible to show how to replace an awning that is open and closed by a power motor? All I’ve seen is the replacement of non motorized kind. Thanks love your videos especially the one in Panama

  4. Would like information how to upgrade Rv’s floor with flexable laminate floating flooring.That has both rug and ceramic tiles in this 04 Monico Diplomat. Rug sits slightly lower than the tiles. Thanks. Rich
    Holiday FL.

    1. Make sure youiput a moisture barrier down before the flooring .I have a wood laminate floor in mine and with water being a issue .I would go to a inlay one piece or if you want to put a plank looking floor use a vinyl plank floor.. You may have to put a sub floor thickness to meet the rug level. Good Luck.

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