How to Replace RV Window Awning Fabric - Dometic / A&E

Are you suffering the heartbreak of faded, cracked or torn RV window awnings? Are you embarrassed to have your friends see your rig in this condition? We’ll show you how easy it is to replace them yourself, so you can hold your head high in the campground once again.

Awnings and slide toppers take a beating in the sun. Over the years, we’ve shown how to replace the fabric on many different models. Because it’s easy to do, saves so much money, and provides better-than-new results (after all, it’s the cheap OEM stuff that failed you in the first place), it’s one of our very favorite DIY projects.

Since they’re smaller than main awnings (and even most slide toppers) window awnings are particularly easy to replace yourself, at a particularly reasonable cost. Obviously, the labor is free when you do it yourself. And not only is the material we use (from Tough Top Awnings, of course) less expensive than OEM, but it’s far higher quality.

And of course Tough Top fabric is an even better deal, since they offer a special discount to our viewers. ? LIke we always say: “Friends don’t let friends pay a shop to replace their awnings or slide toppers.”

Visit and use the
Discount Code “RVGEEKSROCK”
to get a 5% discount on your entire order!

Special thanks to Ray & Tyler from Tough Top Awnings for the discount and their cameo appearance in today’s video.

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